Reason Phrase and its Use – in Speaking and Writing

Reason Phrase and Use in IELTS

Reason phrases and its common use. Those who are preparing for competitive exam and ESL test like – IELTS, TOEFL etc they can use these Reason Phrase to enhance their speaking and writing skills. Using this phrase will help you the fluent in speaking.


Common Reason Phrase

  • I guess this is probably because ……
  • This could be because ………
  • This is due to the fact that ………
  • This might be because ………………..


Use of Reason Phrase

Basic Structure:

Reason phrase + Your Answer + Adding point phrase + Second reason with adjective



Q: Why you like Sports?

A: This is due to fact that I get lot of pleasure from it. In addition, its exciting and mind-blowing. 

Q: Why do you like reading?

A: I guess this is probably because I get lot of fun from it. In addition, it is exciting and relaxing.