Where you live?

IELTS Speaking Part 1 Where You Live

Living Pace, City, House, Area.  IELTS Speaking Part 1 Topic with Sample Answer. Common question in Job Interview, Visa Interview, Viva-voice. 


Topic: Where you live? (Residence, Home, Area, City, Town )


Q: Where Do you Live?

A: I live right in the center of Dhaka, withing easy walking distance of shopping malls , restaurants and theaters. I like living here because it is very quiet and calm.

Q: Do you live in a flat or house?

A: I live in a big Flat/House with my parents.


Q: Where is your Native Town?

A: My native town is ——-. Its situated near the ……………


Q: How often do you go there?

A1: I am afraid I have not had the opportunity to visit my town regularly in the past few years.

A2: I visit my town twice in a year specially to enjoy Eid Festival and New-year Celebration.


Q: Tell me about your hometown/street/apartment.

Sample Answer: Well, my hometown is —Dhaka—. It is one of the mega city of the world and its the oldest city of Bangladesh. Its famous for its unique culture, rich heritage, and local cuisine. The city is both modern and historical at the same time.


Q: What do you like about your hometown/street/house?

Sample Answer: I like my hometown mainly because of its unique culture. In addition it is also very quiet and calm. Most importantly the neighbourhood is also very helpful.


Q: Tell me the good things about your house. 

Sample Answer: My house is very specious. It is very comfortable to live in. Both the interior and exterior architecture are very beautiful.


Q: Is there anything you don’t like about it?

Sample Answer: We live in 10th floor. As i have acrophobia, so i hate to live in 10th floor.


Q: Would you like to move to another city/street/apartment?

Sample Answer: Yes, I would like to move another city if i could. Because I think moving from one city to another will increase social base and at the same time I will be able to move monotonous life style. That is why I would like to change.


Q: What would you change about your city?

Sample Answer: If I have the opportunity to change one thing about my city, i will first concentrate about the pollution. By pollution I mean every kind of pollution. Because if we can remove or exterminate pollution we will make the city more suitable.


Q: Would you recommend your area/street as a good place to live?

Sample Answer: Well, I think my area is certainly a good place to live in. Because the place is close to a number of facilities like shopping, play ground, and Hospital. The naighbourhood is also very quiet and calm.







Topic Related Vocabulary

 Nouns
Winding street, suburb, architecture,
The locals (= people), local cuisine, shopping, Residential area, estate, neighbourhood, apartment complex, capital

 Adjectives
Sprawling, regionally, important commercial,


Unique, distinctive, built-up,
Industrial, provincial

 Idioms
run down (= in bad condition), some areas are run-down, up-market/ chic (= fashionable), some neighbourhoods are very up-market/ chic,



Useful Sentences to Describe City/Area

  • My City/Town/Village is very Cosmopolitan
  • You can meet people from all over the world
  • Its a beautiful tourist spots
  • I live in the middle of nowhere
  • The city is so neat and clean
  • The city is very polluted and congested

For Example: 

My city is very cosmopolitan. We have people from all over the world specially from US and Canada. The place is very famous for its local cuisine. You can eat lots of different food.



Useful Sentences to Describe House/Flat

  • I live in a flat.
  • Its in the 3rd floor
  • My house is so Spacious/Cramped