IELTS Writing Task 2 – Some people think the government should pay for health care and education


Some people think the government should pay for health care and education, but other people claim that it is the individual’s responsibility.

Do you agree or disagree?


You should spend about 40 minutes on this task.

You should write at least 250 words.


IELTS Writing Task 2/ IELTS Essay Sample

Sample Answer 1:

Nowadays, health care and education have become the focus of the people’s concern. It is a
highly debated issue as to who should pay for these services. There are those who argue
that the government should pay for them while others think the costs should be shouldered
by individuals. Personally, I think that basic health care and primary education should be on
the government but advanced health care and higher education should be borne by the

It is irrefutable that it is the government’s responsibility to make basic health care and
primary education accessible to everyone. The reason is that a nation’s prosperity very
much depends on the contribution made by its well-educated citizens who are in good
health. After all we all pay taxes and so we are entitled to get something back in return.
Private schools and private hospitals can be available for those who want and can afford it
but the free schools and free government hospitals should always be there.

On the other hand, individuals should be responsible for their advanced health care.
Actually, the advanced medical and surgical treatments are very expensive. So, instead of
depending on government we should take some health insurance or save in any other way
with the tomorrow in mind. Higher education, too benefits the individual more than the
nation. So it is quite reasonable to pay for it from one’s pocket.

There are, of course, some sections of society who cannot afford their own healthcare. The
government should have some system of knowing their financial status and provide free
healthcare so that nobody dies for want of treatment. As far as higher education is
concerned, the government can have some system of interest free loans for the needy and
meritorious students.

To sum up, basic education and primary education should be borne by the government but
advanced health care and education should be paid by the individual from his pocket.


Model Answer 2:

Nowadays most countries in the world have set up public hospitals and schools for residents’ overall health and improvement. Yet the disagreement is never stopped, as the opponents insist that it is not the governments’ responsibility to do so.

Public medical care and education is of great importance to individual physical and mental wellbeing, especially for those from less wealthy background. To be precise, not everyone can afford the whole family’s medical consumption and children’s tuition fees. But only people with healthy body and healthy mind have the capacity to contribute to the country’s development. Obviously, a nation’s prosperity cannot rely on minor rich residents, who can pay for their own health care and education, alone. In addition, governments’ tax revenue comes from all social status. It indicates that all citizens have equal rights to enjoy operations and schools paid by governments and governments should support them.

However, it is not realistic that government is responsible for all spending of residents’ health care and education. Decisions regarding the level of government’s investments should involve the concern of a country’s economic situation. In other words, it would be a significant financial burden if such expenses took up too much of government’s budget. Accordingly, it is not reasonable to require government to take all responsibilities. For example, Chinese government can only support children free primary and middle school education, in regard to the more than 1 billion population.

Personally, I believe that people have the equal rights to accept public health care and education, and it is sensible and fair to arrange that. By doing so, citizens’ overall well-being can be guaranteed; hence these educated people are all able to contribute to the country’s development and society’s peace and harmony. However, it is not government’s responsibility to pay for a huge population’s college and all the health care spending, since it is not realistic to do so. In that case, the charity, or other public organisations can participate in this project as well.


Model Answer 3:
As people have paid taxes to the government, it is believed that they should be provided with free healthcare and qualified education. However, others disagree with the statement, as they think that each individual should be responsible for his or her own health and education. The following essay will discuss about both views in details.

On the one hand, many people believe that it is the government’s responsibility to provide standard healthcare and decent education to their people. As people have paid income taxes, property taxes, value added taxes and other kinds of fees to the government, these funds should also be beneficial for the people as well. Some of the budget should be allocated to fund medical activities and educational programs. Having a lot of educated and healthy residents brings many benefits for the government, as there are a lot of skill and productive labors in the country who would develop the country’s economic sector.

On the other hand, some people believe that health and education is a personal matter as it is the responsibility of each individual to maintain own their health and education. They disagree if education and healthcare should be funded from the taxes. They think that it is unfair, because some people might be working hard and paid a large amount of taxes, but others might be indolent or jobless and get the same benefits from the government. Therefore they believe that healthcare and education should be standalone institutions, and each people should pay for getting good education and maintaining their own health.

In conclusion, to a certain point I would agree that it is the government’s task to provide education and healthcare for their people, as some poor people might not be able to get good education and decent healthcare. However, although these services might be provided by the government for free, each individual’s must be responsible for their own education and healthcare, as these services are funded by taxes that are paid by the public.


Model Answer:

The recent issue of whether or not government should be responsible for citizens medical care and education is aroused considerable controversy. Some individuals suggest that government should support all the basis needs of its citizen. While others not welcome this oppinion. As for me, I firmly agree with the former.

Admitteddly, It is widely accepted that individual themselves should take the responsible for taking care themselves in any way, no matter in educational or medical aspects. Due to China own the biggest population in the world, the government is not has capability to give efficient and effective help in this respect. Furthermore, especially we should take the limitation of financial funds and social resources into serious consideration, after that, we will realize that we cannot count on our government and must work hard for paying the bills for our personal education and treatment.

However, considering the government is possess in political power and sufficient sources of education, it should be provide services to meet the needs of individuals’s education and medical care. Moreover,the government is established in the tax payer’s money, it is seemed to be reasonable if the government do its best to trying improve the infrastructure of our society, to some extent, providing free education and health care are no longer a choice for government, it is a must. In addition, Governments are has duties for protecting its citizens profits and providing excellent services to the people who live in.

All in all, based on the above discussion, I highly comfirmed the idea that government should play an essential role in give more educational opportunities and better medical care to the citizen rather than individuals themselves


Model Answer 4:
In today’s world health care and education are two most important parts of people’s life. Further, without proper education and sufficient health care system a country can’t develop. However, the government has the responsible to create a healthy nation.  Personally I believe that the government should provide basic needs to create healthy life and an educated nation independently.

Everyone prefer to have a fascinating life, but we cannot do whatever we want.  Therefore, we have sacrificed some, such as, drugs, tobacco, alcohol, and junk foods etc.  for healthy life. In the present days people are busy with their day to day work. As a result majority of them are not having well balanced diet and some of them take instant foods or junk foods. They do not concern health and also it will cause many diseases in future.  For example, obesity, diabetes etc  Further, from young age everyone should concern about their health. Especially people not only should think about physical but also consider about mental health.

That is why the government should provide better health care and education for all citizens. The government is created by the taxes form valuable workforce of their country. Therefore, government has responsibility to offer them free health care facilities, heath education programme: such as healthy diet, clinics or hospitals for free medicine, etc. Further, government can use social media to distribute health and education programme. Because, nowadays majority of people are connected in social media. For example facebook, twitter etc.  In addition, government should implement such a law in order to increase well balanced lifestyle. For instance, due to the overpopulation of China, they have limited only one child for one family.

In conclusion, when I consider all given points it is clear that only the government cannot make healthy nation. Therefore, individual person should have concern to prevent future health issues. However, the government should enforce such a law in order to increase our standard of lifestyle and also provide basic needs to the people who are expected from the government. In fact, in my opinion is the government and individuals are both responsible to make healthy nation.


Model Answer 5:

A healthy and educated society is the backbone of any successful country; deciding who is to provide this, however, is a sensitive topic. I strongly believe the government should be held responsible for providing these services for two reasons. Firstly, the entire society benefits and secondly the whole population is paying for the services. However, if one prefers extra services they should be prepared to pay for it themselves.

Firstly, education is largely considered a basic right. A population unable to calculate, read, write or even learn would be doomed in a competitive global economy. Globalisation has increased competition and shifted the emphasis to knowledge, information and science. A state education should, therefore, be freely available to everybody. However, if people wish to purchase private education, this should also be allowed or even encouraged. Private education reduces the strain on public services and provides a source of tax revenue for the government, in effect, subsidising state education.

Secondly, health services must undoubtedly be available to all because the entire nation is paying taxes and, therefore, should not be excluded from any service. Take the NHS in the UK, for example; this organisation caters for the entire population, and no private medical insurance is needed. Unfortunately waiting lists can be long and service is occasionally slow; therefore, some purchase private medical insurance for a faster service. This reduces the workload of the public sector.

To conclude, I believe both healthcare and education are basic fundamental rights, necessary for any advanced society and, therefore, the responsibility should lie with the government. Nevertheless, if individuals require more than the standard level, then they should be prepared to pay for it.

Model Answer 6:

It is not a secret that one of the most vital responsibilities of a government is to take good care of its citizens, including their health and education. Public spending on these two specific domains is, therefore, enormously advocated by a multitude of taxpayers. On the contrary, some people argue that paying for medical care and education is not a unilateral duty of the government, but rather should be shared with the public. Despite the two contrasting views, it is the author’s belief that there are valid reasons for both parties to jointly share such financial burden.

On the one hand, it is not an exaggeration to say that there are still a significant number of impoverished families who cannot afford basic medical support and a decent education. It is often that these people earn a meagre income that hardly sufficient to pay for expensive tuition, which prompt their children to attend tertiary institutions. Meanwhile, the cost of visiting a clinic, hospitalization or medical drugs is frequently out of the reach of these poor households. Thus, governmental aid in paying such fees is of utter need and highly appreciation.

On the second hand, admittedly, there are people who shirk responsibilities and over-exploit the free money given by their government. For instance, there are cases where healthy adults of a particular society avoid work, and thereby forgo their contribution to the government’s tax income. These fellows rely heavily on government support on medical care and education and take that assistance for granted. On these scenarios, it is reasonable and moral to exclude such lazy and irresponsible people from receiving public helps.

As suggested above, education and healthcare services are of primary importance to citizens, and the government has the responsibility to ensure that those services are available and affordable. However, it is not to say that the government should bear the costs of all health care and educational services that the citizens currently enjoy.

Model Answer 7:

Despite the development of modern society, the health care and education still remain the basic rights of citizens. And a much debated issue these days is whether or not the government should be responsible for citizens’ health care and education.

Some people argue that it is the government that should be obligated to fund the health care and education for citizens. This is because citizens enjoy the right to live in a harmonious and stable environment, which should be enabled by the government, the leader of the society. If citizens had no access to health care and education, their physical health and psychological soundness would be at risk. As a result, such people might fail to get cured in time, thus influencing their working efficiency, which would destabilize the production of the industry. Also, without sufficient guidance of teachers, these citizens might misbehave or even commit crimes, posing a threat to other citizens’ security. Therefore, the government should be accountable for citizens’ health care and education to keep society safe and stable.

On the other hand, some people oppose the argument, saying it is a waste of public money for the government to subsidize health care and education of each citizen in society, since a great number of people, in fact, have had the capacity to pay for the both privately. Instead, the government should give priority to more pressing problems related to social members’ wellbeing, such as soaring crime rate, AIDS epidemic or the shortage of infrastructure, which are requiring financial resources from the government to address.

Personally, I think the government should fund the deprived for their health care and education, who are the group in real need for the authority’s help. At the same time, citizens available for the both should encourage the government to allocate money to more urgent areas. After all, the harmonious society calls for the joint efforts of the government and citizens.



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