Statement of Purpose Sample Bachelor of Education (BEd)

Statement of Purpose BEd Bachelor of Education
 BEd Statement Of Purpose Sample  or,  Bachelor of Education Study SOP Format. For higher study specially for Masters, MS, PhD Student, you need a  Letter of Intent, Letter of Interest, or Synopsis Example (SOP) to get admission in University.

Statement of Purpose BEd / Bachelor of Education

“Nothing happens unless we first dream. Our decisions, not the conditions of our lives, determine our destiny.”

This has always been the guiding my life. Having walked the earth for 29 years, I feel life and God have been very kind. Providing me with all that I needed. I Think of myself as a simple, uncomplicated and a very humble human being. Thanks for the upbringing provided by my parents. I have always tried to have a simple and uncomplicated outlook towards the world and that is how I like it.

My father has been working as a registered Contractor with the Public Works Department at Nagpur and mother has always been a housewife.       My younger brother is currently pursuing his BSc (Hons) Construction Mgmt, Northumbria University, UK. My other brother is assisting my father with his business. Religion has always had an important role in my upbringing. The various religious principles and values have been strictly inculcated in my life.

To talk about my educational life, English has been the language of instruction throughout. I cleared my Senior Secondary Certificate examination in first division in the year1997 from the Nagpur Board of education. I passed my Higher Secondary School Certificate examination in first division (with distinction in the subject of Child Development) in the year 1992. I have complete my graduation (B Sc. Home science) in the year 1995 and then my post-graduation (M Sc. Home science) in the year 1997. I was successfully able to maintain the first division ranking throughout. I have also given my IELTS examination and scored 6.5 in my first attempt.

After completing my formal education, I was looking for a field in which I could contribute in positive way to the society and the country. Throughout my educational life I have had a great deal of admiration for my teachers and always aspired to be like them. Considering my nature and likes, I could not think of anything else but the field of education. I strongly felt that teaching would be a profession that will give me a good degree of work satisfaction.
So immediately after my formal education, I worked as a Visiting Lecturer at the Lady Amritbai Daga College for Women in the department of Home Science. However, after that I was required to stay home due to some family issues. So I choose a middle path and started providing home tutions to the students who were weak in their academics. During my working experience as a tutor, I came across various students with altogether different level of intellect. I always wanted to help them in the best possible ways to help them overcome their academic constraints. This is the reason, why I want to do my B Ed.

The reason why I want to study B Ed at the University of Strathclyde is that with my experience of teaching so far I have a clear idea of the skills I want to acquire for myself. I did go through the various educational programs that are available in India. However, I found them very traditional whereas I was looking for something more practical. My thirst for the right course made me look for the courses that were available overseas. This was how I came across the B Ed course at the University of Strathclyde. I felt that this was the right choice! As the course is designed very practically.

I have been working as a tutor for the past four years. Before which I worked as a Visiting Lecturer at the Lady Amritbai Daga College for Women in the department of Home Science for two years (from 1997 to 1999). I have successfully helped many students to overcome their academic constraints in all ways possible. My work experience is more on an entrepreneur base. However, I wish to take up teaching on a more professional basis and look forward to employ my self with a good educational institution in India.

I strongly believe that on successful completion of the course at the University of Strathclyde, UK. I will have a good opportunity to work as an educationist. I also feel that I would be able to help the future generation of my country in my own little way and make my contribution to make this world a better place for the generations to come.

I am looking forward to pursuing my BEd your University.

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