Statement of Purpose Sample Biomedical Engineering

Statement of Purpose Biomedical Engineering
Biomedical Engineering Statement Of Purpose Sample  or, Biomedical Engineering Study SOP Format. For higher study specially for Masters, MS, PhD Student, you need a  Letter of Intent, Letter of Interest, or Synopsis Example (SOP) to get admission in University.

Statement of Purpose Biomedical Engineering

I am interested in Biomedical Engineering as a field to pursue my career in.  I find its unique mix of Engineering, Medicine and Life Sciences very exciting. It is a fast growing area with tremendous potential for research and also an increasing number of applications in today’s world of medicine and technology. I am paricularly interested in the application of microsystems technology and the latest microelectronics technology in developing implanted biomedical devices and other medical products. My research interests lie primarily in the areas of Smart Sensors and Integrated Microsystems. My parallel areas of interest are the design and fabrication of Biomaterials and determining the mechanical, transport and biocompatability properties of implantable artificial materials and the applications of Biomedical Instrumentation. To help you understand my current professional goals and research interests better, I would like to first explain my educational experience up to this point.

I have recently graduated from the Electrical and Computer Engineering department at XX University where I completed a non-thesis Masters program in Computer Engineering. My decision to pursue graduate studies in Computer Engineering was the natural culmination of my undergraduate coursework in Electrical and Electronics Engineering where I majored in Computer Organization and Microcomputer Systems. Also, I wanted to broaden my horizons and gain relevant exposure in the field of Computer Hardware.

During the one and a half years of my graduate studies I gained a deep understanding of various fields in Computer Engineering mainly microarchitecture, VLSI System Design ,Analog Electronics and the fundamentals of computer networking and communication. As part of my graduate coursework, I received a number of opportunities to work closely with semiconductor technology through various design, implementation and research projects. Working on key projects like the design of a 4-bit slice microprocessor, 6-bit FLASH Analog-to-Digtal Converters and a number of simulations and experiments to design and determine the performance of computers at the microarchitecture level, I got the opportunities to use state-of-the-art hardware design and simulation tools like the Cadence , Synopsys, Hspice and Verilog.

It was during this phase that I developed an interest in exploring the areas of application of semiconductor and microsystems technology in non traditional fields like the Medicine and life sciences. My studies revealed to me both a high research potential and a significant growth in the application of microelectronics and microsystems in the field of Biomedical Engineering. What I discovered significantly improved my understanding of the subject and further enhanced my fascination for it.

[Have you worked on any particular research projects? If yes, definitely elaborate on this. Are you interested in any particular faculty at W.University? If yes, definitely mention it.]

I look forward to a career in committed research where I can not only use my academic background to achieve my research goals but also make original scientific contributions to my field of interest and to mankind in general. I believe that graduate studies would provide me with the opportunities to attend advanced courses and be the stepping stone to my career in research. Graduate study at Wayne State University holds this promise for me. The quality of the faculty, flexibility of the graduate program, the diverse areas of ongoing research, the carefully designed depth and breadth of courses, cultural diversity in the graduate school, seem to me as the right ambience to nurture my research interests and work towards my goal. It would be a matter of great pride for me to be a part of this rich interdisciplinary interface [This is all very general ideas and your statement needs to be personal, about you. Plus next paragraph gives praise to the university and one paragraph is plenty, so I would suggest eliminating this paragraph altogether or partially adding it to the last one]

My strengths are a strong academic background, sense of teamwork, integrity and ability to put in sustained quality effort consistently . It is my desire to have a mutually beneficial association with your University and to contribute my best to the field of Biomedical Engineering .I am aware that X University has high standards for admitting students to its graduate programs. I believe that my academic credentials together with my research interests and potential would help me gain admission to the esteemed Department of Biomedical Engineering at X Universuty. I hope that on reviewing my application package, the University would be convinced of the same. [You might want to change your last paragraph, especially last two sentences. It needs to be more powerful, not hopefull. See examples on my website. I would rewrite this paragraph altogether.]

Ivan Ivanov

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