IELTS Writing Task 2 – Some people think that criminals should be given longer terms


Some people think that criminals should be given longer terms in prison, so as to reduce the crime rate.

To what extent do you agree or disagree?


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You should spend about 40 minutes on this task.

You should write at least 250 words.


IELTS Writing Task 2/ IELTS Essay Sample

Sample Answer 1:

There are many different opinions on the best way to reduce crime. In my opinion, long
term prison is the only answer in a very few situations, but in most cases education,
vocational training and rehabilitation are better.

Long terms in prison are the only answer in case of criminals who are a risk to the society,
such as murderers. They cannot be made to mix with society. There are also mentally insane
people such as serial killers who should be kept away from the people. In all other cases we
can do without long terms in prisons.

My first argument against longer terms in prisons is that in traditional prisons, people learn
a lot about crime and so when they leave prison they will commit even more crime. In other
words prisons act as universities of crime. So for petty offenders like shop-lifters and pick-
pockets should be given some vocational training and education. It is a well not fact that the
basic causes of crime are poverty, illiteracy and unemployment. So, if we provide education
and job training then we would be removing the causes of crime. If criminals are
rehabilitated by some form of employment then they would certainly not re-offend.

Furthermore, the prisons are expensive to maintain. The government can spend that money
on other important matters such as education and healthcare. This would ease some
burden from the government’s shoulders. The petty and minor criminals can also be
employed in some community service projects after providing education and vocational

To put it in a nutshell, I pen down saying that we should hate the crime and not the criminal.
To fight crime we should focus on the causes of crime. Education and job training help to
rehabilitate the criminals. Longer terms in prison are not the answer to fight crime. Focus
should be on reforming the criminals.

Model Answer 2:

Crime is a serious and growing problem in most societies. Although many people believe that the best way to tackle this is to place people in prison for longer periods, others are of the opinion that other measures will be more effective.

There are benefits of giving offenders longer prison sentences. Firstly, spending a long time in prison provides an opportunity for the prison services to rehabilitate a prisoner. For example, someone who has committed a serious offence such as assault will need a long time in prison in order to be sure they can be re-educated not to re-offend. In addition to this, longer prison sentences will act as a deterrent for someone who is thinking of committing a crime.

However, some people argue that leaving people in prison for a long time means that they will mix with other criminals and so their character will not improve. One alternative is community service. This gives an offender the opportunity to give something positive back to society, and so it may improve their character. Also, the government could focus its resources on the causes of crime, which would lead to less crime in the future.

In my opinion, it is important to look at alternative methods. Many countries have lengthy prison sentences, but crime has continued to increase throughout the world, so it is clear that this is not completely effective. That said, long prison sentences should remain for those who commit serious crimes such as assault or murder, as justice for the victim and their family should take priority.

To conclude, there are good arguments for and against long sentences, so governments must continue to research the various methods of crime reduction to ensure effective policies are in place.



Model Answer 3: 

The rising crime rate, one of the most sensitive issues, needs to be thoroughly dealt with by the government. In recent years, a voice is raised up among the general public, suggesting giving longer imprisonment to convicts in order to play an alarming role in reducing the crime rate. However, it is believed that there are a variety of other measures that can also effectively alleviate this situation.

It has been proven that a stricter punishment toward outlaws exerts a significant influence over lessoning law-breakings and maintaining a harmony in society. For instance, the government of Singapore has been always using strict regulations to prevent people from committing crimes. Individuals, no matter citizens or foreigners, will face very serious punishment if they break the law. Therefore, it helps the government with providing a safe and stable environment for its residents.

However, along with giving criminals longer sentence, it might come with an issue of prison overcrowding. It costs the government an enormous amount of money to manage inmates and maintain a good living-condition based on their rudimentary rights inside jail. In addition, criminals who spend more time in prison left their family without taking care of, creating a range of social welfare issues, which would also bring society some negative effects.

In order to maintain a lower crime rate in a more sustainable way, there are other measures worth to adopt. First of all, lawbreakers who have committed a minor degree of crime can be punished to engage in community labour or service. It is not a wise idea of sending all of them to jail without reconsidering how serious do the crimes that have been committed damage our society. If the result of crime is minor and the intention was not essentially so evil, it is unnecessary to give prison sentences. Furthermore, education or psychological counselling also plays a vital role in rehabilitating inmates and preventing individuals from re-committing crime. Educating Criminals the abilities to make a living through rehabilitation program will effectively help them re-establish self-esteem, thus they are able to recover and function better in society.

In conclusion, to give criminals longer term of imprisonment is a potential crime deterrent that individuals will think twice about the serious consequence before committing crime. However, the negative effects of longer imprisonment need to be taken into account, thus other alternatives, such as community service and rehabilitation program will also help lower down the crime rate.

Sample answer 4:

In the modern century, the world suffers from the increase of crime rate throughout many nations. This eventually breeds the fear of innocent civilians and forces them to demand for stronger punishment on those who committed a crime. Some insist giving prisoners longer prison sentence, and others insist alternative ways will be more effective and I lay my thoughts alongside of the alternative ways as well.
There are many benefits of sentencing offenders longer prison period. The longer the criminals who committed serious damage to others such as steal, violence, arson and murder are separated from the society, the higher the chances of the innocence being safe increases dramatically. During the time in prison the offenders will have an opportunity to get them rehabilitated through many services available inside. For instance, they could reflect their own behaviour and educate themselves the way not to re-offend once they are released. Moreover this long period of prison sentence will work as a deterrent to future criminals.
On the other hand, others argue that there are more effective ways to reduce crime rate. They insist that sparing their life after committing serious crimes involving one’s life will be only wasting the tax that citizens paid. Hence to sentence to death will show a powerful warning to other, which result in a stiff drop in crime rate. In my opinion, these people can be of the service to the whole community during their imprisonment. The labour force from these criminals will be a great contribution to the societies. It does not imply that these violent and dangerous people will be released and walk around the inner city freely. They will be under heavy supervision. For example, they will be tied to the heavy chains and placed in construction sites to assist the building companies or they could be working as farmers when harvesting season comes.
To summarise, there are clear grounds both for and against long imprisonment. Thus the government must protect innocent lives from brutal and reckless criminals by researching the best method out of all these fine arguments.


Model Answer 5:

Nowadays, crime is serious and growing problem in our country. Some people think every criminal deserve strict punishment because they need to pay for what they did.The other people thinks they should in better way as not all criminal are bad. I will discuss on both aspects .

There are benefits of giving offenders longer prison punishment. Firstly , spending long time in prison provides an opportunity to rethink what they did .For example, if some one did the crime than he or she should provide re-education in prison so that he/she realize his/her guilty. I saw one culprit who done some crime. But when he came back from prison it totally change .Now he is doing job and living with his parents. He look like a gentle no one say after seen him that he did that serious crime . Secondly, If offenders are in prison which is far from society there might be possibility of reduction of crime in society.

However , some people are against that leaving people in prison for long time means they will mix with other criminals so their character will not improve. If they mix with other criminal than they get bad information and the higher possibility it is for them to imitate of criminals. As a consequence they become serious criminals and will cause damage to society. Sometime culprit do some minor crime such as stolen some minor thing.Those people should not provide long time in prison sentence.To exemplify ,I have one experience in my life during winter session that I boy stolen T-shirt from shop because he don’t have much money to buy cloths. So I think those type of people should not be put on prisons they should put NGO.

In a nutshell , I concede Government should make one community which check the crime of culprit .Long prison sentences should remain for those who commit heinous crime such as murder and rape.

Model Answer 6:

Crime levels have been increasing at an exorbitant rate in the recent decades. The methods with which to curb the rising levels of crime are often a debated topic. Some argue that the best way to reduce delinquency is to give longer prison sentences, while others contend that there are better alternatives to tackle this epidemic. Both sides of this debate will be analyzed in this essay before a reasoned conclusion is drawn.
On the one hand, many believe that handing out longer jail sentences is the right measure to be employed, this makes sense as the main purpose of such punishments is to deter individuals from committing crimes in the first place. For instance, Saudi Arabia, where ramifications for committing a crime are much harsher than the rest of the world, has much lower crime rates than even the most developed nations. This example illustrates the fear that harsher sentences can instill in the hearts of potential criminals. Hence, it is obvious why this point of view has garnered support.
On contrary, some argue that there are better alternatives than longer prison sentences such as educational programs and community services. Take a study conducted by a non-profit organization in my area, for example, which found out that people become more empathetic after spending time with people from disadvantaged backgrounds. As a result of this increased sympathy, people are less likely to commit heinous crimes. Therefore, it is comprehensible why this is a popular opinion among many.
After musing upon both sides of this argument, it is felt that a balance should be struck between handing out longer prison sentences and other measures. It is hoped that felony rates will be decreased in the coming years and world will become a safer place to live in.



Model Answer 7:

Some people argue that a prison is a place in which serious criminals should be served out their sentence . And also they do not believe in educational programs running in prison. I think this is partly true due to the following reasons.

Prison has been established to maintain offenders to receive sentence. Even in the past, there were categorized among offenders to keep them in a proper place. Today we encounter various crimes from assassinate to kidnapping to computer crimes. It does seem that we cannot keep an assassin with a hacker or a serious criminal with a petty criminal. Meanwhie,it would be better for some crimes such as computer hacking, offenders serve out some social programs rather than to be hold in prison.

However, I think training course assists offenders as well as a society. They learn some skills that bring a sense of fulfillment to a prisoner, opening up a greater chance for criminals to find a job when released. This helps offenders to return a normal life and reduce the risk of recommitting. And also it is likely that taking control of those prisoners, who their time already have been filled by education programs, is much easier than those who are deprived of such courses.

To sum up, I agree with this point that prisons should be deal with serious crimes. They also need to run some courses such vocational courses to be to the benefit of prisoners. This opens up opportunities for offenders in their future lives as well as helps wardens to have a better control on them.


Model Answer 8:

Some people is in the opinion that longer imprisonment is the most effective way to cut down crime rate, while others think that several measures can be taken which would motivate a person to act legally and refrain him or her from doing any crime. In this essay I will examine both points of view and state my opinion.

With regard to the longer sentence in jail, people believe that it is the best way to combat crime for various reasons. Firstly, if there is strict legislation about every crime happens in the society then people would be scared to be involved in any kind of wrong deeds. It means that a person would think few times before committing any crime and eventually back up from doing that crime. Furthermore, when people are aware of receiving long imprisonment, they merely would do anything which goes against the rules and regulations of the country.

However, I do not believe these arguments stand up to scrutiny. To begin, government can implement several alternate practices to ensure its citizens are safe and there is less crime in the society. Imposing a heavy fine on criminal act rather than punishing a person for long time in jail sentence would be an acceptable alternative. Because of the intimidation of this fine People would try their best to abide by laws as they know that they can even go bankrupt. In addition, if government could reduce poverty and unemployment then it would in turn decrease the crime rate as most people commit crime out of hunger and joblessness.

To sum up, although some people argue that longtime punishment in jail is the most appropriate way of lowering the crime rate, I would argue that there is sufficient evidence to prove that this is not the case. Therefore, several steps should be taken by government to improve the condition of the society by limiting crime to a large extent.




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