IELTS Writing Task 2 – Some people think that personal happiness is directly related to economic


Some people think that personal happiness is directly related to economic success. Others argue that happiness depends on different factors.

Discuss both views and give your own opinion.



You should spend about 40 minutes on this task.

You should write at least 250 words.


IELTS Writing Task 2/ IELTS Essay Sample

Sample Answer 1:

Some people think that personal happiness is directly related to economic success.
Others argue that happiness depends on different factors. Discuss both views and
give your own opinion.

Happiness is a state of mind. Obviously, different people understand it in different
ways. I believe that economic success is an essential element to happiness, but it is
just one factor and that too not the most important one. Other factors like a stable
family life, secure source of income and good heath are more important in achieving

Undoubtedly, to achieve personal happiness, economic success is necessary but its
importance shouldn’t be exaggerated. Apparently, it’s sensible to say that one needs
sufficient money to live in a spacious apartment, to have a private car, fashionable
clothes and latest household electrical appliances, which are all indispensable for
happy life.

However, we have to admit that material success alone can’t ensure that one can lead
a happy life. One may have a lot of money but if there are not cordial relations among
family members, one can never be happy. In fact, too much wealth can lead to stress
in life if children go astray because of too much wealth. A person who has the barest
minimum but a very understanding life partner and obedient children can be very

Good health is another factor needed for happiness. Can you imagine a
multimillionaire suffering from cancer to be happy? Another big factor is a stable
source of income. One can never be happy if one is not sure whether his business will
pick up or his job is secure.

To put it in a nutshell, I pen down saying that, economic success is important but
those who cooperate well with co-workers and those who get along well with families,
friends and neighbours are more likely to be happy, and it’s the same case with those
who pursue a variety of interests and hobbies at leisure and those who are in good



Model Answer 2: 

The meaning of happiness is different to everyone, some people argue that economic prosperity, increased wages and reduced commodity prices are few factors that have direct influence on happiness, while others claim that good interpersonal relationships, family bonding, healthiness and socialising contribute a lot in attaining happiness.

Firstly, there is no doubt that people with good jobs and businesses have more prosperous lives then others ordinary citizen of the society, one of the reasons is that they have financial capacity to fulfill their desires and buy things that give them pleasure. They are not confined to any boundaries while purchasing items of their interest such as mobile, laptop, cars etc. However, perpetual efforts are required to sustain this wealthy lifestyle that could have dire consequence on their personal life in long run due to lack of attention and care towards family members.

However, health is a pivotal constituent of happy life. This is not surprising that a healthy person enjoys lucrative lifestyle and has more tendencies to participate in diverse activities that could be a source of joy for him. Additionally, healthy relations among family members and immediate social circle make people happier and relax, for example, children feel more happiness while playing with their friends or when they received toys that not even worth a lot of money.

Family relationship, personal aim & desire and peaceful mind are other important aspects for being happy in our life. While money can ensure materialistic happiness, a poor can be happier than a rich in many cases. An honest and contented person can be a happy person regardless of his economic status.

To sum up, I would like to say that role of economic success is indispensable for achieving happiness but others factors have also great consideration in this regard. Even rich people with physical or psychological defectiveness are unable to enjoy the true color of life.



Sample Answer 3: 

It is true that people accept about personal happiness which is directly related to economic achievement. However, I believe same with others say that there are other factors which could be influencing happiness are past life experience and personal value.

Now days, individual happiness is often correlated with economical aspect and it illustrates human in terms either rich or poor. Rich men are assumed as people who can produce a lot of money although they are just sitting in their own homes. Good economic status is an ability to fulfil the complementary necessities after getting the basic needs which people can afford for new model cars, branded outfits and branded gadgets. On contrast, poor people are correlated with suffering for house, food and job. This explanation indicates people will be happy if they are facilitated in their life. Other fact shows there are some different factors in making happy such as past life experience and personal value that dramatically people never concern about it.

The first, past life experience means the memorable activity which people did in the previous period. The beautiful memory can stimulates people for doing repetition action when they faced the same condition and they expected the same result as successful as before. They always keep in mind the impressive experience for healing hurt in the present life. Sometimes, it becomes a simple way for people who try to synthesize happiness.

Another reason is personal value which is determined as the way people assess themselves and occur rarely implementation in people’s life. The result from comparing between expectation and real condition influences the personal value. People who identified as happy person force their real life as their expectation even can be better with getting suitable expectation of others because in reality people need proof from other which indicates their respect.

In conclusion, it is clear to me about mostly people say that personal happiness is about economic success, while I believe that there are other factors which can influence the happiness and commonly it is unrealized by people.


Model Answer 4: 

The topic of whether economic success is the key element to determine one’s happiness is of concern for many people. Some people believe that being rich can definitely make people happy, while others disagree. As for me, I do not agree the former.

Those who assert economic status hold the following reasons. Firstly, the wealthy ones can be considered as a successful entrepreneur. It is generally accepted that the rich have run an outstanding business or had a superior career performance. They have a sense of achievement by being granted a salary raise or annual bonus. Secondly, some people enjoy the material possessions and physical comfort. Holding a large amount of money, people are able to afford a spacious apartment or a luxurious bag, which means they can pursue a life with many expensive items.

However, there are opposing voices. Some others believe that one’s happiness cannot be achieved by financial condition alone. To start with, a harmonious family can satisfy people’s sense of happiness. Without the emotional support from their family member, people will feel insecure and unaccepted, although they can be extremely rich. Secondly, the lifestyle determines people’s wellbeing. For example, one will feel joyful if he involves in activities such as fishing and rock climbing. In the other words, people get satisfied when they have the chance to maintain a healthy or activate lifestyle.

I personally believe that family and personal lifestyle are more important to one’s happiness. Although economic achievement seems to be a long term goal for many people, it cannot fulfil one’s emotional satisfaction. In order to live in a happy mode, people should pay more attention to the ones they love and the passion of their hobbies. In this way, they will gain the spiritual happiness instead of simply owning lots of money.


Model Answer 5: 

Different people have different perspectives. Each person has different perspective about what the happiness is. For personal perspective, some people believe that happiness is able to reach by the economic success. Others, nevertheless, has opposed that blissful feeling is not only relying on money or success in economic but also a wider spectrum aspect. Therefore, I would argue that many factors can bring human being getting happiness in their daily life.

Admittedly, it can be argued that money as the standard of better economic for some inhabitants. With having much money, people have a chance to get their happiness with buying everything as it fulfills their fundamental needs. That is one of form of self-actualization where individuals have capabilities to get happiness fully. Thereby, it can be said that money has power to bring happiness for some people. For example, homeless gets their happiness while they have a house that share with family members, and they are able to buy meals. There are the happiness for several people. Therefore, happiness is not vogue if they have much more money to buy the goods that they are needed.

On the other hand, a person who successful in economic field becomes popular in the community is unlikely to achieve happiness because they happiness depend on money and people around them have two faced toward that is not honest to give an attention and an affection for them. For instance, Zack Malik as the well-known singer, ex-member of one direction, has many fan-bases and save numerous treasures. However, he is not being satisfy, According to BBC news he said that he is unable to feel like usual adult, he is not happy event thought he is the rich younger person that is the evidence that the popularity with having much money is not guaranteed people has a happy life. Happy life as young person and he can gather with his family that is the happiness. Therefore, money and economic success is not a measurement in happiness life, and perhaps, our life becomes worse owing to successful in economic.

The aforementioned evidence reveals that it seems successful in economic can bring happiness beside that emotional feeling is one of the happiness for each person. Where possible, I hope that human race attempts to reach their happiness even without money.


Model Answer 6:

All people ever feel happiness in their life because we have feeling which show our emotion. Furthermore, a question has been grown regarding to whether happiness can directly affect people to be success in their business. However, others object this argument and believe that there are other factors which give more contribution to economic success. While, I believe that there are many factors that can give significant contribution to economic success including happiness.

Happiness is an emotion which belong in every human and give spirit to people whom feel it. People can be exiting and powerful when they are happy. It also can affect the result of what people do because it gives more passion, so people can feel more diligent and passionate to do their business. Morever, happiness affects people’s mood and it can affect the way of people’s work. Therefore, happiness always gives contribution to economic success.

On the other hand, there are other factors which can affect economic success beside happiness. Firstly, the successful of economic depends on hard work and diligent of people. When people eager to reach something and fight for it then it can directly give influence to economic condition. In other words, it is depends on people’s effort. Secondly, people can become success in their business when they receive help from other people. It has related with link or connection. People who have many link have more oppurtunities to be success in their business because it can make them easier to gain what they want.

In conclusion, happiness gives contribution to economic success indeed, but it does not give direct contribution. However, there are other factors such as people’s effort and link which can affect successful of economic directly.


Model Answer 7:

Most people argue that economic success is the most important factor in getting personal happiness. While I accept that argument, I believe that many factors which make someone happy.

Many people say that direct factor of personal happiness is financial success because of many reasons. Firstly, people can buy everything they need and they want when they success in gaining their own money. For example, they want to buy a lot of gadgets, they can buy them because they get what they want by money they have. Secondly, people experience that people who reach success in economy have high social status. Other people give more respect to rich people. Being respected by societies makes successful people happier than poor people. Therefore, some people say that economic success has direct effect to happiness because of reasons mentioned above.

On the contrary, other people believe that there are other factors which influence people to be happy. First factor is physical condition. People feel happy when they are healthy. They say that nothing is useful when they get sick because unwell body is the worst condition. For example, they can not eat the most delicious meals in the world when they get so many ulcers in their mouth. Second factor is psychological condition. For instance, people can not feel the happiness of getting lottery when they are in mental sickness, such as delusion or hallucination. They will feel suffered because voice in the hallucination says that they will be murdered.

To sum up, mostly people feel happy when they success in economy. However, people will be happier than others when they succeed not only financially but also physically and mentally.


Model Answer 8:

There is no denying fact in saying that we are dwelling the advanced & modern era, where people finds the happiness from different sources. But, it is really a debatable issue whether happiness relates to economic success or depends on other factors. Today, I am going to discuss both perspectives of people & end up this piece of writing with my own opinion in conclusion.

To begin with, the first perspective of those who are in the favour of this believes that personal happiness relates to economic success. Undoubtedly, we are living in the era where the survival of the human being is not possible without money. People with enough money leads to happiness & avail the luxurious life with big house, car & other facilities. Apart from this, money brings the standard of living, creates your goodwill in the society as well as helpful in your trouble time. Thus, some people relate personal happiness to economic success. For instance, individual with less money not leads efficient life.

The another school of thought is holding an opinion that happiness depends upon different factors. No doubt, money plays a vital role in life of persons but the happiness not comes only with the money factor .An individual tastes the dose of happiness with having good relationships with the family & relatives without money. Not even this, sometimes people are confronting stress under this situation people needs mental support from their near & dear to stay happy instead of money only.

To conclude, I restate that it is dilemma to be with one particular side, which leads me to have partial about this statement but I firmly believes that money over weighs the other factors considering the current era.



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