IELTS Writing Task 2 – Some people think that children should obey rules or do what their parents


Some people think that children should obey rules or do what their parents and teachers want them to do, but others think that children controlled too much cannot deal with problems well by themselves.

Discuss both views and give your own opinion.


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You should spend about 40 minutes on this task.

You should write at least 250 words.

IELTS Writing Task 2/ IELTS Essay Sample

Sample Answer 1:

Young children are beginners. They have lots to learn and one of the biggest lessons they
must learn is how to behave or act in an acceptable manner. So, they need rules. When
young children have rules, they know what is expected of them. However, the extent to
which children have to follow rules is a very sensitive issue. In this essay I shall discuss the
benefits of imposing rules on children and the negative consequences of having too much

Firstly, rules of behaviour create responsible and respectful children who in turn mature
into respectful adults. They know the value of respect for elders. They know the importance
of relationships. They know about their cultural values as well. This forms a stable society
which is virtually free from vices such as prostitution and drug abuse. It would be wrong to
say that having rules mars the problem solving ability of children. They, in fact, face
difficulties in a more mature and disciplined way. They are not lured by peer pressure and
refrain from acting on impulse.

However, if too strict rules are imposed on children then they may become rebels. They may
start doing just the opposite of what is told them to do. What is more, they may show
abnormal behaviour. They may fall into bad company or resort to drugs because of
frustration. Finally, imposing too strict rules destroys the individuality of children. They may
withdraw into a shell. This may suppress their creativity and as a consequence, they may not
be able to deal with problems well by themselves.

What is important is that parents and teachers should learn where rules are needed and
where it is necessary to give room to the children. Having absolutely no rules and letting
children do whatever they wish to do would also be wrong. They are not mature enough to
solve all problems and they have to be taught their limits.

To put it in a nutshell, I pen down saying that parents and teachers should impose rules on
children but they should know where to draw the line. They should be flexible and modify
the rules according to the circumstances.

Model Answer 2:

With the development of modern society, education is playing an indispensable role in people’s life, which is why education issues can always attract public attention. The issue whether children should follow the way their parents and teachers designed for them or children should be allowed to have more freedom to do what they want has raise hot debate. In my opinion, children can benefit from facing problems by themselves with the help of their parents’ and teachers’ advises.

Child who addresses problems by himself instead of under parents’ control are more likely to grow up as a individual with responsibility. As when they in front of problems, not only should they consider the way to tackle problems, which makes them thing independently and creatively, but the consequences of their conduction would also be in their consideration. Besides dealing issues on their own, sometimes could give the enthusiasm to study more. Hence, they may have the chance to realize their aptitudes. Also, the challenge can help them explore their potential and offer them inspiration to address problems creatively.

On the other hand, there might be some merits for children who follow their parents’ and teachers’ rules. It is obvious that most of problems children have today are the same ones their parents had, so children would save plenty of time, if they just take parents’ order, which also makes them safer in some respects. However, since the modern world is changing in a incredible speed, it is most likely that a vast number new problems will appear in front of today’s children.

To sum up, in order to make our children a creative, responsible individuals, they should be given the chance to deal with problems alone, parents and teachers should not be their controller, but their advisers.

Model Answer 3:

Many parents want their children have a discipline and obey to their say. They want their children become a success man in the future as like as their need. Others think that give the children a freedom make them more creative and brave. This problem always happened in our family.

The parents will be happy if they have obedient children who always say yes for their commands. There is no protest to their parents order. That’s all parents need today. They hope, with their education method will make their children become discipline and obey to the rules. This is will be stocked until they adult and getting married. So that way, with this characteristic, not breaking the rule, they become successful in their career and society. This method is sounds like strong to our children., but this goals is good. Do not imagine that the children always got angry and hit from their parents. Educating the children with high discipline, it is not mean educating them with violence. There are many parents give more rewards when their children did what they say. Sometimes the parents give all what their children needs, because their discipline.

Other side, many parents think that children should be controlled too much. They say it can give bad effect to the children in the future. The children who got too much controlling from their parents and teachers, do not have freedom to expression. They usually doing anything very carefully because afraid of mistakes. They also always obey their parents or teachers say, usually accept it without more questions. Many facts, the children are what their parents and teachers need. They do not have more creativity, because depended to their parents and teachers. So that way, they usually only copy their parents or teacher life not come from their passion.

In conclusion, I believe that children who obey rules and do everything as their parents and teachers say is best choice, because I realize that parents or teachers give the best things from them to the children for their best future. Anything that parents and teachers give to the children are based on their mistakes in the past time and have goals to avoid the children will get it in the future.


Model Answer 4:

Children are considered the builders of a nation. So, our future depends on true parenting of the children. But when it comes to the issue people are split in their opinions. Some people contend that children should obey the voice of their parents and teachers. While others refute the notion that children are controlled strictly, and argue that children deserve freedom so that they can learn how to deal with problems. As both the arguments have their merits, I believe the combination of the two approaches can bring better result in raising children.

To start with, children should follow steps as suggested by parents and mentors. The proponents of the argument want the children to learn to respect authority. They argue that it is utterly important, because this is how children can understand their proper role in life. Everybody has some kinds of authorities, and teaching youngsters to submit to those authorities from the tender age will be conducive in the whole span of their lives.

On the flip side of coin, the champions of children freedom plead that children are not supposed to be robots blindly following either parents or teachers. Children should learn for themselves what is wrong and right, and need to demonstrate their personalities. They contend that if children do not know how to deal with problems for themselves, they, then, indeed will not able to solve a unique problem any may always depend on others. They cannot stand alone. So, they must be critical at what they are to be said. A healthy dollop of critical thought is utterly important in children’s moral parenting.

All things considered, it seems reasonable to assume that both the approaches are handy, but what we need to do is to mix the ways in a proper proportion. A perfect match of freedom and control is extremely critical in children upbringing, I believe.

Model Answer 5:

Parenting and guiding children for their better future are quite complex tasks and people have different opinions on parenting styles. Some opine that children should always obey the rules imposed by the parents and should follow teachers’ instructions. On the contrary another group of thought says that children should be given some freedom and too much stringency from parents and teachers could actually ruin their life. This essay delves with the both view points and finally express my own opinion.

On one hand, parents and teachers usually set some rules for the children and they expect the children to follow these rules. In most of the cases parents and teachers set rules that are helpful and beneficial for the children. For instance, I can recall that my mother always expected us to wash our hands before eating any food. Sometimes we felt quite bored to follow this instruction. However we now know that it was quite a good habit that our mother instilled among us. Similarly there are many other rules that our parents wanted us to obey only because they were good rules and we, as children, had little idea about the negative consequences of disobeying them. Another example is the time when I wanted to watch carton on TV in the evening but my parents wanted me to go out and play some sorts of sports with other kids. At that time it was quite an abhorrent activity for me but now I can realize how this rule has actually helped me to have a sound health. Thus not all rules set by parents and teachers are meant to dominate the children but to actually help them grow properly.

On the contrary, it is quite hard to believe but actually true that many parents ruin their children’s life by being over protective and being abusive. If a father beat a child for silly reasons and a mother constantly follows and investigates what her teenage child is doing, that will surely have a negative consequence. Children who are always pressurized by rules and regulations from their family members often end up being timid and hesitant. They lack many important characteristics in their adult life and psychologists often attribute criminal activities due to abusing parents and teachers in childhood. Furthermore, if some sorts of freedom are not given to the children they often cannot expose their true potential in life. Again, severe punishment from parents and teachers can harm children’s ingenuity and can turn them into immoral person.

Considering both of the views I personally think that parenting is a complex task and it determines the future of a child. Thus parents and teachers should not be too much rigid about rules and regulations as it would diminish children’s creativity, respect and potential. On the other hand some beneficial rules should be there as children often fail to understand the importance of discipline, value of time and hygiene. Wise parents and teachers know the type of rules they should impose to the children and what they should be flexible about.  Teachers and parents should be friendly to a child in most of the time and in some cases should be strict for the betterment of the child.

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