IELTS Writing Task 2 – The society would benefit from a ban on all forms of advertising because


The society would benefit from a ban on all forms of advertising because it serves no useful purpose, and can even be damaging.

To what extent do you agree or disagree with this opinion?



You should spend about 40 minutes on this task.

You should write at least 250 words.


IELTS Writing Task 2/ IELTS Essay Sample

Sample Answer 1:

Advertising in modern society is ubiquitous – on the radio, TV, the internet and in our
letterboxes. While advertising has many disadvantages, the positive influence of
advertising outweighs the negative. So, I disagree that there should be a ban on all

It is true that advertising provides us with information on new products. If it were not
for electronic and print advertising, many products would not be bought. In this way,
advertising provides an important service to manufacturers and some consumers.
Additionally, it fuels the advertising industry, creating jobs for thousands of people. In
this respect it has the backbone of many economies of the world.

Furthermore, advertisements touch social issues. For example, when Amitabh
Bachhan tells people to bring their children for pulse polio immunization, people
listen. Then there are ads against female foeticide which are very informative.
Advertisements also teach a lot about the country from where the ads come. This is
because through satellite TV we can see ads from all over the world. When we see a
Japanese advert of a lady in a kimono, we come to know about the clothes of Japan.

However, Adverts also have a downside. Television commercials are a great example
of this. Just as we are enjoying a TV program, a commercial break occurs, forcing us to
listen. Advertising can also promote consumerism. People can become greedy for a
new product and they can become discontent with what they already have. In the
end, the consumer is never really satisfied, always wanting ‘newer and better’
products. Then, ads show dangerous stunts which may be copied by children and they
may get hurt. Finally, some ads target children and so children pester parents to buy
things which can upset the family budget.

On balance, I believe that as every rose is accompanied by thorns, ads too have their
disadvantages. Overall, the advantages far outweigh the disadvantages. So we should
not ban ads. The government can, however, ban some ads which show stunts or which
make false claims.


Model Answer 2: 

It is a fact that advertisements are now widespread on mass media. Some people believe that these do not serve any beneficial purposes and even spoil the society. There should be an advertising restriction to hinder their negative impacts on customers. So everything has its own pros and cons that’s why someone rightly said that all that glitters is not gold.

It is understandable that people want to remove advertisement from our lives because advertisements can be disturbing, therefore the pumping out of advertisement on the internet is distractive when doing research online and insertion of ads during TV dramas and movies is obnoxious. Moreover, advertisements are sometime misleading and cause impulsive purchase thus the exaggeration and eye-binding techniques employed in the advertisement overshadow the true function of product and the consumer, especially the young people, would fall victims to this intensive commercial completion.

On the other side, it is irrefutable that the proponents of advertisement argue that it is unfair to ban advertisement because it is the only efficient and viable way to shoe their products. If advertisement is eradicated then link between products and consumers would be cut off. Without advertisement, companies would find it hard to reach out to their customers. Consequently, the gaint companies would manipulate the market and small companies would never be known by the public. Furthermore, advertisement provides more options to consumers.

To put the sea into vessel, I pen down by stating that advertisement is disturbing now and then, there is realistic need of it. Government should make them more trustworthy. Nowadays, advertisement is an inescapable and necessary existence.



Sample Answer 3:
There is no denying the fact that advertisement plays a vital role in human life. Advertisement is the backbone of commerce and industry. It is a source of information as well as the source of entertainment. It is important for us. These days are the days of marketing. We cannot think of life without advertisement. Without advertisement life is like a fish without water. No businessman or industrialist can ever hope of tapping the market without proper advertisement. Advertisement is all around us on television, radio and newspaper.

Apropos to above parable about conversation, many people hold the opinion that advertisement is important part of our life because advertisement are the best way to educate the people. For instance, they inform the people about new products, their uses, merits and other similar products available in the market. Moreover, many advertisements are issued by the government agencies, NGOs, and social welfare organization which have great value in education the people. What is more, advertisements raise the standard of living of the people.

On the flip side, those who disagree to this point of view mention that those advertisements have their disadvantages because they distort and exaggerate reality. In addition to it, they aim at profits. Furthermore, another objection is that many advertisements are bad for that they provide the wrong information to the people. Besides this, the producers have become profit hungry. They throw the moral values to the winds.

To put the sea into vessel, I pen down by stating that advertisements put deep influence on the people’s mind. Some advertisements advise to the people to direction on the right path. Good advertisements help the people to choose right or wrong products.



Model Answer 4:

In the present age, we cannot watch television programs, go shopping and browse the Internet without being flooded by various advertisements. So, some people fell worried about this trend, and express a strong desire to inhibit all forms of advertising because they firmly believe that advertisements are nothing but useless and even damaging. Personally, I think this view is over generalized.

Admittedly, one of the main purposes of advertisements is encouraging potential customers to buy products or services. It is true that quite a few people are persuaded by some commercials, which may consist of stunning pictures, special effects and strong messages, and then impulsively buy the product that they may not really need. In this respect, money and time is wasted because of the existence of advertising.

However, the obvious benefits from advertisements cannot be denied. We search the price of products before shopping and generally try to find the cheapest one with same quality. At this point, commercials help us save money by providing information on markets and properties of products. In addition, excellent advertisements do boost the sales of commodities, and thus increase the business profit, and even employment. The overall effect of this is the progress for a nation, or more broadly for the world.

Away from these serious concerns, not all advertisements are posted for commercial purpose. Some advertisements, also called public service announcements, help inform the general populations of social issues, such as blood donation, immunization program and environmental protection. Charity advertisements play a significant role in getting more funds for helping those unfortunate people, who still have to face the danger of starvation and homelessness.

In conclusion, we do get benefits from both business as well as non-business advertisements. So, it is unwise to ban all forms of advertising just due to some disadvantages.

Model Answer 5:
Advertisements have dominated our lives as a result of the development of media. Seeing the effects of advertising on people’s behaviors, some claim that advertising of all forms should be prohibited completely. This suggestion, however, need to be examined carefully and rationally.

It is true that the invading of advertisements to people’s lives causes some serious problems. Body image phenomenon in female young children and teenagers, in developed countries, is rooted from tons of cosmetic advertisements appeared everywhere, leading to eating disorders or deviant behaviors such as focusing on making-up at school rather than on studying. Hence, they usually fail in the academic performance and have some chronically physical issues. These impacts on children and teenagers are warning.

However, advertising is also beneficial our society due to its effectiveness. It is considered the quickest method of raising donations for natural tremendous destructions as well as other charity campaigns, in which companies can show their responsibility for their community and still have the opportunity to promote their products. A television program with sponsorship from companies, which use their logo or slogan to advertise, is the most effective way to gain money for misery victims of floods or typhoons.

Also, advertising ensures the operation of all media. Although it is intrusive, distracting and pervasive, advertising is the main financial source to support media. News, sports programs, entertainments of all means, and free websites would be not available without subsidies from advertisements.

In short, advertisements are evil, but necessary. We cannot simply ban all advertisements, but need to strictly regulate potential harmful advertisements.



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