The Heinle Picture Dictionary (Book + CD)

The Heinle Picture Dictionary

The Heinle Picture Dictionary (Book + Audio-CD). Best Dictionary Materials and Book for Vocabulary Learning. Free Download Dictionary For PC, Computer, Laptop, Tab, Android, iSO  Device in exe, apk full version with audio. Practice your vocabulary more and boost your word power.

The Heinle Picture Dictionary

The Heinle PICTURE DICTIONARY (Book & AUDIO CDs + Interactive CD ROM)


Author: Jann Huizenga
Publisher: Thomson Heinle; International Student edition

The Heinle Picture Dictionary helps students learn words in context through thousands of engaging illustrations and photos. Unlike other dictionaries, The Heinle Picture Dictionary also presents new vocabulary in contextualized, thematic readings and offers additional collocation practice in “Word Partnerships” and “Words in Action.” Whether used as a classroom text or a self-study tool, The Heinle Picture Dictionary will rapidly increase students’ vocabulary.

This book offers far more challenge and motivating activities than most dictionaries, basic or otherwise, while maintaining an uncluttered, appealing visual impression to the reader. It offers a chance for critical thinking and active learning, not just passive, rote memorization.

This dictionary goes beyond other picture dictionaries with only attractive artwork. This one directly contributes to the learners’ overall development in the use of the vocabulary in context through short and informative readings and conversations.

This book includes 16 units: basic words, school, family, community, housing, food, clothing, transportation, the Arts, recreation.

CDs with
CD1 (units 1-3),
CD2 (units 4-6),
CD3 (units 7-8),
CD4 (units 9-10),
CD5 (units 11-13),
CD6 (units 14-16)

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