IELTS Writing Task 2 – Some people think the main benefit of international cooperation is in protection


Some people think the main benefit of international cooperation is in protection of the environment, while others think that the main benefit is in the world business.

Discuss both views and give your opinion.


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You should spend about 40 minutes on this task.

You should write at least 250 words.

IELTS Writing Task 2/ IELTS Essay Sample

Sample Answer 1:

Today we do not belong to a big planet Earth. We are part of a global village. This has lead
to a greater need for international cooperation in many crucial issues such as poverty,
starvation, environmental protection, terrorism and global warming. Some individuals are
of the opinion that the main benefit of global cooperation has been in protection of the
environment, but others hold the view that the main benefit is in international trade. In
this essay I intend to delve into both views and finally give my opinion.

International cooperation does contribute a lot in environmental protection. First of all
many governments have realized that it is a grave issue and have taken steps to aware the
masses of the simple steps they can take to save the environment. Then, the Kyoto
agreement was signed by many countries in the United Nations Charter that they would
not set up any industry which would emit more than 5.2% carbon dioxide.

The role international cooperation in world business is self evident. Today, we can buy any
foreign brand like Reebok and Nike in our country and our Indian brands like Videocon
have touched the international market. This has brought the economy of developing
countries quite close to the developed ones.

In my opinion, although a lot has been done in both areas, a lot more needs to be done in
the field of environment. The steps already taken are not enough and the governments
need to tackle this issue on a war-footing. The rate at which global warming is occurring
will transform the whole Earth into a boiling pot one day and leave it un-inhabitable.

To put it in a nutshell, I pen down saying that, international co-operation has benefited the
world business much more than the environment.

Model Answer 2:

Nowadays, countries like to maintain strong and healthy relationship with each others for several reasons. Many people argue that environment issues such as global warming, preservation of natural habitat of rare species and detrimental effect of nuclear energy could only be solved with mutual efforts. Others claim that nations join hands in order to achieve lucrative business opportunities around the globe.

There is no denying that global warming is the biggest threat to the environment. That should be tackle on emergency basis, one of the reason is that a large numbers of people are exploring and exploiting natural resources for the sake of their own benefits, which is damaging the environment on larger extent. Many countries have setup organizations that are researching on the causes and will proposed solutions to the problems. They are expecting to form some standards and legislation based on their research that would help on depletion of such issues.

On the other hand, many international food and hotel chains are expanding worldwide that are the source of employment for many people in developing countries. Another big advantage is to get potential labours in cheap rate, for example, biggest giant of information technology ‘Apple’ has all its production in China because of low wages of workers and free if cost electricity provided by the Chinese government, thus tremendously helping both countries, as apple has low production cost and thus have huge profit margins, while people of china are getting jobs and their government are enjoying tax on the development and sales of each item of products,.

To sum up, I would like to say that international cooperation is essential for the mutual benefits of countries, thus has significant positive effects on their economy and also create new horizon of opportunities for their people.

Model Answer 3:

Currently, when borders between countries have gradually become blurred for the purpose of cultural and economic exchange, international cooperation has been reinforced within various industries. There is a fierce debate over who is the primary beneficiary of such collaboration. While some experts vote for world business, protection of environment is supported by others. Views on this issue vary greatly.

To start with, one point which I believe to be vitally important is the fact that the establishment of emission trade scheme hinges on multinational cooperation. It is generally accepted that some major pollutant countries endeavor to minimize their waste emission by trading permits of emission with countries without such needs to emit toxic gas, which not only effectively curbs the proliferation of over-emission, but also strengthen the ties between the main polluters and other countries for the sake of balanced emission strategy. Furthermore, international collaboration plays a significant role in addressing severe environmental problems in the impoverished regions over the world. There is a wide range of source of funds dedicated by the affluent nations in order to facilitate the environment campaign and the construction of essential infrastructures. Therefore, domestic environment indeed benefits from these international aids and donation.

However, cross-border cooperation in terms of commerce and business has also contributed to international market boom. One salient example of this is Apple company, apple, as the most creative and productive manufacturer of smartphones, implements its supply chain by utilizing Chinese labor. Apparently, there is no doubt that the labor and manufacturing cost will be reduced substantially. Thus, it can be clearly seen that multinational business highly profits from such collaboration, especially at the labor and intelligence (managerial personnel) level.

By way of conclusion, I firmly believe that cooperation among different nations is a key to succeed for both environment preservation and international business. Since the Internet and digital devices tend to flourish, an increasing number of people as well as companies would take advantage of it and make tomorrow better.

Model Answer 4:

We live in a global village where international cooperation is the key for achieving several global goals, particularly improving environment and boosting trade and commerce. However, some people believe that global concurrence contributes chiefly to protecting environment. In contrast, others oppose that and infer that the collaboration expands business globally. In my opinion, it benefits to extending business more than protecting environment.

It goes without saying that international cooperation plays a paramount role in environmental protection. In fact, environmental issues are transboundary in nature. So, domestic step alone is not sufficient to fully address environmental issues. Here, the nations are exchanging improved sets of climatological, meteorological, and environmental satellite data in order for quelling the environmental concerns. In addition, the developed countries share eco-friendly technologies with developing countries. These sophisticated technologies improve environment substantially.

Similarly, international collaboration has changed the business landscape radically. It fuels the potentials of trade and investment on a global scale. Global cooperation entices nations to sign trade pacts through economic diplomacy is the driving force for expanding trade and commerce worldwide. Besides, the affluent nations invest on infrastructural development in developing countries. This also greatly contributes to the expansion of international business. Apart from that, the wealthy nations supply technologies that also contribute to the expansion of business. Most importantly, international cooperation overcomes cultural differences, language barriers, tension between nations, and so forth, which by consequence boosts international trade and commerce.

In a nutshell, international cooperation plays a vital role in protecting environment and expanding international business. While it greatly contributes to protecting environment, the predominant benefit of it is worldwide business expansion.

Model Answer 5:

Since the inception of the United Nations the term ‘international co-operation’ is creating a buzz. This is made clearer with the number of organizations sprouting-up supporting international alliance. On the one hand, it is believed that saving the environment is the main advantage of tie-ups between countries. On the other hand, it is argued that intercontinental business is the major benefit of world co-operation. Both arguments will be critiqued before reaching a conclusion.

It is felt by many that international coalition helps to curb environmental pollution. For example, Kyoto protocol was signed by 191 countries to work together to halt the progression of climate change. Now, these countries work harder to reduce the emission of green house gases from industries and vehicles. Also, they are introducing stricter rules and regulations to manage the environmental issues. This example clearly shows that collaborative approach aids in nature preservation. It is easy to see why this argument has amassed a lot of support.

Others believe that global co-operation contributes to the development of trade. For instance, American company, Apple markets iPhone all over the world. Flexible trading regulations have made it possible. Moreover, business outsourcing has created more jobs for people in developing countries. This illustration proves the perks of global symbiosis on world commerce. Thus, this concept is hard to ignore.

After analyzing these ideas, it is believed that international synergism contributes impartially towards the development of world business and environmental conservation. Undoubtedly, these collaborations would bring in changes in other sectors as well.

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