How to Solve Table Completion in IELTS Reading

IELTS Table Completion question and answer

This article will help you to learn “How to solve Table Completion in IELTS Reading” Passages. Learn about how to answer this question type in reading test, general tips and techniques, common traps and how to avoid them to boost your IELTS Reading Score.


IELTS Table Completion Techniques

Complete Table using information from the passage. Understanding of synonyms and paraphrase will help you to answer these type of questions.

Table Completion General Tips:

  • Identify specific phrase or information in the passage
  • Choosing appropriate words
  • Try to understand the paraphrase.
  • Maintain Serial in the passage
  • Answer usually locate within one or two paragraph or in a specific part of the passage.


Techniques To Solve Table Completion

Step 1. Read the Table Heading (to locate answer in passage). Read First Column Heading (to understand what information you need to answer the question and to find the location in passage).

Table Completion in IELTS Reading

Step 2: Read the text in the Table,  mark Keywords, understand the phrase to find the specific Words to answer the question

Step 3: Go to the passage, skim through, find the answer location.

Step 4: Now, match question information with text in the passage.

Step 5: Finally, check if you pick up the right words and put the Word in the table info, and check if the sentence complete the information.




Example Question of Table Completion: 

 From: Cambridge 11, Test 1, Reading Passage 3

Q. 31. Place —– in the sea.

Here, key words are Place, and Sea

Answer Location: In Para C, Line 1-2: depositing (place) iron in the ocean (sea).

Answer: iron



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