IELTS Writing Task 2 – In many countries more and more young people are leaving school


In many countries more and more young people are leaving school but unable to find jobs. What problems do you think youth unemployment causes for individuals and the society?

What measures should be taken to reduce the level of unemployment among youngsters?


You should spend about 40 minutes on this task.

You should write at least 250 words.



Idea relate to the Essay

Para 1: Effects on individual
– Economic loss
– Peace of mind and feeling of security is lost
– Self worth is lost
– Social status and status within the family is lost
– Mental health is affected
Para 2: Effects on society
– Increased poverty
– Crime
– Political instability
– Diminished health standards
Para 3: What can be done
– Education system reform – many people are without jobs and many jobs are without suitable people
– Government subsidies to those firms that take on unemployed people
– Control of birth rate – fewer children to care for and feed
– Set up industries based on agriculture
– Set up cottage industries – carpets – mats – soaps


IELTS Writing Task 2/ IELTS Essay Sample

Sample Answer 1:

Young people’s situation and future prospects are of vital concern to us all. Many of them
face the problem of unemployment after passing out of school. This essay shall highlight the
problems caused by youth unemployment on individuals and society and suggest some
ways forward. It has been rightly said – “Of all the aspects of social misery, nothing is so
heart breaking as unemployment” Jane Adams

Unemployment has profound effects on the young people. Unemployment affects their
psychological and social development. Some may even develop suicidal tendencies or get
involved in crime. A significant proportion of young people are not in a position to make a
positive transition to adulthood. For some, it will be very difficult to ‘catch up’, even if
circumstances do improve. At a crucial period of life, they are missing out on acquiring and
exercising skills, on developing a sense of their competence, on getting the positive feelings
about self which come from having a sense of control over their own lives, on being given
opportunities to contribute to society, and to feel that they are valued.

On the societal level also there are many effects. There is increased crime in the society
which has a very detrimental effect. Young people are energetic and if their energy is not
channelized in the right direction then definitely violence and crime is there in the society.
Poverty, which is the result of unemployment, also leads to many problems like diminished
health standards. So, on the whole, the society suffers.

The solutions are not simple. Education system should be reformed. There are many people
without jobs and many jobs are without suitable people. So students should be encouraged
to take up those courses which have no dearth of jobs. Government can also provide
subsidies to those firms that take on unemployed people. Government can set up industries
based on agriculture and also set up cottage industries such as those of carpets, mats and
soaps. Finally, government can encourage self employment by giving loans to young people
who want to be entrepreneurs.

To put it in a nutshell, I pen down saying that, youth unemployment is a serious issue and
should be dealt with on a war footing as there are a lot of detrimental effects on the
individual and society.

Model Answer 2:
Job crisis is one the most big problems for almost all of the countries and the there are lots of  negative consequences for the unemployment young and the society. The people are aware now about the education and the percentage of the people going to the colleges and universities are more than anytime it had before. So as a result, more students are graduating from the colleges and universities but with the increased population and limited opportunities, none can ensure the employment for all the graduating young people.

There are many problems concerning those unemployed young people. First of all, they become so depressed and feel dejected. They start abusing drugs and start doing unethical things that are harmful for both themselves and the society. Since they need money but have no steady income source so they involve them with some heinous task like drug dealing, stealing, robbery, black mailing etc. They are often misused as political pawn and thus they corrupt the society at a large.

If a society can’t ensure the economical freedom and jobs for the young then it must suffer form ethical disorder and social calamities. The rate of crimes increases and as young are the most dominating portion of any society , they gone uncontrolled and thus steal the peace of the whole society.
Government should as well the individual; take many prudent steps to reduce the level of unemployment. For instance: The government should try to increase the job fields in every sector. Self employment should be encourages and the opportunity of SME loan should be introduced at a larger portion. Interest free loan should be offered to those fresh graduates to encourage building their own business and firms. Again, Government can arrange to send those skillful graduates to the foreign countries diplomatically and thus can earn lots of foreign revenue.

Finally the individual should be self motivated and hard working to develop their own situation and help the society to become a better place to live in beside the efforts of the Government.

Model Answer 3:

The issue of unemployment among youth is widely discussed around nowadays. It causes numerous problems in society, the major of which is a constant increase of crime level.

We must acknowledge that youth unemployment has reached a threatening level. For example, on the Gold Coast it is 14% above the national average. Needless to say, that this trend evokes great problems in society. Unfortunately, crime level has rocketed for the past decade: robbery, sexual abuse, drink- and drug- driving do not sound unthinkable nowadays. If young people were more involved into their careers, it would be a strong deterrent from committing crimes. It is true that youth’s expectations are often too high and they are not active enough in their job search. A further problem is that unemployed youngsters are a heavy burden on the state’s budget.

It is clear that school leavers need more information about possible job vacancies. Job centres could cooperate with schools, organising open door days for high school students. No one can guarantee them a well-paid position without any experience or university degree. The government has also to fund preparation courses, where young people could get a professional orientation, learn to write their resume, get prepared for a coming interview and decide what exactly they want to do in life. Needless to say that youngsters demand a certain guidance and assistance, as it is their first experience in searching a job. Businesses should be encouraged to employ young apprentices, too, and their taxed could be decreased significantly. Another measure is encouraging of working pensioners to retire. If they do that, more working positions will become available for the youth.

In conclusion, the government should work out a national program to ameliorate unemployment rates among youth.

Model Answer 4:
Nowadays, increasing numbers of young people all around the world have being out of school and jobless. This situation poses great pressure on both individuals and society.

The unemployed young people are suffering from various kinds of problems caused by joblessness. They are depressed by the stress of looking for jobs. Nobody, especially the young people, favour living their lives idly, thus they have to consistently improve their employable skills and keep on looking for jobs. However, the depressed global economy makes tougher and more tortuous their road of getting hired. Moreover, they are more likely to involve in physical problems, such as diabetes, obesity and heart disease, due to long hours sitting and lack of exercises. Also psychological illness may find their way to them because the young job seekers are usually accompanied with anxiety.

For the society as a whole, youth joblessness would impair the balance of the society. The crime rates, to some extent, linked with the unemployment rate, will soar if unemployment can not be well controlled. In order to survive, some jobless young people make take the risk in getting some income illegally, for instance stealing, robbery, gambling and smuggling. Also they may blindly commit crimes just for releasing their resentment towards the society. What’s more, the sustainable development of the society would be negatively affected. The high youth joblessness is not the result of too many population but the disfunctional human resource markets which, if not handled properly and instantly, would result in chaos in various areas in the nation.

In my point of view, several actions may be effective to this scenario. Firstly, the authorities should invest more money in education and technique skills training to ensure that the young people are armed with the knowledge and skills that employers want. Secondly, the rigid human resource markets should get rid of any old regulations which may discourage employers from hiring young people. And finally, the authorities should lower requirements of opening small business and encourage people to run their own stores.

All in all, high youth joblessness acts like plague to both individuals and societies. Actions must be taken to help young people get employed.

Model Answer 5:

Nowadays, an increasing number of graduates face the challenge that they can not find position in workplace. The high rate unemployment makes those young people neither confident nor independent, it is also an unstable factor of the society. In my view, governments should endeavor to change the situation and juveniles should improve themselves to be qualified employees.

First of all, for the majority of young people, the failure in finding a job may make them lose self-confidence which is critical for their future life. That is because such unsuccessful experience may bring harmful effects to them in both mental and physical. Moreover, unemployment makes those young people rely too much on their family which may bring heavy burden to their parents and they can not become as independent as others who successfully started their career.

In addition, the more unemployment among the youngster, the less energetic and creative workforce in the industries. The reason is obviously, just looking back at the past, many scientific renovation and technological invention stemmed from youngsters’ crazy ideas. What’s more, the increasing amount of unemployed youngsters may be the unstable factor of the society and bring harmful influence to their community.

To solve these problems, on the other hand, governments should enact laws to encourage the investment to create more job opportunities for the young fraduates. Besides, subsidizing those employment reasonably to ease the stress of their daily life is also necessary. While on the other hand, the youngseter themselves should learn more practical skills in order ro meet the real needs of the job market. After all, it is not the strongest that survive in the society, but the most responsive to change.


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