IELTS Writing Task 2 – Some people think the main purpose of schools is to turn the children into good


Some people think the main purpose of schools is to turn the children into good
citizens and workers, rather than to benefit them as individuals.

To what extent do you agree or disagree with this opinion?

You should spend about 40 minutes on this task.

You should write at least 250 words.


Idea for the Essay

Schools merely turn children into good citizens or workers:

  • schools teach discipline which turns children into effective workers.
    children learn what is right and wrong in school.
  • schools instill the cultural values that are shared by society.
  • skills that enable children to succeed in the job market can first learned in school.

Schools benefit children as individuals:

  • schools help children discover their potential.
  • children are able to choose the subjects that best suit them.
  • teachers are trained to help children understand their strengths and improve their weaknesses.
  • children can develop confidence as a person either through lessons or extra curricular activities.
  • through school education, children are able to develop an understanding about the world in which they live.



IELTS Writing Task 2/ IELTS Essay Sample

Sample Answer 1:

I definitely agree with the statement that the primary aim of schools is to turn the
pupils into good citizens and workers rather than benefit them as individuals. I feel
that schools have to fulfil both things but the primary aim is towards the welfare of
the society and the benefit to the individual automatically ensues.

Schooling can do a lot for shaping children. Firstly, school is a system with so many
possibilities for a child to grow into what he or she actually is. For example, teachers
are able to mould children by identifying their hidden strengths, and the same
strength may later make the child what he actually is in this world for.

Secondly, since children spend a sizeable amount of their time with teachers and a
community of boys and girls from different faiths, statuses and family values – there is
great possibility for a child to undergo a transformation into a good human being.
Teachers are a great force to influence children.

Of course, learning academic subjects is the main aim for what students go to schools.
Definitely, the job market requires professional knowledge the most. But it is also true
that if students become good citizens and workers, they are themselves equally
benefited too.

To put it in a nutshell, I pen down saying that, raising children into real human beings
involves several factors. Among them, the prominent one is good schooling. Schools’
main function is to make students good and responsible workers and the personal
benefit to students also takes place simultaneously.


Model Answer 2:

It is an obvious fact that education is playing an increasingly important role in our lives. But the issue of ‘what is the purpose of school’ has sparked massive debates. All of these debates fall on one side of school should place more emphasis on turning children into a community friendly person, rather than solely focus on personal qualities that serve best to their self-interest. From my perspective, the main purpose of education more likely to be turning children into good citizens that benefit children as a whole.

Firstly, good citizen makes the world a better place. As they focus more on community, society or nation with the respect of others and their property, helping people who are not in a position to benefit themselves. Most importantly, they respect the environment and do not damage it in anyway. All of these add value to create a harmonious community. However, many people argue that the purpose of school to benefit children as individuals could also benefit others in the same community. These people’s lack of responsibility to the society at large because they are after the best for their own rights regardless others’ interest which could cause grave consequences and create burden to society. For example, alcohol abuses, adult who is over the age of 18 is allowed to consume alcohol in some countries, but some people abuse the right that is given. Most of child harm is from either a parent or guardian because the person has been drinking. And there is also a huge impact on young women, who bear a great deal of the burden for other people’s drinking.

Secondly, good citizen not only deliver benefits the community but also benefits to people as individuals. The characteristics of good citizen are of most virtual qualities that a human being is likely to possess, as well as significant to individuals’ wellbeing. For example, tolerance enables individuals to make friends easily. Considerate and patience make individuals good listeners as they listen to the views of others and think about what they have to say. Willingness to learn guarantees the success in their future career. Such qualities could help children to gain credit in every aspect in their lives.

In conclusion, the purpose of school to turn children into good citizen and worker should outweigh the element of benefiting them as individuals. As good citizen possess all the good qualities that an individual should have, in the meanwhile, these qualities consists the fundamentals of creating a harmonious society.


Model Answer 3:

Schools and other educational institutes are considered to be the lighthouse of a nation as they perform the great job of educating students and help build an ideal nation. If education is the backbone of a nation, schools are the places where this is shaped and polished. However, it is a never ending debate whether a school’s main objective is to help children becoming successful professionals or to turn them in to ideal citizens and devoted workers for the betterment of the nation. I agree that schools main purpose should be to turn students into honest and good citizens instead of turning them in to selfish money makers.

First, the main purpose of education is to build up an enlightened nation where morality, honesty and integrity would be the key characteristics of the citizens. They would keep aside their personal ambition and would work together for the betterment of the society and the country. Since schools are the place where education is planted and taken care of, its main objective should to focus on nurturing morality and good human characteristics among the students. What good it will bring to the society if a talented and experience doctor treats patients only for the money he earns? Should not we have more doctors and other professionals whose main purpose is to help others? If we want to have more professionals who would actually help others instead of turning in to money-making machines, we should focus on our education system, especially what we teach our children.

Second, states spend a lot of money to keep the schools and its education system running. A major portion of this spending comes from the tax ordinary citizens pay. From this regards, if schools plan to adopt an education system where teachers’ sole purpose would be to teach children how to be personally benefitted, the whole education system would lose its main purpose. We have to be very careful while educating children. What we teach them in their early stage would become their permanent characteristics and if the schools fail to teach them to become ideal citizens, it would be a great concern in the future.

Finally, personal benefits, memorizing some lessons and getting good grades should not be the main reasons children attend schools. They should be taught the moral lessons as well as importance of education so that they become the citizens we need for a better society. The true personal benefits do not lie on the amount of money we earn rather it is defined by the happiness and morality we gain in our life.

In conclusion, making ideal citizens and dedicated workers should be the true objective of our schools. The greater good of the society, bright and prosperous future of a nation and personal achievements of individuals are connected with the way we teach our children in schools and that is why our education should be focused on morality and quality.


Model Answer 4:

Nowadays, many people realize that education gives beneficial effect for people’s life. Some of them think that primary aim of educational institution creates young people have excellent personality as inhabitants and employers. However some others believe that education simply accord young generation become individualist.

Some parents send their children to school because they think that school could teach kids many lessons through some academic methods which have by appropriate teachers. Moreover, school makes young learners to be good citizens and workers due to they are educated by right person such as educator or tutors who has good competency in particular field. For instance, in Indonesia, several formal educations are given a responsibility to teach their students about vocational and citizenship. Hopefully, young generations have sense of belonging to build and to develop toward nation and country. It appears when the activity of learning and teaching is held by school on Monday, usually students must follow the flag ceremony as manifestation of loveliness. In addition, students might learn how to develop their ability through life skill subjects, so they are ready to face the real life in society.

Some other people argue that school encourages students to compete with their friends to achieve best scores. It might be trigger of them become individualists. Moreover, students might learn independently to face some assignments such as homework and task. As a result, they do not really know how to solve problem appropriately. Then, some students prefer invite tutor or come to course institution to assist them than study together with their friends. It might be positive result for best achievement in academic but this condition could make some students simply focus on some compulsory subjects. So, young learners ignore the value of togetherness among them and they also do not participate in social relationship. This characteristic could influence society become individualists. They simply overwhelm toward own business without really care what happened around them.

In my point of view, the main purpose of school is to turn people become good individual as citizen who is able to compete with the real world is claimed very important to build and to develop for improvement of their states because this could become foundation for particular country. The main key to reach the goal of country needs best education to produce better society that have ability to work and to take part in national developing. Their skills are drilled through excellent education system, so they could be good citizens and workers. If each person has good ability in particular field and governments could empower this potential resource, their country would struggle to reach goal become developed nation.

To conclude, some people claim that school takes an important role to make the youngster to be good citizens and employer. It is true that their skills are trained through some subjects that give benefit for them. I really agree that school change people become good societies and competitive workers rather than benefit them as individuals due to basically developed country begin with good citizens and employers.



Model Answer 5:

People have different views on whether a school’s primary responsibility is to prepare a well behaved citizen or to focus on preparing them as individuals. In my opinion, up to a certain extent, teachers should give more consideration on developing students learning capabilities rather than emphasising too much on moral values.

It is true that, school is the place where the future generations start developing their learning abilities. Only a well-designed and time tested curriculum can import essential information to their receptive mind. At the same time, many parents do not have enough time and ability to teach their child all the necessary subjects, so for them school is the only place where these students can grasp hold on the basic subjects. In future, these students will progress in to the different professions like doctors, nurses and teachers. They will also contribute to economy by making money for themselves and paying taxes.

On the other hand, teachers should work as a role model not a tool of learning. They should encourage children to perform, praise them for their hard work and teach them that failures make us try harder. In addition, school is a place where a child gets exposed to a wider community .So they can also be benefited by learning many life skills like obeying rules, sharing with each other, be patience and tolerant .These qualities will help them to grow up as better individuals and self-confident adults.

In conclusion, I strongly believe that schools should mainly focus on the academics because the education process itself will have a positive influence on students.



Model Answer 6:

Education and the schooling experience have evolved in the wake of new technologies such as the Internet.  This in turn has had a profound effect on the training students receive and the ultimate people they become upon graduating.  It is disagreed that schools today are producing mechanically-thinking workers and refraining from developing students as individuals.  This will be shown by looking at the current changes underway in both modern and traditional school systems.

Firstly, many modern school curriculums are becoming computerized and this is doing a lot to encourage student development as individuals.  Take South Korea, for example.  Traditionally, Korean classrooms were packed with forty students and this provided very little face time between instructor and pupil.  However, under a new government policy, all students are to receive tablet computers to allow them greater opportunity for interaction with their teachers and each other.  In addition to this, these tablet computers also provide access to other learning resources that may cater to the particular needs of gifted or challenged young people.  As this shows, the argument that today’s schools do not benefit pupils as individuals holds little merit.

In addition to this, trends within the developing world are also gravitating towards providing students with individualized school curriculums.  In China, for example, middle and high school youths today are free to select a number of elective courses that allow them to demonstrate their skills in areas they are particularly strong in as well as develop their unique identities.  As schooling continues to become more tailored to the needs of young people, it is difficult to see how the argument that schools do not produce dynamically thinking individuals holds much water.

After looking at how the world’s schools are increasingly making efforts to meet the needs of individual students, it is hard to see the plausibility of any counter argument.  Thus, it is hoped the educational experience of young people will continue to evolve in a manner that meets their needs.


Sample Answer 7:

It is true that the modern education system places too much emphasis on improving the job-worthiness of children and that is hardly surprising. Jobs are important. If they weren’t, job-oriented courses wouldn’t have been so popular among students. As you can probably see, professional courses like medicine, engineering and MBA attract more students than courses like arts or pure science. That means both want schools and colleges to turn them into employable adults.

While it is true that there is an emphasis on making children good citizens and workers, it is wrong to assume that schools don’t benefit children as individuals. In fact, children learn a lot of life-skills from school. Schools teach children to interact one another. It teaches them to respect authority; it nourishes their leadership skills and teaches them how to work as part of a team. Schools also teach children the need to be disciplined. All of these skills are essential to grow into good adults.

I even think that children who receive formal schooling have an advantage over those who are home schooled. That is because the school is a microcosm of the world outside. It teaches kids all the skills necessary to survive in the world outside. What’s more, the advancements in modern technology now allow schools to offer individualized curriculums. Many schools now give students the freedom to choose the courses they want to study. It allows them to demonstrate their skills. Modern technology, which most schools have embraced in a big way, also gives children more opportunity to interact with their teachers and peers.

As schooling tend to become more and more tailored to suit the individual needs of young people, it is hard to see how the argument that schools don’t benefit children individually holds water.



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