IELTS Writing Task 2 – Some people think children’s spending time on TV, video


Some people think children’s spending time on TV, video and PC games is good, while others think it is bad.

Discuss both views and give your own opinion.

You should spend about 40 minutes on this task.

You should write at least 250 words.

IELTS Writing Task 2/ IELTS Essay Sample

Sample Answer 1:

While it may be disliked by many, the modern game industry is a part of our world. From its
humble beginnings in the 80s, the video game industry has exploded into a 10-billion dollar
empire. It is a debatable issue whether these games are good or bad. In this essay, I intend
to delve into the pros and cons of these games and finally give my opinion.

There are many advantages of video, PC and TV games. To begin with, video game playing
introduces children to computer technology. Secondly, some games provide practice in
problem solving and logic e.g. Age Of Empires. Video games have proved to improve visual
skills. They also improve motor and spatial skills. Children who play video games have better

What is more, these modern games make learning fun. The cost of failure is lower. This
encourages risk taking and exploration. If the kid gets the answer wrong or their character
dies, they just start the game over and try again. Finally, some games have therapeutic
applications. Watching TV also is very educative for children.

On the other hand, there are some disadvantages of these technological inventions. Firstly,
overdependence on these games leads to social isolation as these are usually played alone.
Secondly, some games have violent characters and seeing their violent acts leads to
aggressive behaviour in children. Moreover, these games can confuse reality and fantasy.
For example, when children play car racing games then they may race their own vehicles in
real life which can lead to accidents. Finally, many games do not require action that requires
independence and creativity.

To put it in a nutshell, I pen down saying that on the whole these games are very good and
certainly their advantages outweigh their disadvantages but these should be played in
moderation. Parents should limit the game playing time and see to it that home work and
chores are done before playing

Model Answer 2:

Nowadays, parents have to make a tough decision about how much time their children can spend with the electronic devices such as television, video and computer games. With good reasons, some people question that children are now too addictive to these devices. Others, however, make a convincing argument that modern technologies can help improve development of children. I feel that the best approach is moderation.

Firstly, it is obvious that too much TV and games will have an opposing influence. As children are at impressionable age, the questionable contents on TV and computers are definitely not suitable for their age group. Therefore, parents should commit their guardianship to help their kids distinguish right from wrong.

Moreover, staying in front of screen will also reduce the time that should be spent outside with family members and friends. This will cause children lack of physical exercises on one hand, and indulge them in the virtual world and become isolated from the real world on the other hand. So parental guidance is critically indispensable to control and limit these ubiquitous devices.

That is not to say that children are not allowed to access to these items at all. Watching TV, for example, can help broaden the horizon of children dramatically; surfing on the Internet will help expand the knowledge and keep in touch with teachers and classmates with social media tools. But to be honest, parents should shoulder the responsibilities to set the boundaries and make sure that the contents are appropriate.

In sum, it is not reasonable for parents to refuse the modern technology into the family completely; meanwhile, parents should also remember to guide their kids. Only by doing so can we ensure that children can fully harness the great power of the state-of-art facilities to help them grow up in a reliable environment.

Model Answer 3:

In this modern world, technology is used by peoples in every ages, included children. Moving pictures, colorful, and a great sound effect are something that really interesting for children. As the result, today’s children spend much time on TV, video, and PC games. Some people believe it is good for them while others believe that is bad. Both of view has their own analysis for this case.

First of all, TV, video, and PC games are one of modern education tools. Nowadays, many software developers work together with education institutes to make a game, video, or computer program for children. For instance, Edu games, this application is targeted for three until fourteen years old children. The children can play a lot of games that challenged their curiosity by given them many cases. Another example is “Seriously funny kids” TV program. In this program, the presenter, Heidi Klum, is interacting with the children, such as dancing together, making a little talk show, or cooking together. These kind of shows can build children’s character and give them a knowledge from the professional hands.

Secondly, the children who spend much time with TV, video, and PC games are losing their time to socialization with others. If there is no control from parents, they will addicted to play with their game, and does not want to play outside with their friends anymore. If these happen for a long time, these children will became a passive person and have a lack of health. They will easier to get sick because they seldom do body exercise. Another consequence is children with this habit usually have to take a sunglasses from an early ages because the screen radiation is not good for eyes. From these it, we can not full agree to let our children spend much time on these technology.

In my opinion, that is fine if the children spend much time on audio visual technologies because those technologies has many benefits but still, children should play outside more than spending time in front of screen everyday. It depend on each family, if their parents does not have a time to control their children watch, than it is must be a rules that have to make to border the children’s play time.

In summary, Let the children spend much time on good show or games technologies will add their knowledge and build their behavior. Nevertheless, it is can make the children addicted and impair their health. Children has their right to know the expansion of technology, but in their ages, they do not know the importance of they do, so this is our job to direct them. It is always be a parents ways to control their children.


Model Answer 4:

Entering into the age of information technology, individuals discover that their lives are predominated by electronic devices. Therefore, nothing has been so much debated as the impact of such devices on children. Some are of the opinion that spending time on TV, video and PC games is good for children, whereas other are opposed to this. Personally, I agree with the former.

Admittedly, these technological innovations impose negative influence on the younger generation to some extent. To be specific, they may cause physical damages. For instance, suggested by medical professionals that a long time exposure in front of the TV screens will possibly hurt the eyes of children, leading to problems which may affect their choice of future careers. Moreover, so attracted by the colorful and moving images, such as cartoons and games that kids will be encountered with difficulties to concentrate in their studies, work and even lives.

Nevertheless, reaching the conclusion that such technologies do harm to the youngsters does not necessarily mean that they have no positive impacts. In fact, children can benefit from the technologies listed above. It is not uncommon to witness the phenomenon that kids before going into preschools learn how to speak, sing and act because of their imitation from TV, video and PC games. Without these devices, it would be hard for parents to teach their children at such early ages. Thus, it is the development of science and technology that support families in terms of rising the next generation.

In addition, not only can TVs and other electronic equipment support exploiting kids’ potentialities at an early age, but also disseminate information and knowledge when they grow up. That is to say, these equipment are both informative as well as educational. For example, through watching the domestic and international news on TV, youths can acquire basic understanding of current affair which broadens their horizon and shapes their world views. Furthermore, some PC games involve solving mathematical questions that encourage and promote the interests of learning. Hence, if there were no such modern technologies, younger students would not be so sophisticated and knowledgeable as they were today.

In conclusion, equipment, such as TVs, videos and PC games are double-edged, fostering learning interest while threatening physical and mental well-being. However, as far as I am concerned, under direct supervision of their parents, children can benefit from such devices.


Model Answer 5:

It is true that the technological devices like TV, video and PC ( i dont think these are devices)  games are more and more popular to children and becoming an controversial issue. While I accept that these kinds of entertainment have some benefits to for children, I believe that there are also many negative effects to them.

On the one hand, it is undeniable that modern entertainment have a variety of good usages to children. First of all, they provide many images in different fields which children couldn’t see in person. A typical example is that the channels about wild animals and the nature such as discovery channel. They also learn a lot from the creative shows to make toys, gifts… which are very interesting and suitable for their creation. Futhermore, playing games helps children improve the quick skills and imagination. Secondly, watching TV, or playing video, PC games are good ways to relax after a hard-working day at school. This action also keeps them safe from the danger circumstances, especially when their parents are not beside.

On the other hand, there are many disadvantages of TV and computer games as well. Admittedly, spending too much time on TV or video, PC games will take children out of the real society and also be harmful to their health. According to a recent research, the fattigue in children usually comes from the children who sit in front of televisions and computer too much so that (so much that, is that what you menan?) they don’t go out to play sports and do excercise. This research also presented that these games will affect the ability of eyes, and reduce the focus skill of children. Neverthless, children can be addicted by games, especially the violent games. In China, a sixteen boy killed his grandfather because he had been thought that he was the character of a gunning game.

In conclusion, there are convincing argumens both for and against the children who spend time on TV, video and PC games, but I believe that we can get more advantages than disadvantages if we ensure that our children use these devices properly.

Comments: overall, your essay have answered the questions and presented a clear opinion on the issue. there is some inappropriate use of a less formal style at times (contractions for example). i think the range of vocabulary is satisfactory, although it is quite restricted. there is attempt to use a wide range of complex sentences, however i think the structure should be more various. grammatical errors do occur, but these are not frequent.

Model Answer 6:

It is true that watching TV and playing computer or video games have become main leisure activities for children. While I accept that these activities can sometimes have a positive effect on kids, I believe that they are more likely to have a harmful impact.

On the one hand, TV shows and video games can be both entertaining and educational. Children are enabled to have fun in the learning process and facilitate their intellectual development. From an educational perspective, these programmes and games encourage imagination and creativity, as well as concentration, logical thinking and problem solving, all of which are useful skills in the future real life. Furthermore, it has been shown that computer simulation games can improve players’ motor skills and help them prepare for real-world tasks, such as driving a car.

However, I would argue that TV and gaming can have a negative influence on children. TV shows and video games are designed so vivid and attractive that not only kids but even adults are much easier to get addicted to them. Physically,hours spent in front of a monitor are harmful on the eyes and in turn kids do not have enough time to engage in outdoor activities which are crucial for their physical growth.Also,mentally this type of addiction islikely to make children isolated from the real world, they may lose the ability to make friends and socialise in a normal way. Moreover, the violence and questionable content coming on the screen could influence young people’s behavior, as they are impressionable.

In conclusion, it seems to me that the potential dangers of watching TV and gaming are more significant than the possible benefits.

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