IELTS Writing Task 2 – An increasing number of people choose to live in big cities


An increasing number of people choose to live in big cities. What problems will this bring about?

Should the government encourage people to live in small towns?


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You should spend about 40 minutes on this task.

You should write at least 250 words.


IELTS Writing Task 2/ IELTS Essay Sample

Sample Answer 1:

Cities act as magnets to many from rural areas. As a consequence of this migration many
problems arise in the cities. This essay will discuss these problems and also give opinion on
whether or not the government should encourage people to live in small towns.

A major problem is the pressure on the cities’ infrastructure. For example, as more and
more people crowd into cities, water delivery and sewerage disposal systems are often
found to be inadequate to cope with demand. Moreover, unlicensed construction of
dwellings usually leads to further problems for water and sewerage systems. Roads and
transport services also suffer when they are overused. As more and more people attempt
to travel, the roads quickly become overcrowded and traffic slows. Examples of this
situation can be found in many cities throughout the world. Not only this, these congested
roads become more and more accident prone.

Certainly, if the government encourages people to live in small towns, it would have a
positive impact on the overcrowding of some cities. There would be less traffic, less people
in the city centre, and this would obviously be highly desirable. In addition, there would be
less strain on the services offered by the city – banks, public transportation, restaurants and
the like. This would mean a reduction in queues and faster customer service.

However, the problem would be that a dramatic reduction in numbers of people in the cities
would mean that many businesses would go broke. Restaurants, cafes and other service
areas would suffer tremendously. What would happen is that overcrowding would occur in
the small towns. More and more people offering services would spring up – restaurants,
shopping centres and other businesses would be needed to service the increasingly larger
numbers of people who live in that area. So, although the idea seems good in theory, it
would be very impractical. The better solution to the problem would be a careful planning
of the city keeping in mind the future population predictions.

To put it in a nutshell I pen down saying the because of migration of people from rural to
urban areas, many problems arise in cities but the solution is not in encouraging people to
live in small towns as this would be a short sighted approach.

Model Answer 2:

It is certainly true that, nowadays people are shifting to larger cities. There are several reasons and consequences of this moot issue, however, the government can play a vital role so that one can be rehabilitated into the small towns.

To begin with, people migrate to big cities to enjoy the facilities available over there and to secure their children’s future. Large cities are the places where various educational institutions are established. Moreover, more job opportunities attract the people towards the cities. Nonetheless, this moving of enormous number of people creates problems. Firstly, the urban population would go on increasing, because of this there would be the housing problem. Furthermore, this leads to creation of under developed slum areas. Secondly, in most of the cases, people in large cities might not obtain the job after several trials which leads to deterioration of their standard of living. The overpopulation is big cities would create more pollutions, would increase the crime rate and traffic congestion would become worse. Next, as population in cities increases, the number of people staying in towns and villages gradually decrease. Because of this, there might be a situation when food harvesting steeps down, this in turn produces food scarcity. Owing to all the above reasons it is clear that, the life of people in cities is highly stressful and problematic.

On the other hand, government can change this situation of people in large cities. Firstly, government should improve the facilities in towns so that people do not think of moving to cities in search of better life. This can be done by developing the transport system which inter connects different towns and cities. This encourages the establishment of companies that generates the employment for youth. Construction of schools and colleges in the towns and country side will help the children to study well. Moreover, providing employment allowances would also be beneficial. The government should decentralize many industries and offices so that small towns create more job opportunities. A large portion of the national budget should be allocated for the development of rural areas.

In conclusion, I believe that, it is the government’s responsibility to look after the welfare of its people. Hence, shifting of more people to cities could be checked by providing city like opportunities and facilities.


Model Answer 3: 

We have witnessed a growing number of people who desire to live in metropolis. Some of the problems brought by this phenomenon are related to the environment and pressure.

The problems of living in big cities are relatively obvious. One of the problems is the deterioration of environment. As the public transports are becoming more crowded due to the increasing population, local citizens tend to purchase their own private cars. The number of private cars naturally will increase the congestion of the roads, and consequently affect air quality. Another problem is the increase of level of stress. It is true that expenses on different products in big city are much higher than the life in small towns such as foods and utilities. In order to gain more money for sustaining their lives, workers and employees have no choice but work overtime. As a result, this causes detrimental health.

I think that the government should encourage inhabitants to live in small towns because it would definitely solve issues for the public. To start with, it is a good opportunity for local people who have difficulties living in urban areas. By living in small towns, local residents generally can reduce their financial burden because the price level if the essentials is lower. Moreover, people may experience the peaceful life in small towns. Apart from this, citizens who live in small town are much healthier than people who live in big city. Workers, in city, usually take public transport to travel to workplaces, while, people from small town often walk because of short distance. Consequently, people living in small towns could have better health condition.

In conclusion, although there are some problems living in big cities, these problems can be solved with the strategy implemented by the government.

Sample answer 4:

With the improvement of living stadards in our lives, increasing people move into cities while some urban citizens choose to live in suburbs or small towns because of rising problems caused by modernization. Therefore, some insist that the government should encourage people to live in small towns or rural areas, which I think is not a sound solution.

Admittedly, urbanization gives rise to some disturbing troubles in our everyday lives. One problem is that private space becomes more limited and easily gets infringed, for instance,people living in cities lead high-pace and high-pressure life styles and thereby they own little time for themselves. Apart from that, since there are too many industries and workshops, many individuals are exposed to noise and air pollutions, which have baneful effects on our physical and psychological wellbeing. In addition, job competition gets increasingly fierce in cities, especially in depressions, thus leading to some bad social behavious like crimes, extremism, etc..

On the other hand, I do not think it is beneficial to encourage citizens to move out of urban areas, although we are faced with lots of problems related to urbanization. At first, too many people living in suburbs or small towns is not environmental friendly. People living in rural areas exhaust more lands and energies than living in centralized cities because it is much more difficult and expensive to construct infrastructures for relatively scattered populations. Furthermore, people live in rural areas will lack adequate social experiences because there are less salons, cafes, bars and restaurants available for encountering new people there. Which could give rise to alienation between people and children raised up in rural areas are more likely to have mental and psychological problems.

On the basis of the discussions above, living urban or rural areas have advantages as well as disadvantages in themselves. Speaking for myself, I think trying to develop and perfect the city plannings rather than encouraging individuals to leave cities is a much better way to tackle those existed problems.


Model Answer 5:

In current society, urbanization is a serious problem faced by many countries around the world. Life in cities has many drawbacks. In this essay I will analyze some problems that this phenomenon creates and the solutions the government should take to overcome this problem.

The most obvious problem of urbanization is overcrowded cities. More and more people are choosing to live in big cities, as a result, those cities are now suffering from all sorts of problems, such as lack of jobs, air pollution, traffic congestion and an increase in housing. For example, business and governments cannot produce enough jobs to meet the demand of a fast-growing population and more people means more cars in the streets which becomes a serious thread to health. Furthermore, rapid urbanization affects crime rates in cities. For instance, frustration and alienation linked to a lower status, limited access to education, money and other resources push younger generation to join organized crime. Moreover, the growth of urban population widens the gap between the urban and rural area. This point is best illustrated with the example of income inequality. Large cities offers incomes which are considerably higher than other smaller towns. Consequently, more people prefer to work in big cities and the workforce in rural areas will decrease.

One possible solution is that the government should create more employment opportunities in rural areas to prevent people to relocate to cities in search for job. For example, the government could explore the potential of rural areas in terms of tourism, living and working conditions and natural resources for jobs opportunities. In addiction to this, government should improve educational facilities and training infrastructures, in order to upskill young people for the labor market so they will not choose to leave their hometown for a better education.

In conclusion, there are several problems of urbanization including overpopulated cities, rise criminal rate and increased gap between urban and rural areas. However, if the government take few effective steps, such as offering better job opportunities in rural areas according to its potentials and improving rural infrastructure, can alleviate this modern-day problem.

Sample Answer 6:

In these days, society has witnessed a large proportion of people who decide to live on their own. This is, however, a common phenomenon in diverse cultures such as Japan, America, and Britain. To my way of thinking, there are two main reasons for this present situation, which will be discussed later. Although there will undoubtedly be a few positive consequences, society should take steps to mitigate this problem.

Now that the living standard improves dramatically, up to 32 million Americans live by themselves according to statistics. What it boils down to is, firstly, the fact that we cannot ignore the attraction of living alone since it makes us more independent in all aspects. We will have a chance to experience new environment, adapt to changes and be more responsible for the decision we have made. For example, now you and your parents are no longer under the same roof, which means you have to learn how to be self-reliant and take care of yourself. Secondly, some people are still single because they have a tendency of being afraid of marriage. Frequent worry about many trivial things in life after marriage such as the financial and economic burden makes them exhausted, whereas those who are alone can live carefreely.

Overall, individualism does have some positive affect on society because it encourages people to be more independent, to voice their own opinions as well as to control their own actions. However, the fact that too many people choose to live by themselves also means that they object to being married. And in long term, this will create ageing population, which causes a lack of labor force in that country. Furthermore, besides having freedom and self-realizing, the people who live on their own feel inevitably lonesome as they are not close to their family.

To sum up, the rise of people who choose to live alone can be attributed to the fact that they either want to be more independent or are opposed to marriage. Although it puts a positive impact on society to a certain extent, the phenomenon is outweighed by the disadvantages such as a lack of human resources and the feeling of lonesome.




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