IELTS Writing Task 2 – Some people think that students benefit from going to private secondary schools


Some people think that students benefit from going to private secondary schools. Others, however, feel that private secondary schools can have a negative effect on society as a whole.

Discuss both these views and give your own opinion.

You should spend about 40 minutes on this task.

You should write at least 250 words.



IELTS Writing Task 2/ IELTS Essay Sample

Sample Answer 1:

In order to choose the right type of secondary school, you need to weigh all of the options
open to you. It is a highly debated issue whether private secondary schools are good or bad
for society. In the following paragraphs, I intend to delve into the pros and cons of private
secondary schools.

On the positive side, most of the private schools offer smaller classroom size and so the
child can receive more individual attention from teachers. It is a well known fact that
secondary education is very important because in most cases the career is based on
secondary school subjects. Secondly, private secondary schools offer better academic and
extracurricular programs. As a result there are lower drop-out rates. Finally, there is less on-
campus violence in private schools as compared to government schools. This is because
students realise that their parents are spending huge sums of money on their schooling and
so they are more serious in studies.

On the downside, there is less diversity in private schools as compared to public
government) schools. As a result children will meet fewer peers from diverse backgrounds
because of the tuition fee. Secondly, private secondary schools don’t conform strictly to
educational regulations. So you have to do a lot of effort to select the right school for your

Finally, these schools are very expensive and consequently increase the gap between the
rich and the poor. The children from affluent backgrounds can afford these schools and get
quality education because of which they get into the best universities for higher education.
The disadvantaged children of poor backgrounds find it very difficult to compete with them
in all spheres of life. So, these create an imbalance in society.

To put it in a nutshell, I pen down saying that, private secondary schools are providing
quality education and are a boon for society. However, they should have some relaxation in
fees for the meritorious students of poor backgrounds so that their disadvantages are

Sample Answer 2:

It is undeniable that education gleamed from private secondary schools is beneficial. The question is to whether that it has some negative effects on society is an interesting issue, upon which opinion varies greatly. This essay will outline the compelling reasons to show the positive and negative effects of private school education.

To begin with, there are many advantages of private school education for the children. Firstly, various types of facilities are offered by these schools. For example, best building infrastructures, labs, pick and drop from home by bus and so on. Secondly, a high class education standard is provided, which is too good for the children’s future to secure their personal and professional life. For example, the introduction of computer in mode of delivery helps children to learn usage of computer at early age.

However, some people think that private schools education affect the society in the negative way. First, large amount of money is given as a donation to secure the admission and it creates the imbalance between the societies. For instance, only affluent families can afford to send their children to the private schools. Furthermore, the study pattern can be differed from government schools and it may not give appropriate education. Simultaneously, the strict schedules and extra subjects add the burden to the student. An example would be mandatory learning of classical languages like Sanskrit or Greek at private school.

To conclude, it can be said that private secondary school learning has both positive and negative sides. Therefore, it depends on the individual what they would like to advocate.

Model Answer 3:

With the changes in educational system, parents hold the choice to send their children to private secondary schools which can bring advantage for their children. However, some thinks otherwise. In my opinion, I accord that while private secondary schooling certain carries some benefits, it also contributed to some drawbacks to the society.

Studying in private secondary school can be fruitful as they are educated to international level of education and also able to provide better facilities for the students. The syllabus adopted by private secondary school are on par with international standard which may benefits for students intended to study aboard in the future. Besides that, private schools are able to provide fancy facilities such as providing laptop for each students to encourage learning on use of technology gadgets to search for resources. With most private schools focusing more on the use of English language, students were able to develop better communication skills and could be lucrative for their future.

Although studying in private secondary school are an advantage, there are also some clear drawbacks that effect on the society. Due to the expensive tuition fees, only students with wealthy and rich parents can afford to send their children to private institutions. They tend to compare with each other on owning of extravagant branded items like bags and shoes and therefore resulted in negligence in their studies. This indirectly bridge a gap in between the students and therefore, the existence of status between students. For instance, those who are able to purchase luxuries items are the leaders and those unable to afford will be labeled as the followers. Hence, this might contributes to psychological problems in students due to bullying issues.

To recapitulate, studying in private secondary schools can bring great advantages to some, however, it is important to bare in mind that it can also lead to social and psychological issues for some.



Model Answer 4:

Whether or not students are encouraged to go to private secondary schools to be considered as one of the hotly debated issue. There are those who argue that there are varieties of benefits when students are educated in the private schools. Some others have opposite arguments. In this essay, the two viewpoints will be discussed and my view will be also indicated with concrete arguments.

First of all, with regard to the opinion that it is essential for students go study in the private secondary schools. With the development of the socio-economic development, education has been socialized, so more and more private schools have been erupted with being well-equipped with modern facilities to meet demand for both study and teaching. Moreover, private schools also have number of competent teachers because these schools pay high salary to attract human resources. As a result, students could receive better educational quality compared to public schools.

However, other people do not support this viewpoint; they argue that if students go to private schools, their parents will pay a large amount of money for fee. It is clear that people have low and unstable income; they do not have enough finance to register their children to learn in the private schools. Furthermore, although private schools has developed much more, curriculum of the schools are not appropriate for students to absorb knowledge. Therefore, this may lead to unexpected consequences in education in the future. For example, in Vietnam, there are a wide range of private schools that pupils are taught many subjects in the fields of social and natural science but students are not taught and done physical exercises. To my mind, it is still beneficial to maintain and encourage students to go to public schools instead of private schools because schedule of subjects are divided logically with diversified activities including metal and physical exercises. Thus, public schools are under well-controlled by governments with low fee. Therefore, it may be more suitable for those who have low incomes.

It seems to me that it is unacceptable to allow students to go to private secondary schools because it has many drawbacks rather than advantages. Public schools are still better environment for many students with acceptable fees and appropriate schedules. These things are being regarded as priority options for parents.



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