IELTS Writing Task 2 – As most people spend a major part of their adult life at work, job satisfaction


As most people spend a major part of their adult life at work, job satisfaction is an
important element of individual well-being. What are the factors that contribute to
job satisfaction?

How realistic is the expectation of job satisfaction for all workers?

You should spend about 40 minutes on this task.

You should write at least 250 words.



IELTS Writing Task 2/ IELTS Essay Sample

Sample Answer 1:

It is irrefutable that job satisfaction is an essential element, if not the most important
one of individual well-being. Obviously, there are many factors which influence one’s
job satisfaction directly or indirectly. In the following paragraphs I intend to delve into
the factors that contribute to job satisfaction and discuss how practical it is for
workers to expect job satisfaction.

Undoubtedly, to make people enjoy what they are doing, certain basic expectations,
which are the prerequisites, should be met the moment they start working. A decent
income definitely tops the list of one’s expectations for it’s the money you earn that
ensures a quality life. Money is needed for everything in life and until a person has the
basic necessities of life he can never be satisfied with his job.

However, money alone cannot ensure complete satisfaction from work. Job
satisfaction is also very important, which will, in turn, bring many benefits such as pay
raise, promotion and also appreciation and recognition from co-workers or even the
whole society. Job security is another important factor. Sometimes a secure job is
preferred over a one which has a higher pay package. There are many other factors
like a relaxing working environment, a harmonious relationship with colleagues and
perks like bonus and free travel opportunities.

Admittedly, it is difficult, if not impossible, for all employees to become satisfied with
their job completely even if what employers offer is reasonable. If there is job
satisfaction, there may not be a good pay and if there are good chances of promotion
then there may not be security. Therefore, both employees and employers need to
strike a balance between expectations and responsibilities and make the work life
more fruitful.

To put it in a nutshell, there are many characteristics of a good job and it is not
practical to expect everything in one job. One has to make a compromise at some
point or the other and employees should also consider what they are capable of doing
before making expectations.



Model Answer 2:

It is believed most of the adults’ lives are spent on their workplace, therefore many people think that job satisfaction is an essential matter for them. There are various factors that affect job satisfaction and the following essay will discuss in details about some of the factors, and whether that the factors are realistic or not.

There are some points that influence job satisfaction. Firstly, many employees believe that they are satisfied with their careers since the tasks are in accordance with their passions. They think that the work that they are currently doing is aligned with their talents and they are performing well. Secondly, some employees believe that they would be satisfied with their jobs, if they are paid with the expected compensation and benefits. They are being realistic that salary is also a trigger to their work performance. And lastly but not least, a lot of people believe that conductive working environment would also affect on the job satisfaction.

Some people are idealistic persons and they are willing to work hard in the task that is in accordance with their talent. This kind of thought is realistic since working is not just being paid, but it should also be meaningful and satisfying. As for the compensation and benefit, it is a fact that human kinds are never satisfied with their earning. The idea that employees would be satisfied with their jobs if they are paid high is just not realistic. Salary would only satisfy them for a certain amount of time and after that they will ask for more. And as for the conductive working environment, it would be difficult to find the ideal environment. Every workplace has its owned unique culture and style; therefore the workers should adapt and adjust themselves to the working environment.

In conclusion, it is true that adults are spending a lot of their time at work, therefore jobs satisfaction is an important thing. There are several factors that contribute to job satisfaction, but some are realistic while others are just not.


Model Answer 3:

Some people live to work, and others work to live. In fact, job satisfaction depends on the job have and the conditions under which they are employed. In this essay, I will explore some main contributing factors that make a job worthwhile and how it is realistic to all employees.

The prime element leads to job satisfaction, of course, is money. In fact, virtually all workers consider salaries or wages as a first priority to find a job or evaluate how good someone’s job is. However, this is not all. Another main factor could be promotion. To specify, employees often long for opportunities to be given a better position in a company. Additionally, there are also those like perks, such as free lunch or company car, an incentive schemes give increment above the rate of inflation or sickness benefits when employees fall ill and company retirement schemes all combine to make job satisfaction.

Unfortunately, the expectation of job satisfaction for all workers would be far reaching. By this means, it is hard for every workers to find a job including all contributing factors like above. Moreover, in many circumstances, employees maybe even face up with other adverse working conditions. Unsociable hours jobs, for example, in which people often work late into the night which in turn makes them easier to have working-related disease. As well as this, other employees also have a lot of pressure and worry because their jobs are very demanding, as a result, they are likely to suffer from stress-related illnesses.

Overall, in my view, job satisfaction could be attributed to money, promotion and other incentives. To benefit from jobs, there is no need to find a job including all contributing factors like above, but let them find a job which suitable for their purpose.


Sample Answer 4:
People are expecting to contribute a large proportion of their adult life into their career, especially when the retirement age has been postponed in many countries. Job satisfaction is the most determinant element of individual well-being because of its significant role in people’s lives.

There are some widely recognised factors that are considered having positive effects on job satisfaction. First of all, whether the job is desirable can largely affect how satisfied people will be when they are doing the job every day. For example, as a horticulturist, having the opportunity to work in the best garden nursery in town would give me a very high job satisfaction. Secondly, and also equally important, the salary can influence people’s job satisfaction significantly. Although, in theory, job satisfaction is not suppose to be measured by the salary; in reality, a decent income enable people to meet their needs, which otherwise would be unmet. The dissatisfaction from the unmet needs could easily balance out the satisfaction gained from work. Moreover, the work environment and relationship with colleagues are both notable factors that would contribute to job satisfaction.

Job satisfaction is so important to everyone; however, it is not realistic to believe that everyone has it. The workforce is getting more and more competitive that it is hard to land a job that is both desirable and well-paid. It is inevitable that some workers have to compromise their desires and needs to secure a position in this fierce job market.

To sum up, the nature of the job and the income generated from the work affect the job satisfaction significantly. It would be dream if everyone feels highly satisfied with work, but it is not the case in reality due to the hardship of securing a position in nowadays labour market.


Sample Answer 5:
Most of the people do jobs to earn money for their livings. There are various reasons for many people to do jobs; like, some people do job to spend the time, some for the salary, some to utilize their skill and to gather more experience and some for social status. People even prefer to do job rather than looking after their family business because they don’t like the business. This is why job satisfaction became more versatile to many people who are engaged in job.

There are various reasons along with the above stated factors which are related to job satisfaction. For example, some people are engaged in such a job, that they don’t want to do but they couldn’t find any other suitable work. This creates dissatisfaction in their mind. Beside this, in many cases dissatisfaction creates due to the surroundings, workplace and ego. As an example, the first job of mine was in City Bank head office which was very much neat and clean. Whenever, I entered into the office it gave me peace in my mind and a positive inspiration to work. Moreover, the colleagues around me were also very much friendly and helpful. That is why I barely could make a difference with my home. But, when I joined in Prime Bank, I found that the employees are not taking to me in a friendly manner as I expected. Their expressions were some sort of rude to me. To overcome the issue I tried to make them easy through various efforts like appreciating their work, offering them a treat after office hour, engage them in sports activity etc.

Finally, what I would like to say that it is not possible for every person to get satisfaction in their job. The main reason is there are various type of people works in same place and all do not have the same mindset. Some people will be helpful, some won’t be. So, it is very much unrealistic for every worker to experience satisfaction in job. Some people may have good experience; some people may have bad experience.


Model Answer 6:

No one can deny that most people spent the major part of their adult life at workplace and job satisfaction can play an important role at individual wellbeing. Many factors, such as a fair salary, good relationship with colleagues, and career options, can be important elements to job satisfaction. Despite this, I believe that some people end up working ultimately for a living.

Employers get job satisfaction in a number of ways, which includes receiving a good salary, be part of a high-level work-team, and even eventually become a manager. I believe that people should desire the best career possible for themselves and work as hard as possible to achieve this. For instance, my brother has been working for the biggest company in Brazil since he graduated. The company gives him the opportunity to develop his abilities in a high-level as well as pay him a salary above the average. He works in a team where everyone have a deeply knowledge of the subject they work with and they are a strong team. Eventually, he may become a manager at there or in another company. It may not be the situation of everybody.

However, it is difficult to imagine a world in which everyone is truly satisfied with their job. Most people work for a living, and they would probably not choose to spend eight or more hours each day doing their job if they did not need the money. When I lived in London, for example, I worked given away free newspaper in order to pay for my studies and my international experience. If I had money, I would not have worked as much as I did. In fact I would argue that the majority of people dislike or are unhappy their salaries, working hours, workload, or their bosses.

In conclusion, even though it is unlikely that all workers do feel happy in their work, I believe that every person should try their best to find the best job that would fit their expectations.



Sample Answer 7:
Human life is divided into three phases. Out of which an adult phase is the most energetic and enthusiastic one. In this phase, the majority of the time is spent at work so the job satisfaction is very important. Although the factors related to it varies from person to person.

Learning is a constant process in a person’s life. Though the job looks monotonous after some time, learning never stops. This could be one of the reasons that a person can never say that he knows everything related to his work field. For example, Mr. Bill gates cannot say that he knows everything about computers. A challenging and responsible work would increase the desire of learning. This is certainly the most important factor of a job satisfaction. For instance, Pranav Mistry mentioned in one of his interviews regarding successful presentation of 3G, that he started the project because he felt it was an extremely challenging and socially responsible assignment.

Another important factor could be setting up the goals. A goal is the first step towards the destination. Thru focused attitude even the toughest goals could be achieved. For example, I did not know excel macro while I was in college. However, now I am working on that in my job. This could happen just because I had a goal to learn it after college. One more important factor could be appreciation. Most of the employee expects a confirmation that their hard work is being noticed. For instance, an award or a certificate could boost the confidence and it could motivate the employee to work on the next goal.

I believe the job satisfaction should be very important for everyone because a job is not a short-term mission. It is very difficult to continue uninteresting work for a longer period.


Sample Answer 8:
No matter whether we work for living or we live for working, this is a stark reality that working covers the majority time of our lives and job satisfaction factors have been always considered important by workers. In the other hand, managers have always tried to increase job satisfaction elements in their companies as they believe that there is a direct relation between job satisfaction and company’s profit. Therefore there have been lots of debates about recognizing some elements which are most effective on this matter and the ways which company can response to this kind of worker’s need.

According to science management which has been embedded in Taylor studies, Money is the best element to encourage workers and make them happy from their jobs, but it has been proved that money is not only factor or enough and some other elements should be implemented to make employees satisfied. For example, making an atmosphere in the work place which a worker can work without stress or concerning worker’s life problems are other important elements. These days the culture of a company plays a critical role to contribute jab satisfaction. Put another way, culture helps workers be interested to their jobs or vice versa. For instance, in some cultures, managers just specify some duties for workers and ask them to do. By contrast, some other encourage workers to come to problems, think and improve them which has a deep effect on workers as they don’t find themselves just as a cog of machine.

However it is not possible to make all of the workers satisfied in a company as anyone has a different character and individual aspects, at present various ways to get job satisfaction have been recognized and developed and a successful manager is someone who can find the best approach to increase the average of job satisfaction in the company.

I think, therefore, job satisfaction should be considered as the most important topic in management studies and managers should develop some meeting to transfer their experiences about job satisfaction elements to each other. Perhaps by this way, they can find some similar strategies which can be affected on all workers’ job satisfaction in different industries.


Sample Answer 9:
In current society, people’s dignity is shown by their education and job. Most of the people turn to work in office environment because nowadays farms and agricultural products have less value. People spend their most of the time in office so job satisfaction is an essential part in every employee’s concern.  However I believe that satisfaction at work is everyone’s dream.

Firstly, there are many factors that influence the job enjoyment. A good working environment that includes job security and better salary is the main and most important thing which helps each employee to be happy. Then comfortable seating and adequate lighting are other factors. For instance, if a person works in an information technology department, his work needs a comfortable seating and lighting arrangement. Next is about timing, people likes to work in short time period like eight to ten hours of work.

But according to women they wish to work less than that because they have house hold works and need to take care of their children. Leave and day off is another contributing factor to provide job happiness. For example, employees who work as shift duties they have to work in public holidays, so it leads to unhappiness for them. Some workers wish to have the food and accommodation facilities near to the office because it’s really difficult to reach the office due to traffic in the peak time.

When we think about the reality of job satisfaction, it should come from ourselves. Most of the people have to make their job environment friendly and balanced. First of all, when we get a job offer letter, we have to think about the satisfaction that we might get from that job. Most of the people are looking for a better salary only. In such cases they may need to sacrifice some factors, like working at night time and doing on call duties. If an employee has any difficulties at working environment, he can raise the concern to the human resource department, because in all companies they have employee satisfaction department for their employees.

To conclude, I believe that job pleasure and satisfaction is important in work places because if there is a good working environment and employees are happy, there productivity and enthusiasm to work will be better. Even though there are many things which makes worker happy, it should be contributed from ourselves.


Sample Answer 10:
Majority while away at work, spend a great deal of time of their lives that it is important how they feel about their jobs and how much satisfied they really are.

Job satisfaction from their employment is the most valuable factor for their personal gain and to spend time at offices. Job satisfaction depends on personal favor for the job and background of the working place. However all employees can’t expect satisfied jobs always.

Firstly, every person prefers to do occupation for their own anticipation. However they hope that job will satisfy and aid them to gain their lives successfully. For example, if someone loves dancing, singing, art or sports, they should find their career according to their favor. If they fix upon other professions, they could not be satisfied about their jobs and the will become bored to continue it. Employment play influential role in adult life because personal and family expenditure runs through the occupation.

In addition, environment of the office is another important factor for job satisfaction and it rest on employer and other office staff. For instance, if employer is unable to co-operate with employees and more rigid rules and regulations adapt to the company, then workers will dislike working there. Furthermore office staff should be worm-hearted persons and give the helping hands to each of other. Thus, employer should take care of his workers and these types of factors create better satisfaction on job surrounding.

To conclude, expecting a job for content is much difficult nowadays and because of that everyone have to prepare themselves to any job for job satisfaction.


Sample Answer 11:
When we look for a new job, we think about many factors for job satisfaction to be able to work actively and live positively.

One factor which I think is important for job satisfaction is work-life balance. Gaining enough money is essential to live and at the same time, taking holiday is also important to live human life. Money can lead to a richer life, therefore it is natural that people demand an enough reward for their work. However, it is hard to work for only getting a lot of money from early morning to late at night, so taking a rest is important to release stress and communicate with family.

Another factor for job satisfaction is to have a worthwhile job. Adults spend a lot of time for work, therefore they should have their favorite job if possible. If people feel that their job is worth doing, this leads to their motivations and have more opportunities to succeed. They can learn the meaning of life when they contribute for other people through their works.

As I mentioned, work-life balance and having worthwhile job is important for job satisfaction, but not many people have jobs which have both factors. In particular, in my country Japan, people experience recession now and many people are decreased their salaries. Also, it is difficult to have a vacation and sometimes even weekend holidays because of Japanese traditional thinking. Of course, there are some laws to prohibit overwork, but many companies ignore these laws actually. It is clear that many people do not satisfy their jobs when you see a high suicide rate.

To sum up, work-life balance and worthwhile jobs are essential for job satisfaction. However, many people sacrifice either factor in reality.



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