IELTS Writing Task 2 – Some people think that good health is a basic human need


Some people think that good health is a basic human need, so the medical service
should not be run by profit-making companies.

Do you think the disadvantages of the private health care outweigh the advantages?

You should spend about 40 minutes on this task.

You should write at least 250 words.



IELTS Writing Task 2/ IELTS Essay Sample

Sample Answer 1:

Private health care institutions and the government hospitals are at present two major
sources of medical service for the public. However, some people suggest that medical
service should not be operated by profit-oriented private companies. Personally, I
don’t agree with them because the advantages of private health care far outweigh the

Undoubtedly, private health care services can bring a lot of benefits to the people. For
example, when you have any medical emergency, you get instant treatment. You
don’t have to wait for long hours as in a government hospital. Moreover, private
health care institutions, generally, specialize in particular health care service like
nursing, midwifery or dental service. These places provide friendly and personalized
service and high quality professional medical treatment.

Furthermore, the competition provided by these institutes is the driving force for
improvements. Because of private health care institutions, the government owned
ones are forced to take measures to better their management, which eventually
benefits the public in the long run. What’s more, the private health care institutions
are playing a big role in remote areas and rural areas where also they provide services
through mobile van hospitals.

On the other hand, there are some disadvantages too. The cost of treatment in these
is very high and is not within the pocket of many. Then, because these hospitals have
the latest machines and employ the best doctors, the cost of running them is high and
so sometimes an unnecessary battery of tests is performed which raises the cost of

To put it in a nutshell, I pen down saying that private health care is absolutely
necessary. They provide the best services and so deserve to make profits. However,
there should be some provision for keeping a check on unfair practices used in such


Model Answer 2:

Health is a right for every person. Humankind believes that health is a predominant part in people’s life and earning profit is unethical way for medical services to take benefit from people who have suffering. I firmly believe that the drawbacks are greater than the positive effects in this issue.

Needless to say, good health care is available to everyone which should be free. Private health care is more likely to be unfair due to the fact that only wealthy people can afford the cost of health services. The most noticeable is that this condition will be a trigger to create social gap as rich people stay in special rooms which have advance technology opposite to poor people. Moreover, they will shorter waiting list for appointments and operations for faster treatment. On the other hand, poor people tend to wait in long period and it causes their condition worst. In consequence, societies will do not same quality of care and treatment especially people who live in marginalization.

Despite the negative impacts of private medical treatment. It also has benefits such as people have their decision to chose secondary service for specific disease and they can be easy to take a special treatment to make short their recovering period. As a consequence, people will be more effective to address their health problems.

The aforementioned evidence examines that private health care brings tangible positive impacts, even its only contribute small effects. Where possible, government should focus on this condition to make medical treatment free for all human, and equity in health treatments.


Model Answer 3:

Good health is of paramount importance for the normal functioning of the human being . It is essentially a basic human need. The national success is gauzed by the health of its people. Hence , Some people believe that the government should run the medical services rather than profit making companies however some refute this. This essay will analyze the demerits of privatization of medical services as this concept leads to polarization of medical services and also dilution in medical expertise.

Firstly, privatization of medical services leads to polarization in society . The rich people can afford the services while the poor sector of society can’t because of economical restrain . This would be unfair on the humanitarian ground and will result into lot of social problems. To avoid this , government should spend its maximum GDP on its health care . Take the example of NHS in UK , which is a biggest role model of health services in the world and its running successfully over the years .NHS takes care for everyone irrespective of their economic status. Thus , government should be responsible for medical services rather than profit making organizations.

Secondly, the top priority of private organization is to run hospital business successfully. In order to fulfill their goals, they don’t mind to charge exorbitantly to patients. Moreover, it is observed that doctors in private sectors are not competent and experienced enough as compared to public sectors . The profit making companies are least bothered about research and development in medical fields. They tend to focus on pomp and show rather than real medical needs. On the other hand, Public hospitals are more dedicated to health care and research and development.

Following the analyzation of above facts, it is clear that the disadvantages of profit making companies are more as compared to its advantages. Hence replacing public hospitals by private hospitals is not a fancy concept and I assume that government will take concrete steps by contributing more GDP for health services.


Sample Answer 4:

Good healthcare service is a fundamental need for every citizen in a country and when this sector is run by money making private organizations, it is clear that the government provided healthcare service is not up to mark and need improvements. I believe that when the healthcare service is owned and run by some bunch of money-makers, mass people would suffer to a great extent and this policy has far more demerits than few advantages it offers.

First, when government incapable of providing sufficient treatment and hospital facilities, the healthcare sector is then turn in to a profitable business sector for many private organizations. Those private organizations’ main objective is to make money and thus only rich citizens can accommodate their treatment. Since the government does not have any control over the treatment facilities of these hospitals and healthcare centers, they charge people as much as they like. Thus they make the overall health care system expensive in a country.

Second, the private healthcare centers are often accused of overcharging and wrong treatment and yet they are not punished for the misdeed they conduct. Many people opine that private healthcare centers and hospitals are far more neat and clean and have more qualified doctors. However, should not those doctors be treating in public hospitals instead of making money? Thus the professional ethics of doctors are ruined by their practice in private hospitals. Furthermore, government collects huge amount of tax from its citizens and should be obliged to provide healthcare services to people for free rather than letting private hospitals loot people.

In conclusion, better environment and more doctors and nurses in private hospitals are often considered as the great advantages for the patients.  However, the amount they charge for treatment is outrageous and mass people cannot afford that. Government should ensure proper healthcare facilities for all of its citizens and quality public healthcare service is a better solution than allowing private companies control this important sector whose sole objective is to make profit.


Sample Answer 5:
Some people argue that basic human need for health care should not be met with the service of private companies. I suppose their opposition to privately-run health care.

It should not be denied that there are some drawbacks to government-provided health care. The costs of a government-run health-care system increase the burden on taxpayers. The number of people who request medical services is also likely to rise because government-run health care is much cheaper than private, profit-making health care, or even free of charge .People would go to hospital more often and the waiting time for medical services would become very long.

Despite the above arguments, I believe that the disadvantages of privately-run health care outweigh those of government-run health care. Private health-care provides care more about profit than patients` health or safety. To increase profit, some employment in private health-care companies may try to make minor illnesses seem serious in order to have the patients believe that they should pay for expensive treatments. Private health-care providers also tend to exaggerate the effectiveness of their services. Even if all private companies could tell the truth and treat their patients responsibly, the price of their services would be too high for low-income patients, This is likely to result in serious inequalities in access to health care.

So overall, although a government-run health-care system may increase citizens` tax burden and make the waiting time for medical care longer, I believe that citizens` need for health care should be met by government-run medical service rather than by private-run medical service.


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