IELTS Writing Task 2 – Nowadays education quality is very low


Nowadays education quality is very low. Some people think we should encourage our students to evaluate and criticise their teachers. Others believe that it will result in a loss of respect and discipline in the classroom.

Discuss on both sides.

You should spend about 40 minutes on this task.

You should write at least 250 words.


IELTS Writing Task 2/ IELTS Essay Sample

Sample Answer 1:

It is a highly debated issue whether students should evaluate their teachers after each
course. Some people believe the system has many advantages to the students and the
teachers. Others argue that it would lead to poor discipline in the classroom. Indeed,
evaluation of teachers by students has both pros and cons.

There are many drawbacks in student assessment. First of all, students are very young and,
compared with their teachers, are less knowledgeable both in theory and practice on a
subject. Therefore, they are unable to evaluate their teachers’ performance in a sound way.
Secondly, student assessment would lead to poor discipline in the classroom. If each of the
students is allowed to comment on the teacher’s performance, then there would be chaos
in the classroom. Thirdly, in order to gain a better evaluation, teachers would seek to please
the students and not bother about the content of their lectures. This would harm the
students’ academic performance in the long run.

However, advocates of student assessment have their reasons. Firstly, this kind of feedback
can be used to improve teachers’ performance. Teaching methods can only be successful if
they are student-centered. Therefore, listening to the students’ constructive suggestions,
teachers will have a better idea of what students’ needs are and can then adjust their
teaching to meet them. Secondly, the process of writing evaluations will help the students
think in their own way independently. Students should be encouraged to learn by even
challenging their teachers’ thinking. Thirdly, it would help the administrators. Teachers who
provide good educational services could be retained and others could be laid off. So, all
teachers would strive to do their best. This would be a win-win situation for all.

In my opinion, student evaluations of teachers would be beneficial to both teachers and
students. Of course, the evaluations must be done responsibly, but when the students feel
that their views are important and are listened to, I think they will do their best to
contribute to the improvement in education.


Model Answer 2:

In our highly industrialized era there is a growing awareness about the excessive amounts of trash people producing. We are about to be flooded by different types of garbage if certain measures will not be taken. This essay will explore some causes of this and propose ways to solve the problem.

To begin with, different food producers decided that their products will be selling better if they will pack them in small-sized boxes and packets. These colorful and attractive packs go straight to the trashcan; the number of packs is growing along with the consuming growth.

More consuming produces more waste. Government and businesses encourage consuming because it leads to high profits and development of state economy. They are not interested in the situation there a person is going to use something for a long time. Society is being bombarded with commercials, pleading to buy, for instance, a new mobile phone; buying new things because throwing away old but good things.

The problem of garbage is very complicated. As we can see, government is not interested of reducing consuming. Thus, the responsibility has to be taken by individuals and non-governmental organizations. Certain laws, regulating the percentage of packaging material per ton of product should be established. Moreover, interesting programs, involving people to participate can be developed. For example, a bonus for not asking for a plastic bag in supermarkets or for buying extra large packs of food.

In addition, everyone should become concerned about the future of human beings and our planet. If we do not wish to be buried in rubbish, we should think twice before buying things we do not need.


Model Answer 3:
Nowadays human are producing more and more rubbish. Scientists argue why this problem appears in human life. The role of governments in reducing the amount of rubbish should be more or less.

The amount of waste we produce has increased. This problem is a result of our consumer culture. Advertisers encourage us to buy the newest fashions. If something breaks, we throw it away and buy a new one.  Products are not made to last. The amount of household waste is growing because most foods are sold non-biodegradable plastic packaging. This waste ends up in landfill sites. People do not think about the consequences of dropping rubbish. They assume that somebody is pad to clean streets. Most of the litter seen on street is fast-food packaging. Plastic packaging does not break down easily.

Companies should make goods that last longer. They should not use so much packaging. Governments should be stricter, about waste produced by companies. They should put legal limits on packaging. Consumers should avoid buying over-packaged products. We should recycle and reuse useful materials. There are collection banks for paper, glass and plastic bottles. Households can use several rubbish bins to separate waste. Recycling saves energy and raw materials. Governments should invest on transforming human culture, away from consumerism towards a culture of sustainability. They could impose green tax on drivers and airline companies. Government campaigns should promote recycling. Individuals should also try to be greener. We should recycle as much as possible.

To summarize, it seems either governments or people should be responsible about the amount of rubbish is produced. Also all human being should learn to be more environmentally friendly.


Model Answer 4:
Environment today is threatened by many factors such as air pollution and so on. However, among the most concerning is the increase in the amount of waste production. It is argued that the main causes of this are availability of poor quality products and over-population. To tackle these issues, government’s role will be analysed for viability.

To begin with, consumerism plays a key role in the rise of garbage around the world. Nowadays, people prefer replacing the old items with the new one when the existing one stops working, which in turn adds to the waste produced. In addition, increase in the count of inhabitants means more people throwing the products which directly increases the quantity of sewage produced. Thus, it is apparent that both these factors are dependent on each other and thereby, contribute equally towards the rubbish addition.

To counter this, government can play major role by monitoring the objects manufactured by the companies. In other words, they can enforce these organisations to produce durable items which can be used for the longer duration. As a consequence, disposing of products will be minimised and hence, amount of waste produced will also be reduced to greater extent. Along with this, legal entities should concentrate on educating society about the negative effects of excessive population and work together for controlling this growth.

As it is clear, that population rise and less robust equipment’s have led to the boost in the sewage within the nation. It is thus hoped that the government will implement regulations for developing sturdy products and thus, discourage people from creating rubbish.


Model Answer 5:
It is undeniable that the increment of rubbish is giving problems to the society. In my opinion, this issue did not exist in the past, until thirty years ago, the change of human behavior. There are a few reasons that cause the volume of rubbish increase. Let me illustrate the causes.

First of all, from my point of view, one of the main reason of increasing rubbish is, overly purchase habit of people. Often, people nowadays tend to buy more than what they really need. It is very clear and obvious that whenever there are promotions, the sales volume will increases. As a result of that, people buy items that will not be used for a period of time and it will then be thrown away. Therefore the volume of rubbish is increasing.

Apart from that, I would say, the lack of recycle practices in the society is another main reason. Recycling could reduce the volume of rubbish in the world by reusing the thrown away materials. By doing so, it could also reduce the usage of natural resources.

Last but not least, a proper way of disposing wastage and rubbish is a must. By implementing a proper way of disposing rubbish, it could save cost and man power to control the volume of rubbish at the same time.

In conclusion, it is essential to control the volume of rubbish in the society. Government could educate the citizen with the knowledge of reducing rubbish in a good way. Government could hold campaign, advertise or even educate the citizen, starting from young, maybe from primary school. If this issue continues to go on, it would cause damages to the earth, action must be taken before it is too late. I believe, government and citizen must work together in order to achieve this goal, as all things can be done with unity.


Model Answer 6:
It is evident that people are generating more waste these days. There are reasons that lie beneath the issue and this essay will discuss about them, and also will discuss about some of the solutions that governments could do to resolve it.

It is a fact that the amount of garbage that people produce these days has increased rapidly compared to the past. The main reason is due to the significant growth of the world population in the past few years. It is undeniable that waste production will automatically increase when the world population grows, as every individual will surely generate some wastages. Another reason is that people’s  lifestyle has changed these days and they have adopted a throwaway habit. It is noticed that people prefer to use plastic bags or plastic mineral bottles rather than to bring their own permanent bags or bottles. Many people do not realize that plastic wastages need around one hundred years to be decomposed. People nowadays change their electronic gadgets and appliances more frequently than ever before.  This kind of living has seriously impacted to the number of rubbish that is produced.

There are some considerable solutions that governments could do in order to resolve the issue. Firstly, governments should make clear regulation about limiting the usage of plastic bags and bottles. For example, governments could give tax incentive to retailers who reduce the usage of plastic bags and replace them with recycle paper bags. Secondly, they could also make campaigns to the society about the negative effects of plastic bags and bottles to the environment. Campaigns could be made in the form of posters, short video clip or even a documentary film which can be easily accessed by public. Furthermore people have to be more careful about waste dumping and taking responsibility of waste recycling. By considering to these soluble solutions, it is hoped that the garbage production will decline in the future.

In conclusion, it is true that nowadays people are producing more garbage than ever before. It is mainly due to the significant growth of the population, the usage of plastic materials and people’s lifestyle. Some of the solutions that governments could do would be by setting clear regulations and making awareness campaigns to the society while people have to participate in waste recycling.



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