IELTS Writing Task 2 – Team activities can teach more skills for life than those activities


Team activities can teach more skills for life than those activities which are played

To what extent do you agree or disagree?

You should spend about 40 minutes on this task.

You should write at least 250 words.



IELTS Writing Task 2/ IELTS Essay Sample

Sample Answer 1:

Both teamwork and individual work require different skills and teach different things. Most
of our daily life depends on teamwork like doing a job and raising a family. Therefore, I
agree with the given statement that team activities teach more skills for life than solo
activities. In the following paragraphs, I shall support my view with my arguments.

Some important skills of life are communication skills, co-operation and conflict
management skills. All these are only learnt through teamwork. In solo activities, we do not
need to communicate and so we do not learn these skills. However, when we step into daily
life, we realise that communication skills are the most needed skills. We also have to co-
operate also with our family members, colleagues, friends and neighbours in daily life.
When we do team activities, we learn co-operation also. Conflict management skills are also
learnt when we do team activities. You have differences of opinion and you learn to manage
tough situations very diplomatically. All these are very necessary skills of life.

Furthermore, we also learn leadership skills, decision making and critical thinking skills while
doing team activities. We learn how to make our voice heard and we also learn how to
accept the correct suggestions of others. Finally, we learn sportsman-spirit which is a very
good trait. We learn to accept victory with modesty and defeat with grace. This is an
important life skill.

On the other hand, we learn many skills of life through solo activities also. We learn a sense
of competition and perseverance through individual activities. All life skills are important for
us. We cannot forget that man is a social animal and cannot live alone. So, what we learn in
teams can be applied more in our daily lives.

To put it in a nutshell, I pen down saying that team activities and individual activities – both
teach important skills of life but team activities are definitely better teachers of life skills
than solo activities.


Model Answer 2:

Some people argue that team efforts can teach us more skills than individual performance. However, I think that both of them have certain benefits and drawbacks and both are equally important in our life.

First of all, individual effort gives us a chance to explore each and every area of our goal. We can get immense experience and also can test our skills in different areas. Single handed efforts not only provide vast knowledge and experience but also point out our weaknesses which may not be visible in team efforts. Without doing individual activities, we cannot identify our strength and limitation. Furthermore, it also teaches us on how to give our best performance under tremendous pressure as no one is backing us. For example, tigers always live alone and hunt for food individually. As a result they have developed skills accordingly and that made them greatest predators on the earth.

On the other side, team efforts provide us a chance to tackle difficult problems in more effective way. Each person gets a chance to work on specific subtask and that helps to explore our specific strength in more depth. Furthermore, we always get support from other team members and that gives us a lot of confidence. With effective team work, we can solve the toughest problem in less time with even less experience. We can learn different skills from others and same way also gain knowledge of their mistakes. For example, lion lives in a group and shares food with others. With proper planning and effective teamwork, they can even hunt an elephant even though the elephant is ten times heavier and larger than lion.

Overall, team work and individual act both are equally important and we should explore each of these areas to gain enormous knowledge and to get success in our life.


Model Answer 3:

Undoubtedly, individuals have different opinions on how to carry out their tasks and duties – with or without helping others. While some may agree that isolated working or playing method is more beneficial, others, included myself, believe that group work can be more practical and can teach more life skills.
On the one hand, working without participation of any partner has two major advantages. The first is that people can have their own authorization. Being more independent, they can make their own plans and handle their job themselves. As a prime example, a computer engineer can focus better on his tasks if he does not have any partner. To design a video programme, he can use the Internet and download the needed software without asking any assistance from any person. Furthermore, this method can be more profitable. Whereas in team working, the amount of money earned from selling of products should be divided into several people, a single professional can save this money, and profits would not be shared to several partners.  While working alone people can focus more on the job and thus can achieve results faster. When a child plays alone, he gives more attention and thinks more than talking with others. Thus working alone could be better sometimes.
On the other hand, despite of the mentioned positive impacts of solitary works, in my view, team works can be the best option. One important reason behind it is that members would become more highly motivated. Clearly, by having more inspired individuals who have the same aim, each member will have a better feeling to finish the job. In particular, had not eBay, a prosperous international e-commerce trade which have surpassed the other rivals since last decades, worked in group working, it would not have become one of the most successful businesses in 2000s. In addition, this method is less time-consuming. Obviously, each person has a specific ability to run the business; therefore, a problem can be addressed far simpler when it comes to team working. For instance, although doctors may partially cover the nurses’ or other healthcare employees’ duties, they are not as skilful as they should be, and working as a healthcare team will be more beneficial to the patients. Woking in a team has many other advantages. Team members have different perspective and thus solving a problem could be easier. Children when play in a team can learn from each other. They learn to share, communicate, solve problems as a team, lead others, help others compete in a positive way which are all must needed qualities in our life. Thus team activities teach us far more practical skills of life than working or playing alone.
In conclusion, in some cases lonely working might be useful. However, from my perspective, group jobs preferably spend less time, and members are encouraged more to be active and successful in their job. Similarly group works enhances many practical skills we need in our life.

Model Answer 4:

In present days, there is an argument about which way should be more beneficial for getting skills. Is working in a team better than working alone? I think there are both benefits and drawbacks on both approaches of acquiring qualifications, which I’d like to discuss in this essay.

Let’s begin with working alone, of which many people believe better in becoming more qualified. Granted, individuals, who have to deal with the job on their own, usually require much more knowledges than those who work in a group. That is caused by the complexity of the project. Such as a handmade house, comparing to its massive equivalent – skyscraper which seems complicated, demands actually more knowledge because that every aspects of the building process must be fully understood by just one person. I trust that by building a house in handful, people will gain great amount of skills.

On the other side, cooperation also has it’s ascendency. Different from lonely work, either technical qualifications or social skills are indispensable. It is impossible for anyone to handle a huge project individually, for instance, making a spacecraft. The knowledge required is too various and hard to a single human brain. Reasonably, such projects are efforts of lots of top class scientists and engineers in every nation. For taking part into these projects and performing well, people must be well trained, not only in techs, but also in other aspects, like communication skills and patience, which help team work.

Admittedly, different types of job demand for various workers. In modern world, it’s necessary for most operations to cooperate with other colleagues, however, still are some jobs solitude, just to name a few: artist, adventurer, espionage. I totally believed that everybody will find a position in this society, and no doubt that requires certain qualifications and will teach people unfamiliar knowledges once they get involved.

 Model Answer 5:

People are different and also their perceptions. Some people believe that group activities are more beneficial for personal development, but others oppose. I do believe that group activties are more important to develop life skills. In my essay I will discuss the reasons in detail.

To begin with, people needs to choose activities done alone because it will help them to spend some time alone. After an whole day tedious work one need to rest his body and relax. The activities like listening music, and reading books helps them not only to rest but also to enrich their knowledge and mental strength. Furthermore, not all activities are done in group. For instance, if somebody interested in painting or stiching, it is only done by alone.

On the other hand, inevitably people need to participate group activities. Human is a social being. So he must know how to behave in a society. Group activities gives them enough physical exercise and keep their body strong and healthy. By participating joint works, one can learn how to follow rules, and work as a team. Sports activites teach us co-operation, respect others rights, and so on, which is essential for the success of our life.

Additionaly, life is with ups and downs, success and failures, which are two sides of the coin of our life. Group activities helps us to learn how to tackle a failure in a possitive way and indulge us with the increase vigour of practice to achieve success. Working as a part of a team helps to develop our comunication skills too. Moreover,we can develop and strengthen friendships. By participating as a member of different age groups, we can boost our knowledge of respceting and handling relationships with different age groups. Furthermore, it improves our self confidence and self respect. In some occations these activites teach us how to control our temper and manage ourself.

To conclude, to succeed in our life we needs so many soft skills. In my opinion, through group activities, we can develop it and impove our personalities. The activities we are doing alone can boost our mental capacities and fulfill special interests. As no men can live as islands, I believe, group activities are more beneficial than individual activities in our social life.

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