IELTS Writing Task 2 – Nowadays, we are living in a throw-away society


Nowadays, we are living in a throw-away society. What are its causes and what are its problems?

(Same Topic – Many people say that we have developed into a “throw-away society”, because we are filling up our environment with so many plastic bags and rubbish that we cannot fully dispose of. To want degree do you agree with this opinion?)


You should spend about 40 minutes on this task.

You should write at least 250 words.

IELTS Writing Task 2/ IELTS Essay Sample

Sample Answer 1:

Environmentalists today are campaigning for “reduce, recycle and re-use” in a bid to
save the world, but we as a nation, have adopted “replace” as our mantra. This and
many other factors are leading to a throwaway society, and there are many problems
being caused by this which I shall discuss in this essay.

The reasons for our becoming a throwaway society are manifold. Firstly, in a quest for
better living standards, we wish to own the latest equipments and gadgets. Once new
things are acquired, we dispose-off these “unwanted” things to second hand shops or
just in the trash cans.

Secondly, the markets today are flooded with cheap, single-use-only things that are
more in demand than high priced quality items. Our houses and closets seem to be
overflowing with goods that are more in quantity and less in value. Finally, there is too
much packaging done by the companies in a bid to make their things more attractive.
The effects of this trend are also manifold. Pollution and filling up of the landfill sites
by non biodegradable material is a great cause of concern. Global warming is taking up
mammoth dimensions and unless we do something about it, our earth will become
uninhabitable very soon.

To add to it, there is intense competition and rivalry among the affluent for becoming
society’s trend setters. This tendency has played havoc on the middle-class strata.
People are working long arduous hours to earn more and more money so that they
can keep up with Joneses and Smiths or else lose face. This is creating stress among
people and people are losing social and moral values.

To put it in a nutshell, I pen down saying that, the current abundance of choice
coupled with the ease with which things are discarded as soon as they lose their
newness has given rise to a throwaway society which is having a detrimental effect on
the individuals and society.

Model Answer 2:

Nowadays, we have adopted the throw-away lifestyle and over-consumption and excessive production of short-lived or disposable items is a global phenomenon which is making the condition even worse. Consumerism, rapid advancement of technology, changing lifestyle and globalisation are some of the main reasons which are contributing to this phenomenon even more. The effects of this trend is so extraordinary and deep that it will someday challenge our own existence and implementation of effective measures  should be immediately taken.

Consumerism is a social and economic ideology that encourages people to acquire more products and services in an ever-increasing amount. Our materialistic lifestyle fuels this habit and we change our cell phones, cars and other household equipments more frequently than ever. Advertising plays a major role in creating a consumerist society and we are never contended with the things we have and want to acquire more than we need. Shopping is no longer a necessity and has turned out to be an activity for many. Thus we are producing an overwhelming amount of  wastages and little efforts has been in place to recycle many of our used items. Rapid advancement of technology often forces us to buy latest products as new products have better features than the one we own. The rise of middle income people globally and their desire to mimic rich people and adopt a technology centric lifestyle also the reasons for the increasing waste productions as a result of our throw-away lifestyle. Our traditional lifestyle and skills are almost gone and we want to buy everything rather than creating them. For instance the number of people who rely on canned and packet food rather than cooking at home is a great example that shows the paradigm shift towards a busy and ready-made social lifestyle. Finally the globalisation has immensely contributed towards our inclination to a throw-away society we are living in.

The problems that the throw-away society and consumerism tendency create are overwhelming. This is a degradation of human moral as a massive number of poor people are starving on one hand, million tons of foods are being wasted in few countries on the other hand. The toxic waste and chemical garbage are polluting our environment while we are remaining busy to buy more electronic products. The global warming, temperature rise, extinction of many species are just the beginning and if we fail to take effective measures to stop this heinous trend, we will be destroying our future.

There are many steps that should be immediately in place to address this issue. Non-recyclable packets, bags and goods should be restricted as much as possible. Environment friendly goods should be manufactured and used by people and elements like plastic bags should be totally banned. Every household wastes should be classified as recyclable and non-recyclable and recyclable waste should be used to produce new products rather than throwing them away. Government as well as individuals’ cumulative efforts to reduce the wastage production and to save the environment should be in place.

To conclude, no doubt our ignorance and desire to have more have contributed towards the creation of a throwaway society. Advancement of technology, globalisation, social and economic structure have all fueled this trend even faster. But the time has come for us to step forward and think for the future of the mother planet and take steps to revert the damage.

Model Answer 3:

Due to rapid technology revolution many latest technology equipments products are delivered in the market. This motivates people to buy new equipments and throw away their old ones or replace old with new one. Let us see briefly about both merits and demerits of this situation.

Scientific research help to find new discoveries and advancement of technology result in easily operated and additional featured equipments and other goods are increased in the market. For example, due to advancement in washing machine it washes the clothes and automatically delivered to heater kit and switch off after heater is completed. This saves people time and removes extra burden to monitor the washing machine.

On the other hand, due to attraction of the latest equipment people are spending more money to buy latest equipment and finding reason to place their old machines in garbage. For example, people are avoiding using slight scratch in their refrigerator and buy new fridge and old ones are thrown out from their home. It is wastage of money. Due to this environment is affected by garbage which contains old equipments and machines. People are affected by technology related diseases. For example, people addicted to mobile phones and computers. Due to radiation from mobile phones may cause blurring vision, headaches and even cancer too.

To conclude, buying latest equipment and replace old goods is the latest trend and most people are following this trend. It has both advantages and disadvantages. I feel that if until necessary they must not buy latest goods and it is waste of money.


Model Answer 4:

Waste disposal problems are increasing at an alarming rate today. Even though people are more educated than before, they act like ignorant in many circumstances in term of throwaway culture. This essay examines the several reasons behind the creation of these throwaway societies and the results of this in the future.

On the one hand, there are some facts which lead to the formation of chocked societies with waste products. Firstly, the attitude and cultural practice of the public; that is, they throw away unwanted things wherever they want pretending that it is their right and something they got from their ancestors. Hence, they do not have the feeling of ‘ourselves’ about the surroundings. Secondly, scarcity of places for proper waste disposal: since population explosion exists and people accommodates in flats in cities where there are not enough places or surroundings compared to village areas and they discard things here and there. In addition, lack of proper waste segregation system by the authorities is the important reason for this menace. Moreover, absence of strict legislation increases its severity.

On the other hand, these danger practices lead to severe impacts on several aspects of the community. First and foremost problem caused by this act is environmental pollution. With these waste products like food waste, plastics, metals, chemicals etc, environment get chocked and polluted and ends up in water pollution, air pollution etc. and as a result, it has pernicious influence on health of human as well as other creations on the earth. For instance, these pollutants cause lung problems, respiratory problems, cancers etc. Another fact is that it leads to communicable diseases. That is, these accumulated wastages are the best breeding places for bacteria, viruses and pathogens and spread various diseases. Finally, this throwaway culture discards the beauty of our nature and also affects the ecosystem of the environment.

In conclusion, change in the attitude of people is the panacea for this menace. It is not instantly aroused issue so that it cannot be solved immediately. Government and people should work hand in hand to wipe off this bane from our society.


Model Answer 5:

I think it is undeniable that in almost every country was filled by vast qualities of disposable goods, such as razor, tableware, packaging from things and so forth,and the culprit of this situation would probably be the modern lifestyles.
With the pace of life is accelerating,the main reason would be that we all be addicted to the benefits the disposable lifestyles brought to us. For instance,in order to make our everyday life more productive,we often eat out or call some take out food from a fast food shop, instead of cooking and washing dishes for we can put more time into our career and make more contribution to the community. Meanwhile,in some deluxe restaurants,the one-time tableware may established a splendid impression with high standard hygiene so that it could attracting more customers and making a great fortune.

Although,we all gained a lot of benefits from the throw-away world.Yet,the irreparable impact of this living habits are made to us is escalating.The first and foremost,the great demands of disposable wooden products led to the deteriorated situations of the rampant over deforestation.At the same time,the knock-on effects of the worldwide diminution of the forest result in a worse circumstance of global warming.On the other hand, as a result of that lifestyle people generally turned into sluggish and sluttish. becouse people do not clean or repair something which will be threw away after one time use.
Finally,we should not neglect the changes that we made to the world when we enjoying a comfortable and convenient life,the disposable world has its positive side and we should be aware of.

Model Answer 6:

It is true that the ever increasing waste produced from human activities is taking a heavy toll on the environment. In my opinion, the increasingly high consumption of goods and the contaminative industrial productions are two main factors contributing to this trend.

Nowadays, the rate at which daily necessities such as food, clothes and papers are consumed is dramatically rising due to the population boom. With people eating and using more, the amount of rubbish coming from the packaging of various commodities is exceeding the degrading capacity of our environment. What makes the situation worse is our tendency to use something once and throw it away. A typical example would be the one-off plastic bags with which consumers convey groceries from market to their home. The unrestricted use of these has resulted in the prevalence of plastic rubbish that cannot be thoroughly degraded.

Moreover, the intense industrial activities around the world are introducing more refuse to the environment. For instance, the poisonous metals such as lead and rotted steels deriving from the mass production of electrical devices and automobiles contribute largely to this problem. Additionally, most manufacturing methods utilised in production lines are not economic and clean. The poor availability of advanced recycling technology in industries leads to that recyclable materials such as plastic, concrete and ceramic are being randomly dumped all over the world. As it takes considerable long time for these to be digested by bacteria, the trend that industrial wastes are accumulating at an accelerating rate is difficult to stop.

In conclusion, a throw-away society is the result of the soaring amount of goods we need every day and the insufficiently regulated industrial activities. If proper measures are not taken promptly, this trend is likely to cause more serious problems to the environment and people’s lives.

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