Ways of the IELTS Winners

Ways of the IELTS Winners

Ways of the IELTS Winners – J. Abrahim.  Best IELTS Preparation Materials and Practice Book for Reading, Writing, Listening, and Speaking. Get IELTS Materials , Tips, Tricks. Practice more and boost your score



Ways of the IELTS Winners Book



There are hundred of Websites and thousands of books floating around for IELTS prep.

Just to cull out the relevant study material, preparation course can take days of effort.

Even then you run the risk of picking up the incorrect material that does not help you reach your potential.

Also, IELTS is more about the application of concepts rather than the learning of concepts.

Most of the books and coaching classes teach you about the concepts rather than how to apply these to the IELTS.

With this book, you will learn how the IELTS winners take the same study material as everybody else, put in the same effort, yet come out with flying colors.

As you might think, it is not that they are gifted, if that alone were the cause, there would not be multiple examples of people improving their scores by 3 + points in the second attempt.

You will learn about how the IELTS winners plan, how they think, what material they use.

You will learn about how they think, how they boost their confidence, how they ‘Visualize’ success.

You will also learn about what they avoid studying, what they focus on and what they leave to luck.

How do IELTS Winners study from the same books, spend the same time, yet come our with a much higher score than the average student?

If you think IELTS winners spend months studying, there could be nothing further from the truth.

I have seen students study for years, leave alone months, yet end up with an average score.

If you think IELTS winners have a 150+ IQ, again there could be nothing further from truth.

There are hundreds of students, who have managed to get the Band 9 in IELTS, but done very poorly on other standardized tests like the ACT, the MENSA or graduate level tests like the GMAT.

If IQ alone were responsible for standardized test performance, then these students would have a consistent result across all the tests, but a high IQ by itself will never mean a high IELTS Score.

There are a certain set of qualities that the IELTS Winners have though, and these are the qualities and abilities that enable them to become IELTS Winners.

In this book, you will learn about these qualities, and more importantly how to inculcate them within yourself.

You will learn how to think like an IELTS Winner and eventually how to actually become one!!


There are always some students who tend to get ‘Lucky’ on the IELTS.

Their IELTS score is out of proportion of their knowledge of English, their perceived IQ level or their preparation levels.

How do they do it? How do some students attract ‘Good Luck’.

In fact it is not just students, but successful people from all walks of life seem to attract this elusive ‘Good Luck’.

Part of the answer lies in the face that the Winners perceive the Exam not as a hurdle to be crossed, but as a challenge where they can show their ‘Stuff’.

Of course, the Winners know their reading & writing, but they also have the right mental attitude and the frame of mind to attract ‘Good Luck’.

You too can do the same.

This book will not only improve your reading and writing skills, but also show you how you can prepare yourself to get ‘Lucky’ in the IELTS.

Spend a few hours on this book and save weeks of searching around.

Provide Yourself the road map to become an IELTS WINNER.



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