IELTS Writing Task 2 – International travel makes people prejudiced rather than broad-minded


International travel makes people prejudiced rather than broad-minded.

What are its causes and what measures can be taken to solve this problem?


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You should spend about 40 minutes on this task.

You should write at least 250 words.

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Sample Answer 1:

It is irrefutable that international tourism has taken mammoth dimensions. Unfortunately,
sometimes, international tourism creates tension rather than understanding between
people from different cultures. In this essay I intend to delve into the causes of this situation
and suggest some ways forward.

The most important reason why some are opposed to international tourism is that tourists
may unknowingly show disrespect for local culture. For instance, we generally cover our
heads in a religious place. A tourist may not do so or take his shoes inside a temple. This
may offend the local people. Sometimes, youngsters may be attracted towards the western
culture which the tourists bring with them and many may find this as a threat to the local

Moreover, the tourist dollar may not be helping the local people. We all know that tourists
stay in five star hotels and enjoy the best facilities. They may be taking two showers a day
where as the local people may not have enough water to drink. This has been the case in
Shimla which is a very popular hill station in Himachal Pradesh India. On top of that when
tourists buy souvenirs from local artisans, they bargain a lot. The poor artisans, who look up
to tourists for their livelihood, end up earning the bare minimum. Finally, tourism creates
pollution, which helps nobody. We are all suffering the consequences of global warming.

The solutions are not simple. We cannot discourage tourism. It is the backbone of many
economies of the world. First of all, the tour operators should take the onus of guiding the
tourists about the main things of local culture. Secondly, the tourists should stay with locals
as paying guests. This would be a win-win situation for both. Local people would earn and
the tourist would taste the local culture. Finally, ecotourism should be promoted. For
example, if an elephant ride is possible, the tourist should avoid using car. After all a good
tourist is one – who takes away nothing but photographs and leaves behind nothing but

To put it in a nutshell, I pen down saying that, international tourism does have a downside
to it but many steps can be taken to lessen the negative effects.

Model Answer 2:

It is true that travelling across countries might make people judging on other cultures instead of broadening their horizons. There are several reasons for this tendency and steps which can be done to further improve people knowledge of places they have been to.

Two main issues of the phenomenon include the natural characteristics of human and the propaganda of the long-history countries. Firstly, the nature of human is being proud of their hometown, rather than of a strange place which has not related to them. For example, people could visit other villages with many even more interesting customs and traditions, however, theirs are better. Secondly, countries with long histories of construction and keeping the boundary out of other enemy’s eyes tend to educate their citizens about the glory of their motherlands. As a consequence, up to a point, their people would not want to discover other’s elites.

There are several actions which both individuals and governments can do to tackle the problems. The best course of action for individuals is to be neutral. In other words, they should bear in mind each culture has their own unique and no one is better or worse. The second step would be for governments to change the way of educating their residents. To put it simply, they should be told about the global village where a diversity of cultures is mostly unavoidable. As a result, not only can people conserve their national identities, but also might widen their understanding on other country’s achievements.

In conclusion, both national authorities and individuals play active roles in changing their attitudes toward the prejudicing other’s traditions, to understand well the places they visited.

Model Answer 3:

In general, people travel abroad in order to experience exotic cultures in different regions. However, some people assert that International travel exacerbates their prejudices instead of expanding their outlook. Before proposing my ideas, I would like to analyse this complicated phenomenon.

As far as I am concerned, an enormous amount of factors attribute to such abnormal situation. First and foremost, as people living in developed countries are always proud of their brilliant cultures, they are more likely to find a hard time in adjusting themselves to a less developed country. They are probably not satisfied with the local environment , food, weather and so on. Worse still, some conflicts occur easily between visitors and indigenous people in host countries ,where local people are reluctant to welcome the visitors. Furthermore, it is understandable that people hold various opinions to lifestyles, religions and every aspect of lives in different countries. The immense differences aggravate visitors misunderstanding to the host countries. For example , visitors from China may irritate their servers in western countries when they do not realize they need to pay tips.

It is undeniable that getting a profound understanding of the countries they visit before boarding an airplane enables them to enjoy a more meaningful journey. With the assistance of computers, individuals can search for more specific introduction of the countries. They should not trust the exaggerated advertisements . Instead, they can ask more advice from their friends who visited there before. Even so, it is a tolerance and psychological preparation that they should have to face the dark-sides of the host countries.

To conclude, everyone is willing to have a wonderful trip abroad to enjoy their leisure time. However, some irritating aspects and events are inevitable. Consequently, we should concentrate on the bright-sides of a journey rather than cultivate a sense of prejudices.

Model Answer 4:

It is generally believe that people who is going to abroad is more open-minded. Bizarrely, some other groups of bulwarks think otherwise.

Firstly, several folks argue that international trip is unnecessary due to waste of money. There is no correlation between become open-mind and international trip. Myriad people more prejudice because the governments disappoint them. These people contend that there is no benefits for societies who are going to other countries. Take one example, parliament members of developed countries. They go to advanced countries as their destinations. They want to learn concerning the urban planning system. It seems asinine because between developed and advanced countries there are many differences which implausible to be applied in the country of origin. In the reality, when civil servants travel to part of the world, they do not know what to do, or what they should be done. There is no contribution at all to the country, when they return to their homeland. This is truly waste of money.

Secondly, numerous people say, instead waste some dough to go to other regions. It would be better use money to repair infrastructures and incline public services, such as health care, public transportation, system of educations, and so on. It would be increase the economy condition of a country, plus, to make better life for societies as well. The plausible solutions to tackle the problem that governments should be more responsible related to their obligations because they are representative of communities of a state. In this case, high awareness from the civil administrations are noteworthy. As the members of parliament they should be more concern to their folks than fulfill their own interest; instead neglect public interest. In addition, governments should be more wisely in the event of using budget of the country because state funds are public money as well. After a while, involvement from societies to monitor the governments are crucial, such as provides critic and attention. It is useful to create better quality of a nation, and, it is also important to avoid abuse of budget for some unreasonable reasons. Because, parameter of knowledgeable not only from international travel but on how to perform good governance without travel around a lot to international areas.

To conclude, by implementing the solutions above, it might probably reduce prejudice of the public. Basically, international trip for a glorious purpose is a positive way. However, it would be worse when people commit deviations; in fact ignore original intentions, and even misuse of the budgets. Lastly, the problem is not easy to fix, particularly to foster the trust of the communities.

Model Answer 5:

With the tendency that a rising number of people travel to other country for knowing more culture and people ,both of native inhabitant and tourist have been more prejudiced to each other .This essay will look at some reason of this trend and put forward some potential solution.

Obviously, the best immediate reason why native resident have some tension to tourist is tourist may unknowingly show disrespect for local culture,for example,some people behave improperly in a religious place or even offend local people ;on the other hand,local youngsters may be attracted by the culture or lifestyle brought by tourist; this may be regarded as threat to local culture.

Admittedly, there are also main reason why tourists become prejudiced to local culture , habit and people .A plenty of tourists themselves tend to generalise what they have seen or heard and develop biased view on local people or culture, e.g. they will think some certain practice are not civilised, or barbarian, inferior to their own civilisation .

The possible solution are always under discussion at personal and government level, some people think that travel agencies should take the responsibility of guiding tourists about the essential of custom or tradition of the destination country, The other people suggest tourists themselves should do some research before going to some place and help protect local culture and environment, for example,they travel there by taking green transportation.


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