IELTS Writing Task 2 – Some people support development of agriculture, like factory farming


Some people support development of agriculture, like factory farming and scientific creation of fruits and vegetables, while others oppose.

Discuss both views and give your opinion.


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You should spend about 40 minutes on this task.

You should write at least 250 words.

IELTS Writing Task 2/ IELTS Essay Sample

Sample Answer 1:

Yesterday’s fiction is today’s reality. Such colossal developments have taken place in
agriculture which we could not even think of earlier. It is a highly debated issue as to
whether the growth of this industry is a blessing or a curse. This essay shall delve into the
merits and demerits of these developments.

On the positive side, farmers now have a wide range of selection, in terms of seeding,
irrigation and use of pesticides and fertilizers. Secondly, technology has saved people from
tedious work and in the mean time increased the production markedly. All this is needed to
meet the demands of the burgeoning population.

Furthermore, genetic modification of foods has given us such species which need little or no
insecticides and no fertilizers. The quality of food has also improved. For example, fish gene
has been added to tomato to make it frost resistant. A nut protein has been added to soya
bean to increase the protein content. Finally, factory farming, in which animals are fed
nicely so as to increase their meat, is also the need of the hour.

On the downside, such technology has reduced the need for manpower and many people
are now jobless. Moreover, factory farming is considered inhuman. Animals are tightly
packed in cramped spaces and this may lead to many diseases. Genetic modification is also
considered unnatural and as it is relatively new, people are also concerned about its long
term harmful effects. Last but not least, the rich countries can use this technology and
further increase the gap between the rich and the poor.

To put it in a nutshell, I pen down saying that as every garden has weeds, such
developments have their pros and cons. We should know where to draw the line and take
maximum advantage of this technology minimizing its harmful effects.

Model Answer 2:

A group of people believe that scientific approaches and advanced technology in agriculture activities brings a lot of benefits for societies, while others still maintain traditional ways. Both views have their own advantages and disadvantages, and the following essay will discuss in details, but in my personal opinion, I do believe that the old fashioned ways is better.
On the one hand, many farmers are using technology and scientific approaches on managing their farms these days. They believe that by using technology such as tractors and dozers, or using advanced chemical fertilizer, it will increase their productivity. However, many people do not realize that the usage of these advanced technology approaches have side effects on many things. For example, many fruits and vegetables that use pesticides have caused allergic diseases for human beings. And then, the over usage of pesticides in farming has made pests became more immune and made the ecosystem became imbalance.
On the other hand, some farmers are still using the old fashioned ways. They manage their plantations using traditional tools such as using cows, horses and traditional carts. And they prefer to use natural seeds, rather than using special seeds, which was created by scientists. Although the productivity of these farms is definitely lower, they generate healthier foods for mankind. As a result, many people prefer to purchase organic fruits and vegetables nowadays, as they realize that qualities of these organic foods are better than the industrialized ones.
In conclusion, it is a fact that some farmers are in favor of using advanced technology and scientific approaches in handling their farms, while others still use the traditional ways. Both approaches have their own benefits and drawbacks, but in my opinion, traditional ways are still better than the modern one, as organic foods are healthier for consumption.

Model Answer 3:

In the present age, agriculture innovations are playing significant roles in our daily life.But in the meantime, whether people reform agriculture has sparked much debate.Some people assert that they can benefit from the expanding in farming factories while others argue that developing agriculture has an adverse effect on them. Personally, I am in favor of the former.

Convincing arguments can made that agricultural innovations can make people achieve a greater standard of living than before. To start with,there are amount of vegetables and fruits in the market with factory farming.Therefore,it is convenient for local residents to buy fresh vegetables in daily life.Moreover,an increasing number of new types of vegetables and fruits is coming in the supermarket or market.Specifically,people can improve their meals in the lunch and supper to digest more nutrition with new types of vegetables and fruits. Lastly, developing agriculture has a beneficial effect on farmers.In other words,the measure taken by the related department to promote the development of farming benefits peanuts.The farmers can profit from the policy.

On the other hand,colorable arguments can made that the development in agriculture has side effects on society.The reason for this is that the quality of new types of vegetables and types which are created by the biologists in the laboratory cannot be guaranteed at this time.Obviously,adverse effects about creations of new types of greenstuff had been reported in the media three years ago.Even so,factory farming has made a contribution to the living of farmers.For instance,farmers have achieved a higher standard of living and eating than before without doing heavy work to support their families.

In summary,I would concede that transformed-gene food,to some content,has not been guaranteed by scientists.Despite that people can benefit from the development of farming.Overall,I am convinced that government should invest more money in the farming area to improve the life of farmers.

Model Answer 4:

As far as agricultural development is concerned, along with rapidly scientific development and population increasing and global climate change. Agricultural produce is now facing a big problem with lack of food, which is becoming more and more serious and there are many reasons for it.

My opinion is that those factors have caused some problems of food. Some people try to scientifically create food and earn benefits. It also can solve the problem of food shortages. However, these ways may cause some problems. People consider these ways to be an impact on traditional agriculture, and also the scientific food may be unfavorable to people’s health. Traditional agriculture can’t compete with factory farming, because their skill is behind those factories and it affect their income. Confronted with these agricultural questions, we should take a serious affective measures to cope with this serious situation.

Nowadays, more and more people beginning to become aware of the seriousness of the lacked food. Agricultural creation of food has become a hot topic among people, and heated debated are on there ways. Some people hold the opinion that scientific creation of food is superior in many ways. Others, however, disagree. The most obvious reason for this phenomenon is that some scientifically create food may hurt human’s health, such that it may affect people’s DNA, cause diseases and so on.

Everything has twos sides and the scientific food is not exception. It has both its advantages and its disadvantage. It is an urgent for people to seek an answer to this serious argument. If people are blind this point, they could suffer the serious consequence in the future.

Model Answer 5:

In an age of overpopulation, many agriculture methods that have been unthinkable before can now be adopted, such as factory farming and inventing new types of fruits and vegetables. Many stand for this, whilst many others oppose it. Personally, I believe the relevant advantages override disadvantages, and my reasons would be explored as below.

Proponents argue that traditional agriculture has always been slow and lack of efficiency in mass production of food, which is already a serious problem in many countries. In comparison, factory farming can be very profitable since we can just get rid of the impact from climatic factors and pest invasion, thus every drop of nutrition can be utilized for every grain of food. Besides, new varieties of plant created by geneticists, like more high-yielding crops, can be the root solution for the starvation and malnutrition worldwide. Besides, with the technology of greenhouse, the production of green vegetables and fruits is always available in all seasons. By this way, people can have well-balanced and healthy diets even in so-called “bad periods”, including winters or springs in which traditional plants grow up barely.

Opponents list the harm of factory production of agriculture, ranging from genetic disaster to the overuse of fertilizers. For them, the concern of natural and organic food is above all other factors, they can even ignore the high price of fruits and vegetable, only if they are organic and grown in the field, that may mean safety even to the genetic level.

I personally agree with the former. As we can easily see, human population has been explosively growing in the last half century, much faster than any period of history. Traditional modes of agriculture may be just too slow to monotonous to fulfill the appetite of us. Ergo, the trend from the field to the workshops just cannot be resisted.

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