IELTS Writing Task 2 – Some people think that schools should concentrate on academic classes


Some people think that schools should concentrate on academic classes, because they are helpful for future career. And they think music and sports classes are not useful.

To what extent do you agree or disagree?

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You should spend about 40 minutes on this task.

You should write at least 250 words.

IELTS Writing Task 2/ IELTS Essay Sample

Sample Answer 1:

What young people should study at school has long been the subject of intense debate and
this is a question that certainly does not have one correct answer.

We need to provide young people the best possible chance of doing well at school. In
traditional curriculum there is a wide variety of subjects with a mix of academic and non-
academic subjects. In this way a young person is formed with a rounded education. Non-
academic subjects would include sports, cooking, and music. I believe this is the best form of
education. A young person should learn things other than academic subjects. Sport is
particularly important. Young people have to learn to love sport so that they can be fit and
healthy later in life. If not we will be raising an obese and unfit generation.

I totally understand the point of view that education is so important that students must be
pushed as hard as possible to achieve their best. It sounds a good idea to only expose the
students to academic subjects as then they can spend all of their school hours on studying
areas that will get them into university and good jobs later in life. I just feel a more rounded
education would produce a better individual. We must remember too that a lot of people,
maybe even most people, aren‛t academically minded and would benefit more from a more
vocationally based education. Forcing academic studies onto them would lead to failure and
the student leaving school too early.

Therefore I agree that although a wholly academic curriculum would suit and benefit some
young people, I believe that for most students non-academic subjects are important
inclusions still in today‛s syllabuses.

Model Answer 2:

For long time , Schools main focus have always been more academic in nature for the greater benefit of children future and have given less importance to co-curricular activities like sports and music. In my opinion this should continue as such for coming generation as well because of many valid reasons, although there are some implications.

First of all, children are sent to school so that they can find good jobs and settle in life without much struggle. This can happen only when schools teach them subjects like science, maths, economics and commerce.

Secondly, the world is ever changing because of technological advances and focus on academic subjects make it easier for children to keep themselves abreast of those innovations and advances. For example, subjects like computer science prepares the student to face the modern world of technology.

thirdly, the children can always acquire skills in music or particular sports of their interest by taking extra classes or training outside of the school on their own, unlike academic subjects where you acquire those skills and formal certification only in schools, so it’s only fair that schools train the students for what it’s built for in the first place.

However, not all students may be good in academics and may not help them to secure their future as professionals. Also, the children may not get dejected or discouraged, if they find out that they are good in some sports or music and even serve as a seed for them to reflect or channelize this towards academic areas. So it becomes important for schools to identify these and concentrate more on non-academic subjects as well.

Nevertheless, for the greater benefit of majority of the children it’s always better for schools to put more focus on academic subjects to secure their future, although some children specialty may not be academics.

Model Answer 3:

In modern society, whether children should learn the subjects that have less link with further career is an issue that arouses controversy. Several individuals assert that schools should only teach children the subjects which will benefit them in the future .Personally, Children should learn some so-called unimportant subjects such as music and sport as well.

It is generally accepted today that music and sports play an essential part in individual’s daily life so as to the children. When it comes to the advantages of these kinds of courses, three points should be mentioned. At the beginning, sports help a child to maintain an active life style and a healthy body in the future. Meanwhile, according to scientists, listening to music or playing instruments can develops a higher level of thinking skill which contributes to children’s capacities of problem solving and evaluation. More importantly, all these activities can give the children more opportunities to socialize and build a long-lasting friendship. In other words, children learn how to communicate and cooperate with others which will also be beneficial to their career in the future.

However, I admit that learning music and sports may occupy the spare time of the teenagers. As students have to finish doing all the homework, some even have to attend after-school classes, they have less time to relax themselves. Learning other instruments or sports means more tasks and burdens for them. If the students can not balance these works well, they may fail to catch up with others in knowledge learning and the school courses.

In conclusion, personally I think children should learn some courses li

Model Answer 4:

It is undoubtably that today’s world, most promising job offered would require one to have not only experience but a good academic qualification. with this almost “mandatory” requirement, children in school are required to concentrate on academic subjects such as science, economic, geography etc in order to obtain a good future career and that subject such as sports and music are not necessary to be learned while some agree on the necessity to learn those subject, I believe learning sports and music would enhance one’s performance over academic subjects.

undeniable that in today’s world, no matter of what type of profession that we choose to dive in, it is rooted from studying academic subjects in school and that students are bound to study those subjects in order to prepare them for work life. for instance, if one wish to become a doctor, he/she have to learn about biology. lets say not an academic profession, but an entrepreneur, they still need to learn about buying and selling in order to make a profit, studying human psychology in managing and dealing with worker which perhaps can be taken from studying economic and human sciences. in addition, learning varieties of academic subjects allows one to change career along the way. for example, if a practitioner nurse would wish to change profession to become an entrepreneur and open up her own clinic, she might already have the basic understanding of buying and selling by studying commerce in school. Instead of learning music and sports which do not allow them to change career unless they want to be a superstar, a sport star or a music teacher.

however, there is benefit that learning music and sports could bring. Firstly, student can get bored with stress if they would constantly read and learn academic subjects. Music and sports allow a student to move, listen and give them the sense of relaxation. Additionally, when they are relax, their mind are fresher and this way, they can absorb knowledge better. Not only that, some research has proven that student who play musical instruments perform better in academic as when they play their instrument, both side of the brain is working in which it may help to stimulate creativity.

In conclusion, there are convincing arguments on why students are ought to study academic subjects. In my opinion, learning academic subject still need to be kept mandatory but not eliminating music and sports subject as it would make learning process seems dull.

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