IELTS Writing Task 2 – Individuals can do nothing to improve the environment Only governments


Individuals can do nothing to improve the environment. Only governments and large companies can make a difference.

To what extent do you agree or disagree with this opinion?



You should spend about 40 minutes on this task.

You should write at least 250 words.


Idea for the Topic

Global warming

Gases such as carbon dioxide trap heat from the sun

This causes global temperatures to rise

This process is known as the greenhouse effect

Human activity is a major factor in the rise of the greenhouse gases

Factories and vehicles produce emissions and exhaust fumes

Many developing countries are becoming industrialized

The number of cars on our streets is growing

Cheap air travel is allowing more people to fly


Effects of Global Warming

Global warming will have a significant impact on our planet

Rising temperature will cause melting of the polar ice caps

Sea levels will rise

We can expect more extreme weather conditions

Flooding and droughts may become more common


Impacts of humans on the environment

The increasing world population is putting pressure on natural resources

Fossil fuels like oil and gas are running out

We are destroying wildlife habitats

We have cut down enormous areas of rainforest

This has led to the extinction of many species of animals and plants


Solutions to environment problems

Governments could introduce laws to limit emissions from factories

They should invest in renewable energy from solar, wind or water power

They could impose “green taxes” on drivers and airlines companies

Government campaigns should promote recycling

Natural areas and wild animals should be protected

Individuals should also try to be greener

We should take fewer flights abroad for holidays

We should take public transport rather than driving

We should choose products with less packaging

We should recycle as much as possible


IELTS Writing Task 2/ IELTS Essay Sample

Sample Answer 1:

Everyone is becoming aware that the environment is a serious issue. There is bad air
and water pollution everywhere and we also know that the greenhouse effect is
changing our weather and that the hole in the ozone layer is causing skin cancer.
However, not enough is being done to solve these problems, because most people
seem to think that they can do nothing. They think that only governments and large
companies can combat this massive problem. I feel that the responsibility for
protecting the environment must be shared by everyone. Individuals can and should
do many things to help to solve the problem.

First of all people can make sure that they are responsible in the way that they dispose
of waste. If people throw rubbish like plastic into rivers and oceans, it always stays
there, and causes fish and sea-birds to die. It is also important to make sure that we
do not buy goods that have too much wrapping on them, especially plastic wrapping,
because if we do we are adding to the huge amounts of waste.

People also need to be responsible in the way that they use water. In some countries,
like Australia, an enormous amount of water is wasted for swimming pools, washing
cars and so on. Most countries are running out of fresh water. If people used their cars
less this would help to prevent the greenhouse effect. Everyone can try to use public
transport more, or use bicycles, or even walk, instead of using their cars for even short

Finally, the most important thing that individuals can do is to let their governments
know that they want something to be done about the environment. It is obvious that
the governments will not do anything unless the people force them to.

It is therefore clear that individuals must take responsibility for the environment,
otherwise it will soon be too late, and we and the next generation will suffer serious


Model Answer 2: 

Environmental problems such as ice-melting and greenhouse effect have become severe increasingly in the last decades. Some people argue that only governments and large companies can address problems while people are too limited to make a difference on this issue. From my own perspective, not only authorities and big enterprises have capacities to modify this condition but also every person can beautify our surroundings neat and tidy.

To begin with, we should shoulder the obligation to take care of our unique and single earth. If rubbish were thrown here and there, the globe would become a horrible garbage yard, an irreversible disaster towards the whole eco-system, which is hardly imagined. By contrast, the entire world would be altered more harmonious and cleaner atmosphere due to environmental protection in mind and practical actions.

Furthermore, it’s widely acceptable that citizens’ notions have a positive impact on governments’ environmental strategy and companies’ decisions. For instance, the suggestion of saving industrial water consumption aroused by a region or a union might be applied by governments through enacting laws to conduct the measure, however, which eventually will be carried out by single individuals.

The authorities and large firms have the possession to contribute to our environmental improvement as well. It is companies’ sufficient resources like wealth, brand influence that facilitates the protection more effectively. They could raise public awareness easily through some approaches, e. g., Public service advertising, which people cannot accomplish by one’s aspiration. Nonetheless, the entire environmental career still relies on individual’s devotion.

In summary, both parts of powers need to be taken seriously. People acting as participants bring about the change reflected by the accumulated small efforts of every citizen. Meanwhile, the government and companies also play a leading role in environmental challenges. Only by a combination of all sides of contributions, the world can be ecological, balanced, and peaceful.


Sample Answer 3: 

People have long been interested in identifying the forces that contribute to enhance the surrounding quality. However,whether only governments and huge size companies can transform the environment.As far as I know, its benefits are far more overt than its downsides.

Firstly, It is obvious that government have a majority of authorities. Like for instance,they can take a video that free advertisements about environmental protection and environment problems to make up citizen. In addition,government can use tax from civil to employ some worker and gardener to return back the beauty environment.Such as worker clan out pollutant from river; gardener cut trees on the road two sides.Therefore,It is crucial for government build a green surrounding.

Moreover,huge size companies have large fund,and then they invest some items about improve the environment.There is a good method to support governments’ items about environmental protection. Besides,big corporations also support some enormous technical experiments.Let scientists and experts to improve our environment.

That is not to say that individual can not reduce pollution.Environment problems as a result in a long time for human activities.So whoever created the problem should solve it.Of course,no effort is too small when we are protecting the environment.

In conclusion,human focus on improve the environment plays an essential role in society, not only governments have authorities to change the surrounding,but also big corporations invest government and scientist to enhance the environment.However, people also transform surrounding on their own.


Model Answer 4:

It is undeniable that governments and companies have their social responsible.Also,they have more money and facilities,which make the problem solving more easier.

However,I believe this view to be shortsighted.It is clear that human activities have had the greatest impact on the environment throughout history.In summer,we need air conditioner to cool our room.In winter,we need heating to warm ourselves.We drive to work ,go traveling by train and plane.We use a lot of papers which are made by trees. Industrial Revolution which bring us convenient and comfortable life also destroy our environment.Environment protection is a long-term process that nobody can solve it by themselves.It need all of us to continuously participate in.

In contrast,the public`s decisions and behaviors have a far-reaching influence on governments polices and company strategies.For example,if everyone says “no” to plastic shopping bags and paper cups ,companies who product them will switch to environmentally-friendly substitutes to survive in the market.

In conclusion,although governments and companies should shoulder their responsibility to develop a good environment,everyone in this planet have obligated to try their best protecting their homeland.




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