IELTS Writing Task 2 – Some people believe they should keep all the money they have earned


Some people believe they should keep all the money they have earned and should not pay tax to the state.

Do you agree or disagree?


You should spend about 40 minutes on this task.

You should write at least 250 words.


IELTS Writing Task 2/ IELTS Essay Sample

Sample Answer 1:

I disagree with the statement that individuals should not pay taxes to the state. The
government runs the country from the taxes it collects. Taxes are collected only from those
who earn above a certain minimum limit. It is our moral duty to pay taxes.

Tax money collected by government is used to fund basic amenities, provide various
services to citizens and for government administration and projects, running of jails and
defense system, and many other operations. It is not wrong to say that “taxes run a
country.” Thus, it is very important for a government to make people pay taxes.

Let us analyze why people do not want to pay taxes. The main reason is their dissatisfaction
with government in serving them. They blame government for things like lack of
infrastructure, poverty and unemployment, but they are not completely wrong as tax
revenue is misused in some or the other way in every country. In developed countries,
however, because of higher satisfaction from government’s functioning, citizens may be
more willing to pay taxes. Another factor generating dissatisfaction is the tax structure itself.
Often the tax system is complex and it drives people away from paying taxes. It is also felt
that the tax rates are high and tax slabs are unequal. So they feel it is not unethical if one
goes for tax avoidance or tax evasion.

Not paying taxes can drastically affect a country’s revenue generation, my own country,
India, for that matter. But then, it is equally desired that government come up with a fair tax
structure and also make people aware where the taxes are being diverted. Even lowering
the tax rates can help a country increase its tax collection as it would increase compliance
among the taxpayers. Tax reform should also be fast so that no public grievance or non-
compliance remains for long. A proper tax system backed up with strict tax laws can
produce the best results.

To put it in a nutshell, I pen down saying that it is the duty of every citizen to pay tax and the
duty of every government to use it appropriately in public interest.

Model Answer 2:
A group of people think that residents should keep all their earnings and should not have an obligation in paying taxes to the government. I personally disagree with the statement as taxes are useful for the residents and the nation themselves, and the following essay will discuss about it in details.

To begin with, it is a fact that taxes are used by the government for developing its nations. Taxes are allocated for various kinds of essential matters. Firstly, they are used for expanding and maintaining public transportation facilities, such expanding roads and highways, and replacing old public transportation units. Secondly, taxes are utilized for providing decent medical services and basic educations for their residents. And last but not least, taxes are also used for funding military services, which is important for maintaining the political stability of a nation.

And then, people should also notice that taxes that they have paid, will also be beneficial for themselves sooner or later. Some of the funds that have been collected by tax authorities are used for retirement funds. It means that in the end people will enjoy and benefit some personal facilities from the government, which are funded from taxes. Therefore people should not keep their earning by themselves and they should comply in paying their tax duties and obligations.

In conclusion, I do not agree if we should keep all our income and not pay any taxes to the government, as taxes are beneficial for the development of the people and the nation themselves.

Model Answer 3:

In most countries around the world, while paying taxes is required by the law and considered a civic duty, it also brings about downsides that lead to certain individuals or corporations trying to evade or deduct the tax they need to pay.

Some people claim that levying taxes is unfair and they deserve to keep all their legitimate income to themselves because they fight every single minute for it. High taxes can not only stifle the motivation of individual workers but also exert a negative effect of penalizing hard work. More concerning situation, however, is that with all taxpayers’ money accumulated, the government, albeit even an elected one, could misuse or even become corrupted, not to mention those authoritarian ones. In this case, it is better to keep the money to their own instead of anyone else.

However, other people argue that taxes revenue provides a vital source for the government who shoulder the responsibility to build a strong country and provide important public services such as police, healthcare, education and many other vital ones which are closely tied to every single citizen’s well-being. Without this revenue, there would be no money to pay for government workers, resulting in no organization to run the country and probably jeopardizing national security. Therefore, paying taxes should be every single taxpayer’s responsibility.

My view is that it is every capable citizen’s duty to pay taxes to support and provide our government necessary sources to protect our entire country as well as improve our personal life quality, only in the condition that they must be well used and absolutely cannot be abused by incompetent officials.

Model Answer 4:
Whether people should pay tax to the government or not is an argument of great debate. Some people think that it is government’s responsibility to raise money from other sectors and should not take the portion of a person’s hard earning cash while others stand just opposite of this opinion. I believe if the government spend the money for the benefit of the citizen, as it meant to be for every country, and value  the mass people’s opinions and suggestions how to best use the money, then there is nothing wrong with the tax paying method and rather had many positive reasons to do so.

Those who are against the tax paying system often opine that, government should never take their hard earning money for the sake of country’s development scheme. This is especially true for those who earn an amount that barely supports  his/her family and who are not satisfied with the public service provided by the government. In many countries, people have to pay a tax of more than a quarter of the total earning of a year and yet don’t get basic facilities like: treatment, education and they have to spend their own pocket money for those purposes. This is very natural that they become angry about the tax paying.

But tax , collected from the people of a country can be a great fund to use for their betterment by the government. There are lots of poor people who can be benefited from the tax paid by the others. Government can make more roads, public services, and can introduce other useful scheme using the money. Almost in most of the countries, people who earn more than a predefined amount have to pay tax and not for those who earn less than that amount. So Government is not forcing poor people to pay tax but those who are able to pay tax.

Model Answer 5:
When asked about whether citizens should pay taxes to the state, some people support the idea that they should keep all their money due to nothing the state contributes to these money. However, I totally disagree with this idea and I do believe we should pay taxes to the state just because we cannot earn these money without the help from the state.

First of all, wherever we are working at, the state provides us a room for working. It may be our inadvertent to see there are street cleaners working diligently before we get up every morning and they are paid by the states, there are scientists doing airy or aqueous research in the working area for our health and they are paid by the states, to name but a few. We cannot deny we need perfect work places to make money and the state truly offers us.

Additionally, we need police force to fight with rob or other crimes. It is so pathetic to imagine a labor gets robbered after the day he got his salary. Without safety, how can we earn money intently for banks being robbered everyday and stealers being everywhere. Police are indispensable to us and they are operated by the state.

Finally, I learn this creed since I was young, living for the society not oneself. I insist everyone should be a contributor to the world. From television we can see that there are famine, flood or earthquake occurred somewhere in this planet, not only human-beings are jeopardized but also animals and plants, and our government demonstrates concern and sorrow with sending food or money. Hence we should pay taxes for every creatures on the Earth.

In summary, I hold the opinion firmly that citizens should pay taxes to the state instead of keeping money all by themselves.

Model Answer 6:

It goes without saying that money also plays an indispensable role in our life . It is controlling our minds . We should give tax from our income. Because government is giving a lot of facilities and it is also a big source of government’ income. An argument has been put forward that some people believe they should not give tax of state from their income. According to me. This statement does not hold a valid ground.

There are a plethora of reasons why I think we should pay tax from our earning. First and foremost point which comes to my mind that wealth has become important aspect of society and when we pay tax. Government also spend that money on public property providing good facilities. Government is spending money on education and life saving facilities . For example , government has provided free ambulance service . In emergency people can take it advantage . Secondly, government is spending money on our security and health care. For example, government pay of police. Police is giving protraction of people. Government health cares have become aspect of society . Hospitals are giving us life saving treatment .

On the other hand , some short sighted people say we should not pay tax . Because , political leaders do scam and they rob the innocent public.

In conclusion , after pondering over a great deal of thoughts and deliberation with my self . I come to this conclusion that we must pay tax . It is our duty for our society and ownself . We can contribute in our country’s progress.

Model Answer 8:
Every government levies several types of taxes in the form of service charge, income tax, federal tax, etc. A large amount of sum has to be paid by tax-payers which augments hostility towards the government. It’s true that a fraction of hardly earned money is collected by government, however, medical facilities, schools and universities establishment, and infrastructure maintenance are various supports provided by the government which require contribution from the residents to collect enough of fiscal amounts.

First of all, medical facilities provided by the government cannot be ignored. A government ensures the proper medical facilities from the taxes paid by the people. These medical facilities require a huge amount of money which gets reduced because of the government’s support. Consider the people suffering from cancer, where treatment of cancer is costly and a person of bourgeois class can’t afford the medical cost. The aid given by the government reduces this expenditure.

Second, government builds the infrastructure, which accounts for the development of the country as well as the residents. An enormous amount of money is required for the infrastructure establishment and government needs a hand for it. Tax payer money is invested which not only benefits them in terms of electricity facility, better water supply and education facility but also facilitates better transportation, industries development etc which accounts directly or indirectly in the advancement of the country. Development brings employment which causes increased salary compensation.

To conclude, tax payer’s money is indirectly gets invested in the betterment of the people and residents of the country. Considering the facilities being provided and developed infrastructure which accounts for advancement of a country, I favor the taxes levied on the people.

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