IELTS Writing Task 2 – Some people think that in the modern society individuals are becoming


Some people think that in the modern society individuals are becoming more dependent on each other while others say that individuals are becoming more independent of each other.

Discuss both views and give your own opinion.


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You should spend about 40 minutes on this task.

You should write at least 250 words.

IELTS Writing Task 2/ IELTS Essay Sample

Sample Answer 1:

Whether we are dependent or independent of each other is difficult to say. In some cases,
we heavily rely on others but in others, we are quite self-sufficient. In this essay I intend to
delve into both views and finally give my opinion.

There are times when we are dependent on others. When we are little, we are cared by
our parents otherwise we would have no access to food, shelter, and clothing. At the same
time, we are emotionally important to them, so they always remember they are
responsible for raising us up. When we are grown up, we start to learn at schools, and then
it is the teachers on whom we rely heavily. When we are employed, we need to work
closely with our colleagues and our employers also depend on our productivity.

We are also independent of each other in many ways. We don’t need to go to the banks.
We can do net-banking sitting at home. We can do online shopping. We don’t need to go
and depend on salesmen. We can entertain ourselves alone by computer games and
internet. We can even study at home through online education and distant education. We
are not dependent on teachers for imparting education. We can book railway and air
tickets online and are not dependent on booking clerks. We can eat ready to eat food
available in the market. We are not dependent on somebody in our home to cook for us.

Whatever arguments we put forth in support of both views, the fact cannot be denied that
man is a social animal and will always be dependent on others. This dependence may be
direct or indirect. When we are seemingly independent, we are still dependent on people
behind the technology. For example, when we do net banking we depend on all those
software developers who have made it possible for us. When we eat ready to eat food we
depend on those who cook and pack that food.

To put it in a nutshell, I pen down saying that we are all part of a society and it is not
possible for us not to depend on others. This dependence, however, may be visible or

Model Answer 2:

People have argued about how human live is in the modern days. A group of people believe that human beings have become more independent these days, but others think that human are more dependent on their kinds. The following essay will discuss about both opinions, but in my personal view, I believe that people have become more independent nowadays.

Several people believe that mankind have become more dependent on each other these days. Due to the globalization, the cost of living in many countries has increased significantly in the past recent years which enforce both husband and wife to work hard, to fulfil their family’s expenditures. As a result, many families are relying on their parents or baby sitter in taking care of their children.

On the other hand, some people think that human are more independent these days. Firstly, due to the rapid development of the medical world, the average life expectancy of human being has positively improved. As the senior people are healthier these days, it means that they are less dependent on their sibling or their children. Secondly, with the existence of electronic household devices, such as washing and drying machine and microwave oven, mankind are less dependent on housekeepers. They could just easily place their dirty clothes on the washing machine or just place the frozen food on the oven, and it will be ready in instant.

In conclusion, many people think that human beings are more independent these days, but others disagree with the statement. In my point of view, mankind are less reliable to others nowadays, since the world has improved in many ways, such as in the medical field and in information technology.

Model Answer 3:

People have different views about whether we are more or less dependent on others nowadays. In my view, modern life forces us to be more independent than people were in the past.

There are two main reasons why it could be argued that we are more dependent on each other now. Firstly, life is more complex and difficult, especially because the cost of living has increased so dramatically. For example, young adults tend to rely on their parents for help when buying a house. Property prices are higher than ever, and without help it would be impossible for many people to pay a deposit and a mortgage. Secondly, people seem to be more ambitious nowadays, and they want a better quality of life for their families. This means that both parents usually need to work full-time, and they depend on support from grandparents and babysitters for child care.

However, I would agree with those who believe that people are more independent these days. In most countries, families are becoming smaller and more dispersed, which means that people cannot count on relatives as much as they used to. We also have more freedom to travel and live far away from our home towns. For example, many students choose to study abroad instead of going to their local university, and this experience makes them more independent as they learn to live alone. Another factor in this growing independence is technology, which allows us to work alone and from any part of the world.

In conclusion, while there are some reasons to believe that people now depend on each other more, my own view is that we are more independent than ever.

Model Answer 4:

It is true that human beings’ lives have witnessed dramatic changes in this day and age. Whereas many people believe that dependence is a new trend in the modern world, others reject this notion, holding a totally opposite opinion. Presented below are several factors that account for the stark contrast between these two perspectives.

On the one hand, there are a number of reasons associated with the reliance on each other in recent years. Firstly, co-operation is a must since our jobs are becoming more complicated and specialised. For instance, in a typical marketing team, there must be a leader, who supervises and delegates the tasks, a plan writer, a researching specialist and so on. No doubt this specialisation brings about various benefits, ranging from time-saving to cost-efficiency, and therefore the ability to work in teams is a common requirement at the workplace.. Secondly, the unemployed rely on state budget. Apparently, recent economic crises have resulted in an increase in the number of the jobless. As a consequence, the gorvernments must provide them with financial support to prevent social instability.

On the other hand, many may argue that people are more independent for certain reasons. The prevalence of the Internet could be one of the primary causes leading to this situation. Thanks to enormous virtual database, people can easily find solutions for their problems without any help. Additionally, the fact that modern citizens tend to live in nuclear families or in small units is another justification. As young adults are encouraged to live individually, they have to make the own decisions. This newborn trend definitely promotes the independence among people.

All in all, whether people are becoming more autonomous or not should be seen in different aspects before reaching a conclusion. However, I think that our independence on each other is far more prevalent and it may retain its popularity in the future.

Model Answer 5:

The world is considered to change a lot day by day. People around the world become more educated than previous days and they are learning how to live on their own to avoid dependency on others.

Firstly, while considering the older generation, they were not educated people on an average, mostly they did not know how to read and write. They needed to take help from others to write letters, legal documents and read letters, newspapers, documents etc. Secondly, older people believed that children should take care of them while they become old. And children also took responsibility to look after old people. So parents were more dependent on children. Thirdly, parents used to pampered children in older generation, for example, mother took care of homes as father worked outside to bring up family financially, so children were more dependent until they graduated from university, even children did not think about doing a part-time job to earn money, since the father took care of financial matters.

On the other hand looking into the modern world or generation, almost all of the people are educated and they do not depend on others to write or read. Older people in the modern world are not dependent on their children. They are planning what to do after their retirement to avoid dependency on their children. However they are considering going to nursing home if they are not well. Parents in the modern world are teaching the children from childhood onwards how to take care of themselves, since both parents working as full time, so that children can learn how to live on their won. Most of the children from 15years onwards are doing part-time jobs to earn and support their expenses.

To sum up, in my point of view, in modern world people are not at all dependent on each other; everybody knows how to live on their own.

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