Word Misspelling is common in IELTS students. Most of the student lose their score for misspelling in IELTS Writing, or mostly in IELTS Listening Section. IELTS aspirant can simply avoid losing their valuable score by memorizing some of the words. It’s not a big list. There is around 460 words.  If you are going to take IELTS preparation, you should print this page and keep it to your hand. Most of the words you already know. Only few of them will confuse during exam. Read, Read, if possible memorize them. So be careful about word spelling.



For IELTS Writing

Achieve Necessary I agree Essential
All the people Obviously I disagree Street
Approximately Ensure Illustrates Welcome
Believe One million In conclusion Welfare
Controversial Nowadays Increase The chart shows
controversy Ten million Initiative Fluctuating
Debatable Whereas Issue Negative
Decrease The charts show Lowest Almost
Environment Maximum Respectively Available
Fluctuation On an average Think Difficult
Government Minimum Thoroughly Positive
Highest Fulfil To conclude To sum up
Huge Involve





For Other Moduld

Sunday Monday Alternative Amateur
Tuesday Wednesday Ambulance Anemia
Thursday Friday Antique Aquarium
Saturday January Archaeology Astronaut
February March Audience Automatic
April May Avenue Bachelor
June July Bacteria Balloon
August September Bamboo Banana
October November Baseball Basement
December Britain Battery Believe
Australia Sydney Billiards Billion
Singapore Malaysian Biochemistry Biology
French Jewish Biscuit Botany
Chinese Purple Bridge Brilliant
Yellow Centimeter Broadcast Brochure
Heart disease Blood pressure Bronchitis Butterfly
Kidney Programme Cafeteria Calculator
Peace Piece Camera Cannon
Video Bridge Canteen Career
Fridge Refrigerator Carrier Cassette
Absence Academy Category Celebrate
Achieve Acquire Centimeter Ceremony
Addicted Addition Certificate Challenge
Administration Admission Chancellor Channel
Advertisement Afternoon Chemist chemistry
Agency Agriculture Cheque Chocolate
Alcohol Allergy Cholesterol Christmas
Church Cigarette Extreme Federation
Circumstance Civilian Fertilizer Gallery
Classical Clever Geography Geology
Coast Coconut Geometry Government
Coffee Colleague Guarantee Guardian
College Commander Guitar Gymnasium
Commercial Commission Hamburger Hammer
Committee Competition Harvest Heritage
Concentration Connection Historical Hockey
Conservation Consumer Honeymoon Horrible
Corporation Cottage Horror Hurricane
Cotton Couple Hydrogen Identity
Coupon Course Illegal Illiterate
Curriculum Cyclone Imaginary Immediate
Cylinder Decision Immigrant Impressive
Decline Defence Innocent Instrument
Democracy Dentist Insurance Intelligence
Department Dessert Interview Irregular
Diabetes Dialogue Jacket Jewel
Diarrhea Dictionary Journal Journey
Diesel Dinner Kettle Kilogram
Diploma Domestic Kilometer Kitchen
Drought Dynamic Knives Knowledge
Economics Economy Laboratory Launch
Efficient Electricity laundry Leather
Encourage Equipment Lecture Leisure
Examine Excellent Lesson License
Executive Exhibition Literature Lottery
Maintenance Marriage Possess Postgraduate
Mathematics Medicine Pregnant Principle
Message Meteorologist Profession Professional
Microphone Military Professor Project
Million Minute Psychology Psychologist
Mission Monsoon Pyramid Qualification
Moustache Muscle Quarterly Radiation
Museum Neighbor Radiology Reasonable
Nicotine Numerous Receive Reception
Nursery Nutrition Recorder Recreation
Nylon Observe Recruit Reference
occupation Ocean Refrigerator Registrar
O’clock Office Tutorial Typhoid
Official Opportunity Umbrella Unique
Overseas Oxygen Unnecessary Uranium
Ozone Parallel Registration Repetition
Paralysis Parliament Restaurant Revolution
Passenger Passport Reward Rhyme
Pathology Patience Revalry Robbery
Peacock Penicillin Routine Sacrifice
Percentage Petroleum Safety Sanitation
Pharmacist Pharmacy Satellite Scenario
Philosopher Philosophy Schedule Scheme
Photograph Physical Science Sculpture
Physician Physics Secondary Secretary
Pigeon Pioneer Security Sentence
Pizza Pneumonia Separate Session
Political Polythene Seventeen Shampoo
Soccer Society Shirt Shoe
Sociology Sodium Shoulder Signature
Soldier Sorrow Silicon Sketch
Spectacle Speech Vacation Vaccination
Stadium Stationary Vaccine Valuable
Steward Stomach Variety Vegetables
Strawberry Studio Vehicle Vessel
Sufficient Summary Village Violin
Superior Supervise Vocabulary Volunteer
Supreme Surgery Voucher Voyage
Surrender Survey Vulnerable Wallet
Syllabus Syndicate Warrant Yesterday
Tailor Technical zoology Zoological
Technology Telecommunication
Telephone Temperature Thermometer Thesis
Temporary Tenant Ticket Tissue
Tennis Terminal Tobacco Toilet
Territory Terrorism Traffic Transmission
Textile Theatre Treasure Trousers
Theory Therapy


These are the Most Common Misspelling Words in IELTS writing and listening module. Go through the list and boost your IELTS Score. Remember, as much as you will read this list, the chance of misspelling will decrease remarkably.

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