IELTS Writing Task 2 – Some people think people can exploit animals for any purpose


Some people think people can exploit animals for any purpose they need, while others do not think so.

What is your opinion?


Same Topic –  A growing number of people feel that animals should not be exploited by people and that they should have the same rights as humans, while others argue that humans must employ animals to satisfy their various needs, including uses for food and research.


You should spend about 40 minutes on this task.

You should write at least 250 words.


IELTS Writing Task 2/ IELTS Essay Sample

Sample Answer 1:

The discussion about whether or not animals should be used for the benefit of humans is a
very debatable one. Some individuals are of the opinion that we can exploit animals for our
benefit. Others hold the opposite view. It is necessary to look at both sides of the argument
before forming an opinion.

Animals have always been used by humans in many different ways, for example, as food, for
work, and in research. Using animals for food reflects what happens throughout the animal
kingdom where carnivorous, or meat-eating, animals kill other animals for food. Humans
have achieved dominance over animals and are able to use them to work, for example in
the fields or to pull carts and other transport. Animals undoubtedly suffer during medical
research, but this research may prevent humans from suffering in the future.

Many people, however, argue that it is wrong to cause suffering to animals for the benefit
of humans. Meat is not a necessary part of our diet, and there are many healthy vegetarians
around the world who prove this. Technology has largely replaced the use of animals in the
fields and for transport. Research carried out on animals is often not valid for human cases
as an animal’s reactions may be very different from those of a human. There are useful
alternative forms of research available now, such as the use of tissue cell cultures. More and
more people are unhappy to cause suffering to animals if there is an alternative.

(Conclusion 1) In my opinion, though, it is necessary to use animals for the benefit of
humans. Through their use, the quality of life for humans can be improved, and this is more
important than the quality of life for animals.

(Conclusion 2) In conclusion, I believe that animals should not be used for human gain. It is
time to concentrate resources on developing alternative sources of food and methods of
research, and allow animals a pain-free existence.

Model Answer 2:

I agree that people can exploit animals for some proper purpose rather than any purpose. I firmly against some kind of purpose, for example, It’s reported some people maltreated and slaughtered animals just for fun.

In spite of the fact every animals have it’s right, for the survival purpose human have to sacrifice animals’ rights. It is undoubtedly human is at the top of the food chains, that means people need consume enormous medium or low level animals as their food. After all, pure vegetarians in this planet are minority of the society. Moreover, In some scientifically
research sectors, people use animals to make experiments. It’s also account to the purpose of human survive activity. For example, research for the medicine to cure dealy contagious disease. These medicine usually were dangerous before the animal test. Think about it, several animals for experiments can save millions of people’s lives. The turth in the real world is that the rules of nature are cruelt, for the sake of living people had to exploit animals.

However, some of the exploitation of animals must be forbidden. Firstly, slaughtering animals for some luxury goods business purpose must stop, for instance, the elephants’ teeth, shark fin, meats of whales… These kinds of exploitations unveil the greedy and hideous
soul of human.

From the above discussion, I think it is unpractical to forbidden people exploit animals, yet people have no right to do this for any purpose. It seems to me that I would take a more neutral position.


Model Answer 3: 

Undoubtedly nature is one of the most wonderful creations of god. All living being which dwell in this are associated with each other for some or the other reason. This is termed as life cycle. Indeed it is a nature’s law that everything is in connection for smooth functioning and survival. Certainly human being on earth is superior to all other species. Therefore, there are set of people who tend to think that human being can exploit animals for their necessity, while others refutes to this view point. I would agree to large extent with the former view and would like to present my inclination further.

Firstly, exploitation of animals for mankind is the practice followed since ages. For instance, in early days people use to plough land for farming with the help of cows and buffalo. In addition to this even these days there are many consumer oriented products produces with the help of animals ingredients after extraction. Such as, Milk , Butter , Cheese from cow, edible oil from fishes, red and white meat products are also prescribed by doctors for healthy living. Moreover, with the use of animals we human being are inhabiting since inception, history states that human beings used to wear cloths made of animals skins , so overall it is the fact that mankind is depending on animals for their routine life.

On the other hand, there are people who oppose to this view with some understanding. Although it is true that human beings are benefited from the animals, the dominating nature of human tries to exploit animals for any purpose they need. Therefore to my understanding exploiting animals is fair but certainly not on the cost of animal blood. For instance, people who like to keep pets in their house keep them and when these pets are affected by some ill health they leave them to die on the streets. Adding up to this even hunting of animals is practiced for fun sake by teenagers in some part of nation. Thus I strongly feel that exploitation of animals in this manner is crime as per constitutional law of animal rights. Whereas, everyone should understand that alike all this animals do have feelings and emotions.

However, to sum up I would state that exploit animals so as to maintain smooth and proper life cycle. It is all about give and take relationship with humans and animals. We all are linked with each other, so it is obvious that to keep a well balanced equilibrium human being should follow the chain life cycle. If not the planet will be in a vicious circle and would be difficult cope up this situation.

Sample answer 4:

It has become a debatable topic about the exploitation of animals by mankind. Some people believed that animals should not be exploited and should be treated fairly by human beings. In contrast, others think animals should be utilized to assist humans in various kinds of ways, such as the source of food or for medical testing. The following essay will discuss about both views in details, but in my personal opinion, I believe that animals can be used as the source of food or to assists human beings in the proportionate way and human should treat them properly.

On the one hand, a group of people believe that mankind does not have the rights to exploit animals, as they are also living creatures. It is true that animals live by following their instinct, but they have the same feeling as human beings, therefore it would not be fair for mankind to exploit them. In several cases, it has been reported that some of the cows had cried before they were slaughtered in the slaughter house, which means that they also had the same feeling as human beings. In another reported cases, some of the animals was treated poorly by their masters, though they had been exploited heavily and made them sick or injured.

On the other hand, it is undeniable that mankind need the assistant of animals in various kinds of ways. Firstly, some animals are needed by humans to assist them in producing and providing foods. In many countries, cows, buffalos or horses are used by farmers to cultivate their farming areas, and some dairy farms animals such as chicken and sheep are slaughtered for their meats. Without the existence of these animals, there would be a humanity issue about the lack of food supplies and starvation for mankind. Secondly, some animals are used in certain scientific experiments or medical testing for the sake of humanity. Several new drugs are being tested in some mice or monkeys before they are being tested on human beings. Although it might seem as an inhuman act, but these experiments have save thousands of human lives.

In conclusion, people have different opinions about the exploitation of animals. Some people agree with the statement but others disagree with it. In my opinion, I think the employment or the usage of animals to help human beings is not a problem, as long as we exploit them in the proportionate way. For example, as many farmers use dogs as their assistant in their field and the dogs should be treated and fed properly.


Model Answer 5:

Some people believe that animals should be treated in the same way humans are and have similar rights, whereas others think that it is more important to use them as we desire for food and medical research. This essay will discuss both points of view.

With regard to the exploitation of animals, people believe it is acceptable for several reasons. Firstly, they think that humans are the most important beings on the planet, and everything must be done to ensure human survival. If this means experimenting on animals so that we can fight and find cures for diseases, then this takes priority over animal suffering. Furthermore, it is believed by some that animals do not feel pain or loss as humans do, so if we have to kill animals for food or other uses, then this is morally acceptable.

However, I do not believe these arguments stand up to scrutiny. To begin, it has been shown on numerous occasions by secret filming in laboratories via animal rights groups that animals feel as much pain as humans do, and they suffer when they are kept in cages for long periods. In addition, a substantial amount of animal research is done for cosmetics, not to find cures for diseases, so this is unnecessary. Finally, it has also been proven that humans can get all the nutrients and vitamins that they need from green vegetables and fruit. Therefore, again, having to kill animals for food is not an adequate argument.

To sum up, although some people argue killing animals for research and food is ethical, I would argue there is sufficient evidence to demonstrate that this is not the case, and, therefore, steps must be taken to improve the rights of animals.

Sample Answer 6:

There have been lots of debates about animal rights in different societies over last decade and sometimes we watch or hear from media that a group of people are protesting in each corner of the world to protect animal rights. However, this group believes that animals should not be in danger by human, while some others point that human needs are more important and people should be allowed to use animals for their different purposes. Therefore, this essay has tried to cover both of mentioned views and would suggest a good way to solve the issue.

According to most of history documents, human has employed animals to have a better life from the time that civilization has come to existence. In fact, the skin of animals has been considered as the first material for clothing industry and human has used the meat of them as a delicious food. These days, people spend money for these purposes and in addition scientists conduct most of their biology experiments on animals to find cures for illnesses.

Some people worry about the mentioned trend as many animals’ species have been extinct because of exploiting them by human. Actually, they believe that the God has created animals to live and human shouldn’t kill them or destroys their life places for his needs. So, if no steps would be taken for this situation, our planet has no place for animals and we just can see animals in zoos which is another way of employing animals by human.

By contrast, some other argues that the God has created animals for human better life and it is inevitable that people use animals for their targets. In other words, it is such a life law that always the stronger kill the weaker for continuing the life and in the forest, wild animals kill other for food as human do it for his purposes. Therefore, human should exploit animals for food, cloth and developing science and no other way can be taken.

I think, therefore, this occasion is such a sophisticated issue and both of views are concerning one aspect of human and animal rights. But perhaps, the realistic solution is balancing human behavior about animals. Put another way, human should try to replace other ways instead of exploiting animals, however; it is not possible to eliminate the role of employing animals in human life.


Sample Answer 7:

The issue of whether people should use animals for human purposes or not is certainly a contentious one. In the following essay, I intend to discuss both these aspects and give my own opinion.

First of all, using animals for benefits has been a long story in human history. In the dawn of human civilization, people hunted animals for fur and food. Not long before that, they began to rear livestock, which provided them extra benefits like eggs and milk. Since then, of course, starvation seemed to be not as huge as a problem compared with before. Now people are using animal experiments for finding vaccines which can help humans overcome epidemics. Clearly, there could be a lot more benefits we would gain from animals in the future. However, this is only one matter at hand.

However, today’s people exploiting animals too excess has seriously undermines the biological diversity.One particularly good example of this is the hunt for shark fin, in some eastern countries, people’s huge demand for shark fin soups has prompted fishermen to empty the oceans of sharks. Similarly, in Africa thousands and thousands of elephants have been killed for ivory, which has left some species of elephants extinct forever in this world. In order to get rid of these problems, therefore I believe greater regulations about exploiting animals are required.

In conclusion, although the benefits of using animals are significant, given the risks of the destruction of biological diversity. I believe the process of using animal resources must be carefully supervised.


Sample Answer 8:

Animal is one of the living things, like human. Some people believe that animals should be kept and treated well because they have the same rights as human. Other people think that animal should be used for food, clothes, education, and research purposes. From my point of view, animals bring many advantages for human’s life. But it does not mean human can treat them badly and even do exploitation.

As God creature, animals live and they have the same feelings like humans do, like pain, suffering, frustration, happiness, etc. People who advocate about animal rights think that animals are equal as human so they deserve the same treatment.  People must not use animals for their necessity. For instance, using animal on experiment, using for entertainment business, killing them for foods or making clothes and many others is inhuman. These activities not only hurt the animals, but also may destroy the balance of nature. In this case, people with this point of view believe that exploitation and violence in animals are cruel behavior.

In contrast, some people argue that animals are created to fulfill human needs. They have a lot benefits for human life. Firstly, animals can be used for education. Many scientists utilize animals for their research, like biology or medical study. It can really help people to enrich their knowledge about the earth phenomena and also to find new medications for helping the humans. Secondly, animals are really important as food sources. They can provide human nutrition. For example, fishes, crabs, lobsters, and meats are containing protein which is needed for human health.

In conclusion, I believe that animals give many benefits for humans. They can help improving human life, especially provide food. However, people should treat them in good ways. I agree that animals deserve to be treated well but is does not mean that they must be treated as equal as humans.


Sample Answer 9:
Since prehistoric eras animals have been widely used by humans and in different ways to fulfill several needs. They have provided main sources of food, cloths, transportation and other tools largely used for the well-being of human kind. Yet in the modern world, animals still offer an efficient and indispensable mean for scientists to develop killing edge vaccinations. Whether to ban the exploitation of animals in general or to continue profiting from them for the betterment of people’s lives still a matter of dispute. I personally believe that animals’ use in our lives should be strictly controlled.

In favor of securing the same rights as humans, some claim that animals should be treated in a moral and ethical way. They consequently require to stop slaughtering sheep and cows for instance, simply to provision eatable meat. They additionally argue that though animals are driven by instinct rather by brain like humans, they still are living creatures and should enjoy their lives in peace.

On the other side, supporters of exploiting animals for the good of mankind evaluate their use in our lives as essential in different aspects. Firstly it is suspicious that humans may survive by merely rely on vegetable sources of food even though this is not impossible.

Secondly, it would be quite impossible to keep the pace of development in medicine, especially to counter epidemic diseases, if we deprive scientists from experiencing on animals. However, testing each and every new drug on humans is unethical and inhuman.

To conclude, despite the unstoppable voices against the exploitation of animals in general, it would not be easy for humans to evolve without utilizing animals; however humans should control this utilization and regulate it firmly. Misusing animals like in circuses, zoos or illegal competitions should be completely prohibited since those activities are solely aiming fun and mere financial benefits and disregarding animals’ suffering.



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