IELTS Writing Task 2 – Some people believe that air travel should be restricted because


Some people believe that air travel should be restricted because it causes serious
pollution and uses up the world’s fuel resources.

To what extent do you agree or disagree?


You should spend about 40 minutes on this task.

You should write at least 250 words.


IELTS Writing Task 2/ IELTS Essay Sample

Sample Answer 1:

It is irrefutable that air travel causes pollution and uses a lot of fuel, bit I disagree that air
travel should be restricted. Restricting air travel would solve some problems but would lead
to many other problems.

At a time when people all over the world worry about the decreasing level of fossil fuels and
global warming, it is right to take action to save the planet earth. However, to simply
discourage flights is not the answer. International tourism has become the backbone of
many economies of the world. Many countries are earning from tourism. Many people are
employed in this industry. Many businesses like hotels and leisure centres are dependent on
tourists. So, if we discourage international tourism, it would create new and even worse
problems. Many businesses would go broke and many people would be without jobs.

Air flight also enables intercultural exchanges between countries. The advent of cheap air
fare makes it possible for people the world over to travel regularly, regardless of the
purpose of the trip. Therefore, people have the opportunities to learn from different
cultures and have a better understanding of countries they used to be unfamiliar with. This,
in turn, enhances cultural communications between countries.

It is true that air travel consumes oil, but other modes of transportation are also causing
pollution and using fuel. Discouraging private cars and encouraging people to use public
transport could help save the environmental resources in a big way. Therefore it would be a
very unpractical decision to restrict air travel at the cost of people’s mobility, or worse, at
the cost of the development of the economy. Technology could also be used to produce
more environmentally friendly and fuel efficient engines.

To put it in a nutshell, I pen down saying that, instead of restricting air travel, we should
develop more efficient engine that produces more energy output with less fuel and fewer
major air pollutants. We should also focus on limiting private vehicles and encouraging
public transport.


Model Answer 2:

The issue of the impact of air travel on the environment has heated up in recent years, following the concern that more and more people turn toit as a means of travel. Restrictions have been preferably imposed on air travel, according to some people. There are some points in their argument.

The first is that aircrafts have been responsible for a large proportion of air pollution. Planes, either fillingor taxiing, contribute a large proportion of local emission annually. Some might suggest that air is the only suitable mode of transport for long distance trips. This viewpoint is fallacious. Trains, for instance, serve as an optimalalternative, consuming less energy and causing less pollution.

As well as air pollution, aircrafts can cause noise pollution. Although it is difficult to measure the actual impact of noise on people’s everyday lives, its ability to increase the anxiety and levels of annoyance has been confirmed. Especially to those living in the neighbourhood of an airport and around the flight paths, noise created by aircrafts is indeed a headache.

Although travelling by air is likely to cause problems, it is not to say that air navel should be significantly restricted. Alternatively, air travel can be operated in a manner that its strengths can be fully taken advantage of. For example, by replacing old engines with cleaner ones, people can mitigatethe environmental impact caused by flying. Meanwhile, aircrafts have a higher capacity, allowing greater numbers of passengers for each flight and thereby giving the best possible values to the fuel used.

In the light of the facts outlined above, substantial thought should be given to the problem of pollution caused by aircrafts. However, it does not automatically mean that air travel should be curtailed. Instead, people should make adjustments and improvements wherever appropriate to ensure the optimal use of this form of travel.

Sample Answer 3:

With the growth in aviation, the majority of people are more likely to travel abroad to spend their leisure time in the special occasions. One of the most tangible influences of this phenomenon is the exponential increase of thousand airlines which provide low-cost carrier, and it is argued as the trigger of environmental catastrophes on a global scale such as air pollution and lack of fossil fuel. As a result, critics claim that air travel should be controlled to preserve the natural ecology. While it is believed that air travel provides more benefits in terms of time consuming and reasonable prices, people also have to consider the negative side of this transportation.

Supporters of the aircraft deliberate that air planes are by far the fastest mode of transport which connects all of parts in the world by hours. Before the invention of aviation, people used ships to travel for trading and travelling in other countries, but it took more than a month to reach a destination. In 20th century, when air planes have been invented, many counties choose this mean of transport to export food such as vegetables and fruits to places where they are not in season or cannot be grown. For pragmatic instance, New Zealand exports fresh milk and apples to developing countries, Africa and India, using air planes only around 12 hours. Consequently, some food could be exported faster and would not deteriorate in the worldwide distribution.

In addition, the availability of cheap air travels allows many holidaymakers to visit abroad for vacations over last decades. According to a survey published in the Times magazine the proportion of travellers who prefer travelling other countries increases to around 70% in 2014, and it goes hand in hand with an increase of annual income of low-cost airlines which is more than 35% compared to previous year. Air travel leads people to get novelty of other challenged vacations.

On the other hand, the detrimental effects of this development are the impact on the environment. Firstly, a study records that there are more than hundred international and domestic flights which require more than thousand litters of fuel every day. As the time passed by, the natural environment is absorbed to produce more fuel while there is prevention to limit this activity. In the linear relationship of this condition, burning of fossil fuel in terms of oil will add significantly to this problem as just one flight releases large amounts of carbon dioxide and other gases into the environment and damages the layers of ozone. It can be concluded that the development of aviation contributes the biggest contribution of climate change as the global problem.

In conclusion, the development of air travel in the recent years has its own merits and demerits for environment. In the glance, air travel benefits people to commute between different regions sooner whereas people are blame for environmental influences which are more important issues so that the restriction should be implemented to reduce damages. From my perspective, using air travel for travelling should be controlled, and green taxes should be increased to control low-cost airline companies as a novel solution.

Model Answer 4:

In present days, one of the most difficult and knotty problems that we are facing is that the fast-exhausting natural resources and constant worsening human habitat. Due to this, some argue that air travel should be curbed because it is one of the major forces to not only pollute the natural environment but also consume huge amount of fuel. From my perspective, I am rather doubt of this viewpoint.

First of all, it is true that the fuel oil which spends on aviation is keep increasing as the improving living standard of human life. Apparently, nowadays, to most of us, travel by air is convenient and becoming more and more affordable. And because of this, it will result in more airlines will be added and then engender extra burden on the deteriorating natural resources.

Nevertheless, it is well-known that air travel has become a indispensable part in our daily life. It links the major cities and communities of the world 24 hours a day with advanced aircraft. Moreover, from economical point of view, it has been reported that aviation provides millions of jobs world wide and accounts for trillions dollars of global GDP.

Beyond this, travel by air is widely accepted by people in the modern age, as it, to some extent, make many things which are considered impossible in the past become available and true in the present. For instance, it allows people to have fascinating adventures in foreign countries, to relax on tropical beaches, to build up business relationship and to visit friends and family. In addition, as the global economy grows more linked, aviation is the main factor that brings people together.

To sum up, although air travel creates some negative impacts on the natural resources and surroundings, I am still firmly stand with the point that air travel plays a key role in our day-to-day’s life.

Sample Answer 5:

Air travel is one of the greatest human invention because it help many people movements from one place to another place. On the other hand, it gives a few problems about fuel resources in the world. I believe that both of them have good reasons.

For more than 100 years ago, air transportation was making easy people activities. By air transportation,a society could go to another far area faster than other transportations such as bus and train because there is no traffic jam in sky. Besides, air travel such helicopter give many job vacancies from workers in dugout to workers in airplane such as pilot, co-pilot, and mechanic. As a result, it possible to decrease jobless in an area.

However, air vehicle such airplane could give bad impacts for Earth’s living thing. If people always rely on airplane, automatically they need avtur, and it create by fossil fuel which it almost finish from this world. Every plane certainly produce gas pollution that is one of many factors of global warming. Then, the resources always try to find new places that have fuel resources. While they search new fuel resources, they should destroy an area that is probably habitat of animals. So, if people always search new place, day-by-day all of world’s nature place would lose and many animals do not have place to stay. There are to probability if animals lose their home, the first, they move to humans’ city and destroy it, and the second, they wiped out from this world because they could not survive from wide world.

In short, air mount possible to always used by people, but world’s scietists should invent alternative fuel that save for the Earth and the inhabitants.

Model Answer 7:
As the accelerating pace of lifestyle, traveling by air has become a favorable option for people to move from one place to another. However, some people blame the exhaustion of some natural resources and air pollution on this kind of transportation. This essay aims to outline evidence that support the opposing position.

Apparently, there is little doubt about the constructive benefits that humankind derives from air travel. Firstly, traveling by plane would be more affordable and time-saving when it comes to long-haul distance trips. It means that in some cases, traveling by other transportation may cost people a higher expenditure of time as well as money. From another perspective, the possibility remains that other means would consume greater amount of natural resources and release more pollutants into the environment. Therefore, it probably merits one’s attention that whenever humanity still rely on natural resources, the emergence of environmental degradation is inevitable regardless of any transportation that is in vogue.

Moreover, the advent of modern technology has promised a distant future that could make air travel more environmentally friendly. For instance, alternative resources may release air travel from the reliance on natural reserves, which is a contributing factor of imminent demise of some resources. Besides, technological advances in aircraft industry have brought profound impacts that lead to the saving in fuel. It is therefore reasonable to look forward for more contemporary inventions that would allow people to make an optimal use of air travel as well as prevent destructive outcomes of this mean.

By way of conclusion, I would reaffirm the position that air travel contributes an integral role in modern lifestyles. Therefore, there are compelling reasons to direct spending on improving air travel to be more eco-friendly rather than impose constraints on this transportation.

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