IELTS Writing Task 2 – Some people think that the government should decide which subjects students


Some people think that the government should decide which subjects students
should study at the university, while others think that students should be allowed to apply for the subject they prefer.

Discuss the two views and give your opinion.

You should spend about 40 minutes on this task.

You should write at least 250 words.



IELTS Writing Task 2/ IELTS Essay Sample

Sample Answer 1:

University education is very much needed nowadays to compete in the global village
of today. Some people are of the opinion that government should choose the
disciplines that students have to study at university. Others opine that the choice of
subjects should be given to the students. Both situations have their merits and
demerits which I shall discuss in this essay followed by my opinion.

If the government chooses the subjects it would naturally be taking into account the
job sector. There would be lesser unemployment as the government knows which
sector has job vacancies and would suggest only those subjects. It has been seen that
there are many job vacancies without qualified people and many qualified people
without jobs. Therefore, the number of people working in various job sectors will be
balanced and it would be more efficient for students to find jobs after graduating from
the university. Secondly, it would help those students who find it difficult to decide
what career to pursue.

On the other hand, if students choose the subject then they do well in it because it is
of their interest. They excel in their field and when they enter the job market they do
well in their field. Moreover, there are lesser drop-outs of universities which is
common if students are forced to study what they don’t like. This also instils a sense of
responsibility in the students when they make a decision about their subject because
they know that their whole future rests on that decision.

Taking everything into account, I believe that it is more preferable for pupils to select
their subjects in the university themselves. The government can play a role in
promoting some subjects by providing funding to those who take up those subjects.

To put it in a nutshell, I pen down saying that there are merits of both situations but
on the whole it would be better to leave the choice to students to select their subjects
as there would be lesser drop-outs and they would excel in their field.



Model Answer 2:

It is crucial for university students to choose what major they are going to study in the future. Personally I think students should go for the majors decided by government.
Students who choose the courses selected or encouraged by the authorities may get employ easily in some industries where labors are needed. Government collected data of the labor market regularly in order to tackle the problem of labor shortage, so they know what labors are exactly the labor market looking for. For instant, students may be required to major in environmental technology, because the government wants to pay more attention to reduce the pollution, so these students can acquire a job easily compared to students who follow their interests and major in courses like music and art.

What’s more, choosing the courses decided by government may probably let those students gain some fiscal allowance given by the government to support their expensive university annual fee. Because some majors are really hard to learn and students rarely choose them, but are in a high demand.

On the other hand, some folks hold a view that students who study their favorite subjects can be excellent at job-seeking and find employment facilely. Because their studies are driven by their interests, so they may possibly devote more time in acquiring more knowledge. For example, an art student who loves art may spend plenty of time on a single painting so she may potentially become a virtuoso of art. On the contrary, students who have picked the government suggested programs may be unsuccessful because they cannot motivate by their majors and difficult to concentrate on their education which lead them to a dilemma of employing.

In my opinion, I agree that students should take courses suggested by the government because it will help graduates get a job less hardly. Take Internet technology as an example, policymakers knew this industry is so thirst in getting more engineers that students who followed government’s guidance studied IT will be sought-after at the labor market. Besides, taking government suggested courses not only benefit your own career but also accelerate the development of our own economy as well as the society.
In conclusion, before students choosing majors by interests, they should try to analysis what the society needs and which field is worth devoting.


Model Answer 3:

People have different views about how much choice students should have with regard to what they can study at university. While some argue that it would be better for students to be forced into certain key subject areas, I believe that everyone should be able to study the course of their choice.

There are various reasons why people believe that universities should only offer subjects that will be useful in the future. They may assert that university courses like medicine, engineering and information technology are more likely to be beneficial than certain art degrees. From a personal perspective, it can be argued that these courses provide more job opportunities, career progression, better salaries, and therefore an improved quality of life for students who take them. On the societal level, by forcing people to choose particular university subjects, governments can ensure that any knowledge and skill gaps in the economy are covered. Finally, a focus on technology in higher education could lead to new inventions, economic growth, and greater future prosperity.

In spite of these arguments, I believe that university students should be free to choose their preferred areas of study. In my opinion, society will benefit more if our students are passionate about what they are learning. Besides, nobody can really predict which areas of knowledge will be most useful to society in the future, and it may be that employers begin to value creative thinking skills above practical or technical skills. If this were the case, perhaps we would need more students of art, history and philosophy than of science or technology.

In conclusion, although it might seem sensible for universities to focus only on the most useful subjects, I personally prefer the current system in which people have the right to study whatever they like.



Model Answer 4:

Some people think that students should take the subjects which are decided by the government in the university.Others think that students can apply for the subjects they prefer.Discuss both views and give your opinion?

There has been much debate revolving around the issue of whom determine the courses taken by the students at schools.Some people assert that students can select courses on their interests while other individuals argue that the government in the university should decide the subjects.In this essay,I will compare and contrast two typical opinions regarding this issue.

Convincing arguments can be made that it is significant for students to choose courses by themselves.To start with,not all the students have the same capability to learn average level courses in the university.Therefore,intelligent students may apply for high-level courses depending on their own ability without wasting time in classes.Moreover,it is impossible that every student is interested in the same subject in university.Specifically,due to character and environment,different students are equal to different interests.If every student in university learn the same subjects,the ultimate character of students will be harmed sooner or later.Lastly,it is without saying that interest is the best teacher for a student.In other words,interests will cultivate students to think independently and critically in their study.

Admittedly,students can benefit from the subjects which are decided by the government in the university.The reason for is that the government has the experiences to decide subjects for their students.Obviously,the government decides the subjects because of the requirement of the society.Nevertheless,the government only designs the courses which only include theoretical knowledge without practical skills for students.For instance,in Nanjing university of Chinese Medicine,students who are in the psychology department only learn theoretical knowledge on consulting psychology without practical skills.Consequently ,it is useless for students to learn outdated knowledge on subjects.

On the basis of the above factors,my conclusion is that subjects should not be decided by one side.More importantly,I am convinced that subjects decided by the government in the university should combine with students’ suggestions.It is better that every student has their own individual schedule in one term in the following years.



Model Answer 5:

The past few decades have witnessed the significant development of our education system. Students, especially teenagers go to school to acquire knowledge through all designed subjects. Some would argue that instead of studying all the courses, teenagers should have the right to choose what to learn based on their preferences or specialties. In my opinion, young students should learn all the subjects.

All the subjects provided at high school are crucial for students in terms of their future development. To be specific, subjects designed in high school are usually fundamental knowledge and basic principles. These basic knowledge is the cornerstone which can be applied by teenagers in the future when they pursue their education in university. For instances, an individual who took a class of physics will build his or her knowledge on top of that and further conduct new research in the field of physics. Moreover, since high school education offers a variety of classes, ranging from social art to science and engineering, it allows young students to cultivate more personal interests. The youth who are young and naive, have little understanding of the world, which will in turn set a limited scope of their interests. However, by learning all subjects in high school, students are able to enrich their knowledge so that they will have interests in more disciplines. Besides, a wide range of courses helps students to prepare for the job market. Despite the fact that they only know what they like to do, students have no idea what is required by the job market. Schools, on the other hand, have the ability to conduct surveys and research of the demand of job market. Therefore, schools designed subjects will more likely to ensure the youth going to the job market well prepared.

Those who oppose my statement may claim that students will be more motivated if they have the right to choose which subjects they study. This argument seems true at the first glance; nevertheless, it is unreasonable. Students can also be efficient when schools can provide a well designed curriculum. In addition, without the proper guidance of the teacher, students are likely to select those subjects which are easy to pass. As a result, teenagers are getting more and more lazy and may even develop a negative attitude toward those difficult subjects.

In summary, students should not be given the power of selecting courses according to their own preferences.



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