IELTS Writing Task 2 – Pressure on the school and university students is increasing


Pressure on the school and university students is increasing and students are pushed to hard work when they are young.

Do you think it is a positive or negative development?

You should spend about 40 minutes on this task.

You should write at least 250 words.


IELTS Writing Task 2/ IELTS Essay Sample

Sample Answer 1:

It is irrefutable that the burden on school and university pupils is burgeoning and they have
to work very hard at a young age. This situation has both positive and negative effects. A
balance needs to be created in which parents and teachers have a big role. In the following
paragraphs, I shall discuss the issue in depth.

Pressure on students is increasing because of many reasons. Firstly, today we belong to a
highly competitive era. Students need to get good scores to get into a good college. To add
to it, higher education is very costly and students need to do part time work to fund their
education. What is more, sometimes parents push children to adopt those subjects in which
the child has no aptitude. This also creates tension on the mind of the students.

This is a positive development because the habit of working hard right from early years
makes them realise the dignity of labour and they are better placed in life later on.
Secondly, they do not indulge in any violence and crime and drugs. This is because they
don’t have time for such activities. Finally, if they work hard in early years they will develop
a sound career and will have a happy and contented later life.

It is a negative development because it leads to stress and strain. Sometimes, students
cannot strike a balance between work and leisure which may result in boredom. Secondly,
when students face failures or can’t cope with the pressures they can have suicidal
tendencies. Students also face stress if they are forced to choose a course against their

On balance, I believe that being pushed to hard work is a positive development. However,
parents and teachers need to do proper counselling and guide them properly. Aptitude of
the student needs to be given consideration. Alternate career choices should be explained
to both parents and children.


Sample Answer 2:

In current society, the problem of young students’ overloads in curriculums is becoming increasing severe. In the meantime, individuals debate whether it is a positive improving or a terrible phenomena. Some people assert that hard working can improve academic performance of adolescents, while others argue that it will kill youngsters’ creativity and enthusiasm about studying. In my view, the young students should pay more attention in public activities rather than only absorbing the knowledge from textbooks.

It is manifest that the overload assignments occupy a large amount of time of students’. Thus they have little time to do what they are really interested in, and they rarely have chances to take party in the beneficial public activities. To start with, the lengthy hours of hard working will lead a negative emotion, which cause the students are tired of schools and studies. This emotion will decrease the passion and efficiency during the study. Secondly, lack of experiences in social works, will limit the horizons of these young people, which is harmful for the practical ability like cooperation and employable skills. Last but not least, excessive amount of hard studying can also deprive students of independent thinking and creation, as some ones are treated as passive receptacles of predigested ideas and learning things only by rote.

I would acknowledge that the students should work hard to obtain the theoretical knowledges which are necessary and essential. And diligence is the basis of achievement. However, the teachers should give the students inspiration and motivation to study. The sensible teaching methodology can encourage the students to study actively.

In summary, pushing the young students to work hard may bring detrimental influences. The youths can also be suffered from the wrong teaching methodology. Teachers should motivate students to study but not by force, and encourage students to learn through variety of practices.


Model Answer 3:

It is easy to hear that students tend to complain that the excessive pressure they need to shoulder is entirely beyond their limitation. Even to the college students, the competitive atmosphere become stronger day by day rather than decrease gradually since they have been admitted to the prestigious universities.

This kind of phenomenon can be understandable as none of parents hope that their children are inferior to others, especially in study. Thus, the only effective way for parents to do is drive their children to study hard no matter how unwilling they are. Indeed, quite a few students around us gain a high score and credit in such circumstances, leading to successful future eventually. In other words, students’ potential can be kindled under the mounting pressure. Without the pressure, students might not be able to achieve success and waste their precious time spent on playing as well.

In spite of this, the obvious drawbacks of pressure on students cannot be ignored. Yong as a child, their childhood are occupied by tons of books, which makes them become study machines rather than versatile youngsters. Additionally, once they feel tired on study and disobey what the parents said, it is hard to drive them back. Worse still, a few students lack communicative ability as all their time have been spent in reading books.

Overall, I take the view that pressure should be moderate. Otherwise, students would become bookworms who couldn’t be called as human beings. Reasonable pressure, giving students’ motivation, bring benefits outweigh drawbacks.


Sample  Answer 4:

Nowadays, developing of technology has created more stressful living conditions to humans. I believe that overpopulation and expenditure factors are two leading reasons for that, and some practical solutions should be implemented to tackle them.

Obviously, stress has been intensified globally due to two important reasons. The one is increasing the density of population globally. Birth rates have fundamentally grown, especially in cities, during last century, making more stressful situations to dwellers. For example, in India and China, their population have escalated far considerably since last three decades, reaching almost half of total world’s population. As a result, inhabitants are annoyed more by traffic jams or noise pollution coming from vehicles. To reduce this growth, governments and organisations should consider more practical methods to slow the escalation of population on Earth via popularizing the contraceptive methods among couples or encouraging urban inhabitants to move and live in suburb areas.

Another reason is the enhancement of living spending. Individuals have to work longer hours than the past to be able to afford their regular expenses, including Internet bill, house mortgage or car lease; however, before people did not have to pay these bills. In addition, citizens are used to pay more for their journeys than the past. Accessing to more low-cost airlines or resorts, individuals are motivated to spend more on them annually; therefore, they have to work longer hours and have more stressful lifestyles to pay them. To tackle this issue, the related authorities are better to consider more restrictions on workloads, which have been on of leading reasons for having more anxious living condition.

In conclusion, anxiety has been raised notably. Inclining the density of population and growing of expenditures are two important reasons for that, and administrations should control them and sub-side people’s stress. Had governments limited these two factors, the level of stress would have been reduced far considerably.


Sample Answer 5:
These days stress is a very common problem on people’s lives. There are several reasons or causes of why people have more stress these days. But unfortunately there are not many ways to solve this problem.

In my opinion 80% of stress is caused by work or economic situation, but these two are not the only reasons, study, family problems or relationship are some of the possibilities of having stress.

Why work is one of the reasons? In many aspects some people are not comfortable in their jobs; that can be related to the relationship with their boss, workmates, environment of office or the kind of job they have to do there. Some others have excess of works or some others do not have a job at all, but all of these make feel people tired, bored and in some other cases worried and finally take the people to feel so stressful.

The economic situations have an important role on the stress reasons; for example, people without work, people with a big families and small salary are always on stress because of the economic reason.

Study is one of the popular reasons among the students of schools and universities. Some of their problems are excessive homework, relation with teachers and classmates, exams etc.

But no matter what is the cause of the stress, it can be dangerous depending on the stress level one has. Some people get sick and the symptom can be different depending on the person.

I think that a good therapy could be doing some yoga, going to the gym, having a good massage and why not go for a small break. In conclusion we are humans and we need to rest sometimes from the routine, everything should be okay if we think positive and do not give the stress the power of be part of our lives.


Sample Answer 6:
It is true that life has become miserable and more painful to live in today’s competitive world. The trend to lead a normal life has become a nightmare in most part of the Globe. The impact is of various reasons and change in life style. Let’s discuss in detail.

Firstly the life style has been evolved to different level, the rapid growth in technology and to collaborate with latest trend people’s work-ability is challenge. Generally, most of them believe that the life style and the economy have been moved towards high heights. Technology has been revealed the opportunity and to cater with people needs to upgrade themselves. Moreover, it have been observed that the economy and life style in urban also drastically varied. For example, all individual thinks to prevail all opportunities and to enjoy each situation. These makes competitive in all ways. Even in education the trend is been varied and maintained.

In addition to that there is infinite opportunity being evolved, in most of the developing countries there are lots of opportunity in Research and infrastructure sectors. Pupil believes that the more they work they more the will be paid, so they are ready to compromise the health and food for future life. In most of the Asian countries, people not only concentrated to earn more money for their day-to-day life, perhaps they earn to buy properties, which obvious being stressful.

As a preventive measure, people can plan their work in a systematic way and spend more time with family. Every individual needs to take care of own selves. In most of the western countries, people do work 5 days in a week and left over will not be entertained for official work. They strictly prohibit and spend their time with family, friends & outings etc. These need to be alerted to people living more stressful life. Government can take some initiative and awareness program to familiarize the trends of leading a normal life, perhaps a protocol can be set by introducing the program’s which can show the on and off’s of living stressful life, this could make some awareness between people and will start taking some initiative steps.

In conclusion, the protocol to lead a normal life or stressful is completely depends on each individual, every needs to think whatever is there it is more than enough, need to run behind continuously for some things which will impact own life’s. It is an opportunity for each individual to change their mindset and the self satisfactory level, which could make them to move in right path to lead a normal and meaningful life, which will not trouble own self or environment.


Sample Answer 7:
These days, as the human has stepped on the path to transcendence, people are competing to be better every day. As the time goes by, many of us are tend to be afflicted by stressful feeling. Actually, there are some reasons behind this problem. In this essay I will explain the reasons why it can happens and try to propose some solutions to tackle this matter.

As regard the first, the reason why people are having stressful life is because of their lifestyle. Every individual tends to fulfill their need and desire. They earn money as much as they can and spent almost along the day for work. However, people only need a short time to spend their money for buying everything that they want. This phenomenon can cause stress among people. Secondly, stressfulness can happen because of the competitive ambiance among each individual. People are competing to look perfect every time. In every facet of our life, people like to compete. For instance, they compete in job, study, finance, appearance, and on the other aspects of our life. However, the fact is not all the people are able to fulfill their need as their wish. Only the rich and wealth people can do that. Therefore, it can raise stressfulness. These days people needs to outperform others in study, job and in other social affairs and these are few of the main reasons for the increased stress and pressure among us. The technological advancement has made our life easier in one hand and at the same time this is another reason for the pressured life for many.

I think that there are so many impeccable solutions to cope this problem. Firstly, people have to manage their time and finance properly. They have to balance their personal and professional life and do not need to obtain everything that they want. People should look at the others who have poorer life than us. They also should refresh their mind after spending the hectic stressful schedule by taking a walk to interesting place such as beach or mountain. Thus, people can feel free and relaxed. They should not think too much about earning money.

In conclusion, positive life, satisfaction and balanced life can reduce the stress we have to a great extent. As competition is one of the main reasons for increased stress nowadays, we should not rival others in every aspect. The positive mentality and happy family bonding can help us achieving a life with less stress.


Sample Answer 8:
It is believed that lives are getting more stressful as day passes by. This essay will discuss its causes as well as measures that can be employed to alleviate this problem.

One reason why lives seem to cause more frustration is that work is even more demanding nowadays. People might be required to work longer hours. Not to mention that technology has made it increasingly harder for people to stop thinking about their jobs even when they are at home. As such, they might not have enough time to relax properly. Secondly, both spouses are more likely to be working due to higher living costs. This means that they have to juggle their careers with household chores, making them busier than ever. Unfortunately, they might struggle to do both work and this in turn, put more strain on them.

It is therefore crucial for people to take some actions to counter stress. Firstly, they should take a day off at least once a week to unwind. This is to ensure that their stress level can be somewhat lowered. After all, constant strain on the body and mind might eventually take its toll on people’s wellbeing. Furthermore, they should pursue their hobbies no matter how busy they are. This is because hobbies are proven to be effective in combatting stress and providing relief from mundane lives. Thus, they are likely to recharge their energy and refresh their mind by doing their favourite pastimes. For example, listening to music is considered to have the benefit of reducing stress.

In conclusion, there are two reasons as to why lives seem to be increasingly stressful. Even so, there are some means of combatting this issue to live a happier and stress-free life.


Sample Answer 9:
The word has changed, there has been evolution and transformation in every aspect of the universe, gone are the days when people were self-sufficient, now everyone wants more and more and this attitude makes people more stressful.

Day and day out people have become competitive, they are longing for better and better than good and in this journey people are inducing themselves to stresses.
There were days when people used to be active and enjoy their life by spending time with their families but nowadays people give less time to their families rather they spend their times on the invention of better lifestyle. For instance the technology which is prevailing in the present times made a huge impact in a person’s lifestyle .people are pertinently stressed due to the job burdens to deliver their best and to stand in the race.

If an employee aims for a good achievement, his employer aims for a better and in this juncture people are imparting their time to get better out of them and this even increases undue stresses. They being stressful show cast their stress on their family members which in turn makes whole family live a stressful life.
In earlier days, when technology was limited people were not under stress, though stressed their stress was limited, if we see the reason behind stress as technology, we can illustrate using an example of mobile phone, Mobile phones convey persons mobility and is liable to respond to the incoming call at any time. But if the mobile phones were not there, there is a limited chance that the person should respond.

And the other reason we see that indicative changes in the family bonds are also causing stresses, people in earlier days are more cordial and are less stressed compared to the present time. One can overcome stress in their life when they distance themselves from the competitive world, I do not comprehend that man should not be competitive, he should be competitive but should also be self-sufficient. Secondly he should not take all the burdens on his head which he cannot solve it, he should be of a “let it go” attitude that he could over power the stress.

Thirdly stress can be avoided by culturing the body with meditation, yoga, physical work outs, traveling, recreational activities and apart from these he can spend time with family and hear soothing music too. Finally a change in one’s attitude is the need of the hour for a person to be stress free, if he is always self-sufficient and doesn’t not panic to situations. A persons is successful if he is stress free this is the ultimate success a person needs right now.


Sample Answer 10:
Today, humans’ lifestyles have become more complicated than before. Varieties of factors have been implicated for this; however, I believe that traffic congestion and job competition are two leading reasons, and governments should consider two solutions to tackle them.

To begin with, traffic jam has intensified the level of stress in cities. Increasing the number of vehicles in urban, the level of noise pollution has been increased fundamentally. In this case, in Tehran, the capital city of Iran, the number of private cars has doubled each two years since last decade, reaching over five million vehicles and leading the citizens to be annoyed more by loud noises created by them. To address this issue, governments should encourage dwellers to use safer vehicles, including bicycles, instead of private cars, reducing the load of traffic, especially in the central areas of cities.

Another factor is that the level of competition between people has considerably been increased. Definitely, to find their favorable jobs, applicants have to achieve more qualifications and experience than the past. They have to study longer years to achieve the needed certifications to apply and surpass other rivals. For instance, now an electric engineer should be familiar with not only computer software, but with new communication systems; therefore, they have to study longer time at college or university, even nearly four years, to obtain the required certification. As a result, they will have more stressful life to pass exams or pay tuitions. To solve it, administrations should help inhabitants financially more to be able to pay tuition with less stress, and create more job positions to subside the level of competition between them.

In conclusion, traffic and job competition are two leading reasons that have caused individuals to have more challenging in their life. I think state authorities should consider some practical plans which encourage people to use less their private cars and assist them to be able to have less anxiety during their study or searching for job.


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