IELTS Writing Task 2 – People should look after their health as a duty to the society they live


People should look after their health as a duty to the society they live in rather than personal benefits.

To what extent do you agree or disagree?


Same Topic – Staying healthy through playing sports and eating well should be an individual’s duty towards society rather than a habit for personal benefits. To what extent do you agree or disagree? 


You should spend about 40 minutes on this task.

You should write at least 250 words.


IELTS Writing Task 2/ IELTS Essay Sample

Sample Answer 1:

Good health is a basic human need. The statement says that people should look after their
health as an obligation to the society and not think about their own benefits. I however feel
that compliance would be much more if we were to look after our health for our own
interest and the benefits to the society would automatically ensue.

There are many benefits to the individual if he/she looks after his/her health. Good health
means a person leads a quality life. He does not have to spend on expensive medical
treatment and he has more productive life. He can work better and enjoy all the good things
that life has to offer. Moreover, if a person suffers from any infectious disease and takes
timely treatment then he does not spread it to others. Later on he does not stand the
chance of getting re-infected by other people.

On the other hand, it cannot be denied that as a part of society, we all have an obligation to
the society. If all people are healthy then the society is also healthy. A healthy society means
that the government does not have to spend a lot on health. All those saved resources could
be used to improve the lives of people further. Government could spend on latest
diagnostic machines and on gyms and on educating people as to how they could look after
themselves even better.

To put it in a nutshell, I pen down saying that we should all look after our health. It does not
matter whether it is for ourselves or the society. We are all inextricably linked to the society.
If we do something good for ourselves, the society is benefited and if we do something for
society then we are benefited.

Model Answer 2:

The past 50 years have witnessed considerable concern for public healthcare. Regarding this, it is claimed that people should take care of their health as social benefits rather than personal ones. Personally, I am better convinced with the former viewpoint.

To start with, in a narrow term, when a single man stays healthy, the whole family will definitely benefit from him. To this regard, a man with a stable health will be employed, so, undoubtedly, he will support his family better both emotionally and financially. For example, when the family is in trouble, he encourages other members and, more importantly, provides them with money which seems to be always so much of value in these rainy days.

Moreover, in a broader term, when every single family is strong thanks to contributions by every healthy member, the family, an important unit of every community, will support the society better. This can be reflected quite virtually. For instance, a family with every members employed will partially mitigate unemployment problem, the most concerning issue nowadays. Additionally, because of being employed, they contribute better to national budget by paying higher tax than those who are out of job due to their poor health.

Of course, there is no denial the fact that people should also take care of their health as personal benefits. This is because of the fact that besides office hours, people spend time for themselves. For instance, people enjoy such recreational activities as swimming, sightseeing and so forth. If they do not try to stay healthy and treat this duty as personal benefits, they are definitely suffering, so all these activities become, more than ever, impossible.

In conclusion, the responsibility of maintaining a good health, as it benefits every single family in a narrow term and the whole society in a broader term, should be taken as social benefits rather than personal ones.


Model Answer 3:

The proliferation of sedentary life style in the modern society produces many detrimental effects  on both individuals and the society level. Some people assert that it should be one’s duty towards the society to stay healthy, while the others contend that staying healthy through playing sports and eating well is completely for personal benefits, having nothing to do with the community. Personally, I am in favor of the latter opinion.

People would be better motivated by personal interests than by social welfare. The perspective of possible athletic scholarship promotes many teenagers to play sports which they are not interested in. The fame and money is their solitary goal in the beginning, but they finally get the fun and exercise of playing sports as well. Moreover, making friends is also one popular incentive for people to play sports. Sports creates goodwill between the players. “Sportsmanship” means that we play with the most savage competitive instincts while in the arena, but shake hands and wish our opponents good luck when the game is over. Lastly, “I need to keep healthy”, is what most people think when they decide to do exercises or to be on a diet. Obviously, we can be sure that personal benefits is the major concern for people to stay healthy.

It is undeniable that society benefits from healthy population. Burgeoning healthcare expenditure is a dead burden on our government budget. A research conducted by the National Academy of Social Science revealed that nearly 75% percent of the healthcare spending of the Chinese citizens happens in the last year of our life. Could any situation be more grimly whimsical than that? It is imperative for us to improve our life style. But there should not be a national legislation forcing people to keep healthy through playing sports and eating well. That is not only impractical but also a violation of the civil rights of our citizens.

There is no doubt that eligible citizens should always keep the social welfare in mind, but staying healthy should be personal concern rather than social obligation.


Model Answer 4:

Nowadays, in our ever-changing society, people pay more attention on the public health. It is first argued that the care about health should be considered as a public responsibility instead of human’s own one. As for me, I entirely agree with this view because of the following reasons.

Firstly, It is undeniable that the good health of all people  will maintain the stable and improve the society in a variety of fields. This can be explained easily by the rise of working productivity, the older age and the better quality of life. In constant, if taking care of  yourself is not a social awareness, the consequence is unexpected. The Ebola disease in Africa is a typical example. This disease did not only steal countless human lives, but also drag the whole Africa in economy because of the lack of employees and the huge expense for treating, or in travel industry such as the decrease of visitors travel to this continent due to the fear of illness.

Secondly, people should consider theirselves as the social responsibility will share the help hand with the governments to minimize the national problems in health. In detail, if everyone has the awareness of protecting theirselves and others, the headached situation such as diseases spreading will be solved. Back to the Africa, the Ebola was more and more popular partly due to the carelessness in isolating the patient and the lack of knowledge about is illness. However, in a positive way, many countries have the encouragement of public responsibility in health. Most nations now have the policy of compulsory vaccination, which can limit the threat for children and also for the society in the future.

In conclusion, each people should consider theirselves as a part of the society so that they can protect their health better, not only for their own benefits but also for the whole society.



Model Answer 5:

Living healthy has been the wish of many people. For being healthy, people emphasize on balanced diet and enough physical activities by playing sports. In my opinion, staying healthy is solely personal interest which also has some indirect social implications. In the paragraphs that follow, I explain the reasons why being healthy is more for personal benefit, nevertheless I also include its indirect social implications.

Healthy life is directly related to someone personal benefits it encompasses. Healthier people are expected to be fit mentally and physically which is directly related to the higher work productivity. In the course of being ‘fit’, people play different games that help them to increase the friend circle and increase the interaction with different people. It is generally agreed that the public connection is always an asset. At last, playing in team instill in them team work capacity and understanding, helping and respecting others. Moreover, people will be motivated to be healthy by playing or by proper diet for personal benefits rather collective benefit. For someone who joins gyms, starts jogging, plays football or pays attention on diet, personal benefits are often the motivational factor.

Looking at global perspective, it is unanimously agreed fact that group of healthy persons makes the healthy society and healthy nation. Healthier society means there is reduced number of avoidable but otherwise common health problems like high blood pressure, diabetes and some forms cancer. Reduction is such problems leads to the saving of large share of government spending which can be spent well in other social welfare activities. Poor health is not only problem to the patients but also to the relatives and close members of the respective society. Someone needs to find time for nursing and taking care of patient which could be reduced to some level if every individual is motivated on being healthy.

In conclusion, no one can argue that group of healthy individuals is beneficial to the society and the nation in macroscopic level. But staying healthy is personal preferences. People can only be motivated to being healthy only on the terms personal benefits.


Model Answer 6:

It has long been believed that an individual’s health is a private matter. However, in contemporary society, where human interaction is frequent and medical costs are high, the health of any individual concerns the whole community.

Society as a whole suffers when an individual falls ill. Nowadays, a disease can spread very quickly between people in the same community and even across national borders. If a single patient is not diagnosed and treated in time, many more people will be affected. In addition, the high cost of medical treatment a patient requires is usually paid by the government and society. A smoker who suffers from lung cancer, for example, is making other taxpayers pay for his habit. For these reasons, health is more than just a personal matter.

In the same way, good health benefits society as well as the individual. By keeping fit, a person is not only investing in his/her future, but also contributing to the overall productivity of society. That is the reason why many governments encourage their people to participate in sports as a way of boosting their health. Some people might argue that their freedom will be limited if their health is regarded as a public matter. However, I would like to point out that personal enjoyment should never be placed above public interests. Drug users, for example, are punished in any civilized society.

In conclusion, health is not an issue like seatbelts which affect only the individual. In an era when everybody is involved with everybody else, people should look after their health for the sake of society as well as themselves.


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