IELTS Writing Task 2 – Schools offer a wide range of courses such as physical education


Schools offer a wide range of courses such as physical education, music, economics, philosophy, math, English,geography, physics and history. Among all these subjects, which one do you think is the most important and which one is the least important?




You should spend about 40 minutes on this task.

You should write at least 250 words.


IELTS Writing Task 2/ IELTS Essay Sample

Sample Answer 1:

To decide which subject is the most important and which is the least important is a daunting
task. Each and every subject has its own importance which cannot be under estimated but if
I have to choose one I would choose physical education as the most important one and
philosophy as the least important one.

Physical education is the most important for all students at school level. These classes
improve students’ health, now and in the future. They burn calories, and this helps them to
maintain a healthy weight. The classes’ regular exercise develops good habits for the
present and the future. People who exercise as children are more likely to continue
exercising when they’re adults. This reduces the risk of heart disease, diabetes, and other
serious illnesses.

Physical education also improves students’ mental health. It can be difficult to sit in class all
day. Students can exercise and then relax after their physical activity. This helps them to feel
happier and more comfortable at school. The classes also include activities that help with
stress reduction. Walking, stretching, and yoga are just a few of the exercises that reduce
stress. When they have good mental health, they can do well in other subjects also.

The students’ favourite part of physical education classes may be the opportunity to
communicate with their classmates. They enjoy talking to their friends while they play
games. The students also learn how to work in teams. Teamwork is an important skill that
they will use when playing sports or even at their jobs in the future.

As for the least important course, I have to say that I think philosophy is not so important
after all. This is a subject which can be there at the higher level for those who want to study
it. That is why, perhaps, in our Indian school curricula philosophy has no place.
To put it in a nutshell, I pen down saying that, although all subjects are important, I believe
that physical education is the most important and philosophy is the least important.

Model Answer 2:

Nowadays, along with the emphasis on the overall development of individuals, students now stay at schools also enjoy a variety of cultural courses. The courses provided with them vary from basic language courses such as english, chinese, french, to natural science and social science. Among so many branches, it is really hard to say which is the most important one and which is not, Personally, I think the basic language education occupies the most vital position, while all the other locate in the second important place.

The reason why I believe the basic language is important is based on the following reasons: First of all, basic language is the bridge of communication, if a person can master his/her native language well, he/she will become lonely and isolated, which probably lead to mental and psychological problem. Secondly, basic language is also the tool to enter into the new knowledge space. As almost all others are spread by words, it will be a barrier if him/her is unable to comprehend what meaning the words are describing and sending.

In terms of the most unimportant one, I do not believe any one could be classified into this type. To my knowledge, all the others play an important role in the evolvement process of human being, mathematics enable us to calculate precisely; music and painting make it possible to express our inner feelings; physics and chemistry help us step into the industry age. Lack of any one of them, human being would not step into today.

In conclusion, I personally think the basic language education is the most important one, as they are the underground stone of human development, while all the other disciplines place on the second important place, and there is not existing the least important one.





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