IELTS Writing Task 2 – Many developing countries are currently expanding their tourist


Many developing countries are currently expanding their tourist industries.

Why is this the case? Is it a positive development?



You should spend about 40 minutes on this task.

You should write at least 250 words.


IELTS Writing Task 2/ IELTS Essay Sample

Sample Answer 1:

It is irrefutable that international tourism has taken mammoth dimensions. In fact it
has become the backbone of many economies of the world. No wonder many
developing countries are opening their doors to tourists. In my opinion, it is both, a
positive as well as a negative development.

International tourism can have many benefits for individuals. The most important
benefit is that tourism provides regular employment for many local people who might
otherwise be unemployed. They can find work in restaurants or hotels, or with tourist
agencies as guides or drivers, for example, and earn regular wages. This, in turn,
means that they may be able to save money and improve their standard of living. The
second reason is that tourists spend money in the country and this allows local
businesses such as restaurants, bars and taxi companies to flourish. In turn, other
businesses, food suppliers or petrol stations, for instance, may be established in order
to provide services to support the companies which cater for tourists. In other words,
the whole economy of the region develops.

A third reason is that in order for tourists to be able to visit remote areas, roads,
airports and hotels have to be built and local people also benefit by being able to use
these new facilities. Furthermore, when communications improve, it becomes
possible for other industries to move into the area, bringing with them more
employment opportunities and increased prosperity. A final reason why I am in favour
of tourism is that visitors from outside bring fresh ideas and different ways of doing
things to the local community. Consequently, local people may learn from tourists.
Likewise, visitors learn about the local people and culture, and return home with a
deeper understanding of the host country.

On the other hand, that there are some problems associated with international
tourism. Firstly, there is the increasing crime rate. Some locals see tourists as easy
prey because, not only are they in unfamiliar territory and therefore less able to take
care of themselves, but also they carry visible items of wealth, such as cameras and
jewellery which can be disposed of quickly for a profit. Another major problem is
health. With greater mobility comes greater danger of spreading contagious diseases
around the world. Also to be considered is the natural environment, which can be
seriously threatened by too many visitors. Australia’s Great Barrier Reef, for example,
is in danger of being destroyed by tourists and there are plans to restrict visitors to
some of the more delicate coral reefs. Air pollution is also caused by too many air

To put it in a nutshell, I pen down saying that international tourism is both a positive
as well as a negative development but advantages certainly outweigh the


Model Answer 2:

There is a trend that numbers of developing countries try to develop their tourist industries. This essay is to provide the reasons of this situation and analyse its effects.

There are many factors contributing to this phenomenon. Firstly, the local government and state want to earn extra incomes. Some of the developing countries such as Thailand and Indonesia attract more tourists in order to gain revenue and develop its domestic economic. Furthermore, the local catering business and souvenir stores will benefit with the big profits from the tourist trade. Secondly, promoting tourism sectors can significantly reduce the unemployment rate. Once a country expands its tourist field, there are many job opportunities generated to meet the marketing demand. For example, restaurants and hotels offer positions for young people, thereby minimising the number of unemployed individuals.

It is generally believed that tourist brings tremendous benefits to the countries and even the globe. To start with, the local residents will experience a huge difference that occurs in their homeland when a country takes action to boost its tourist industry, the government has to invest money to update the basic infrastructure and improve the public services for people to use. Besides, if provides an ideal platform to present a nation’s distinct culture and unique landscape to the world. By welcoming foreign visitors, developing countries have the opportunity to improve their national images by introducing the beautiful scenery and historical wonders.

To sum up, many developing countries promote traveling business for economic growth and minimising unemployment rate. It is certainly a positive trend because if benefits the local citizens and its national status.


Model Answer 3: 

Tourism is already a huge industry and this is expanding even more rapidly in developing countries. Many developing countries have taken extensive initiatives to expand their tourism and thus many of them have gained a considerable amount of popularity in this industry. I believe that the reasons for developing countries to embark this industry are many folds and this is quite a positive development for them.

First and foremost popularity around the world is the reason many developing countries are expanding their tourism. They know quite well that popularity and exposure to the world is the main key to expand their presence in the world.  For instance, Malaysia is a well known Asian country and the expansion of their tourism sector has established this popularity. Second, tourism industry brings a huge amount of foreign money that can be used for the development of the country. For instance, developing countries like Thailand, China and Spain are earning a huge amount of foreign money from their tourism industries. Third, tourism actually increases the business opportunities of a country and thus many counties are having better trade relationship with developed countries only because the tourists of western world came to visit such countries first. Finally, tourism creates job opportunities for local people and gives the host country an excellent opportunity to develop their infrastructure.

I firmly believe that despite some negative effects tourism industry offers a huge benefit to a country. Among the negative effects environmental pollutions, influence of foreign culture and threat of terrorism are often mentioned. However, in this era of globalization countries cannot shut their doors for foreigners. This is the age of technology and we can fly to any place within few hours. So the tourism industry is rapidly enhancing and a country should take advantages of it. Earning foreign remittance, creating more jobs for local people, introducing unique tradition to the world, improving transportation system, knowing cultural diversity are some of the quite astonishing advantages that development of tourism can offer.

In short, the main reason developing countries are expanding their tourism industries is because they understand the huge potential and benefits this industry offers and without any doubt this is quite a positive development.


Sample answer 4:

Recently, the tourist industries are being dramatically expended in lots of developing countries. In my opinion, there are two main causes about this situation, one is the economic income and the other is that those countries want to let other people understand them more clearly.

Actually, most developing countries need to create more opportunities to make money, and the tourist industry is a very suitable choice for them. For example, as some South East Asia countries, they do not own abundant natural resource, but they have incredible beautiful scenery which can attract millions of people come there every year. Clearly, the tourist industry can make their gross domestic product increase dramatically. On the other hand, I consider that those countries want to use tourist industry to express their national image and the most important is that they can make the foreign people understand them more clearly and to clean up some misunderstanding.

As for the effect of expending tourist industry in developing countries, I think that was a positive development if the government can protect the environment and the traditional buildings. You must understand that if too many people come to a scenery spot just like Forbidden City, they might destroy the old buildings. For example, some of the tourists throw out their rubbish or carve some words on the walls. That was so terrible. Therefore, if the government can introduce laws to stop those conducts, I think that was a good thing for everyone.

In conclusion, increasing expending tourist industries is beneficial for developing countries, and I hope that tourists can protect the heritage of human being.


Sample Answer 5:

Currently, there is a hot discussion about the reasons why there are developing countries in growing number expanding tourist industries and whether it is a positive development or not. As far as I am concerned, I am convinced that it is a positive development. In this essay, I will make an analysis of the reasons in the following paragraphs.

The first and foremost reason is that, tourism, which becomes the principal source of financial revenue in many developing countries, is financially beneficial to the economic development. For instance, China needs an increasing amount of foreign currencies for its modernization drive. Tourism is one of the most crucial channels to obtain such currencies. Furthermore, tourism facilitates the development of the catering business and transportation service as well. Additionally, tourist industries make primary contribution to the national income and tax revenue.

In the second place, tourism provides local habitants in tourist attractions with more opportunities of employment, which has eliminated some social problems to some extent. In the scenic spots, it is common that even the uneducated people can make a living simply by selling souvenirs, local specialties and so on, which relieves the pressure of local government.

Last but not least, it is true that tourism contributes a great deal to the friendship and mutual understanding between people from different countries, which will unquestionably enhance the future cooperation in international affairs. Tourism provides people with a good opportunity to have a better understanding of the culture, history and customs in foreign countries.

All in all, it is of great benefit for developing countries to promote the tourist industry, for it will play a positive role in both the economic and political development of a country.


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