IELTS Writing Task 2 – The government is responsible for protecting a nations cultural identity


The government is responsible for protecting a nation’s cultural identity. Thus, some people believe new buildings should be built in traditional styles.

To what extent do you agree or disagree with this opinion?

Modern buildings change the character and appearance of towns and cities. The government should insist that new buildings be built in traditional styles to protect cultural identity. To what extent do you agree or disagree?


You should spend about 40 minutes on this task.

You should write at least 250 words.


IELTS Writing Task 2/ IELTS Essay Sample

Sample Answer 1:

Every city has its architectural character, and this architecture represents the culture of the
place. However, I disagree that modern buildings should be built in traditional styles. In the
following paragraphs I shall put forth my arguments to support my views.

Firstly, in most large cities, land is scarce and consequently it is very valuable. This has led to the construction of tall buildings which occupy only a small area of land while providing lots of floor space where people can live or work. We also have to meet the needs of the
growing population for which tall buildings are the answer. Moreover, there is no need for
deforestation to provide more land.

Secondly, modern materials are more practical. Now we use concrete and steel instead of
stone, timber or brick. Because of these things buildings can be built comparatively quickly
using prefabricated materials. They do not use local materials, such as stone, timber or
brick, which used to give character to those buildings. Finally, changes are taking place in
climate and energy sources are depleting fast. So we need energy efficient houses. Modern
buildings use double glass front walls and POP( Plaster of Paris) ceilings which lessen the
energy requirements. Moreover, now we need smaller houses as family structure is

However, I believe that every city should preserve the already existing historic buildings
which give character and identity to the city. The various forts and palaces in Rajasthan,
India have been preserved and are being used to attract tourism. I agree with this kind of
initiative taken by the government.

To put it in a nutshell, I pen down saying that, it is the need of the day that modern buildings
be built in today’s contemporary styles and to give identity to a place one or two historic
buildings may be there in every city.



Model Answer 2:

Every country is known by its cultural heritage. Tourists visit various countries to understand their culture and tradition. It is government’s duty to maintain the cultural uniqueness of the country. However, I strongly disagree with the view that government should be accountable for the new building to be made in vintage model.

To begin with, it is the owner’s choice to decide how his project is going to look like. For instance, in this technologically advanced society no one would like to have dome shaped architecture. In addition to that, a few of the government owned property can be built in traditional style. But, to build all the buildings in old-fashioned way, even though it may be inconvenient is mere thoughtlessness.

Moreover, to preserve the ethnic character of a country many factors can contribute. Government should try to uplift the art form of the country. To cite an example, almost all countries have one or the other traditional dance form. The administration of the country should try to give it an international platform. Worldwide exhibitions can be organized, portraying the talent of the country.

Last but not least, instead of spending money on new construction, government should try to preserve those that already exist. Many ancient monuments of the country lie in ruin and no government aid is provided to them. Therefore, the nation should try to restore these precious heritages and this will in turn improve country’s cultural identity.

To sum up, culture originates with the beginning of the country. One should adapt to the changing times and move forward but should take the past with them. Instead of going for new traditional buildings, one should try to improve those that are already present.


Model Answer 3:

With the rapid development of architectural advancements and the dramatic increase in modernization, many countries have allowed constructing more and more modern buildings that have created significant changes in character and appearance of the living areas. In my opinion, this is unlikely to deteriorate culture and the suggestion that new high-rise buildings should follow the traditional styles in order to maintain culture identity is not persuasive.

There is no denying the fact that buildings erected in modern and unique designs and equipped with more advanced amenities will partly make a professional and active look for a city or town, which both facilitates higher living standards of the locals and draws attention to wealthy tourists or potential investors who are seeking for lucrative markets to develop their business. When the government implement open polices for its cities and towns to construct modern buildings, many companies are more likely to rent more rooms, offices or apartments so as to place their branches, stores or even head offices. This will promisingly accelerate the local economy.

With the intention to protect cultural identity, the government can take consideration into more practical ways rather than insist the traditional styles for new buildings. Regular repairs or refurbishment for historical and old buildings, for instance, may be a good idea to keep the country’s cultural values alive longer. It is those sites that reflect more actual traditions of towns and cities than new ones built in the so-called traditional styles which people cannot ensure if they have been inherited properly from the previous to present builder generation.

In conclusion, modern buildings are obvious results of the constant progress in construction techniques and the economic development of residential regions. The government should encourage building more high-rise buildings to satisfy its inhabitants’ higher demands on hi-tech facilities as well as invest effectively in repairing old buildings to conserve traditional values.


Model Answer 4:

Whether modern buildings should be replaced by traditional buildings is a frequent topic of discussion when people talk about the government action on protecting a nation’s cultural identity. However, in my opinion, a developed city need both traditional and modern buildings and therefore they play complementary roles in adding value to a city. I wish to reinforce my opinion in the following paragraphs.
The supporters of modern style claim that it is the sign of development which cannot be reversed. First of all, modern buildings provide functions which the traditional buildings are unable to facilitate. For instance, emergency exit and digital subscriber loop inner wall are basic and necessary parts of new buildings, whereas traditional ones cannot have these functions which are the necessities of people in modern life.

Secondly, modern buildings are more economical than traditional ones in terms of space. New buildings are designed to utilize every inch of land for a purpose because land is a scare resource. In contrast, old buildings are not designed to use floor area very efficiently. Further, modern style keeps the pace with the world. In other words, new buildings represent that local people are open minded and ready to accept new cultures.
The supporters of traditional style suggest that it is the only to keep cultural identity. For one thing, those buildings play a vital role in handing down historic heritage and traditions, for children and young people can learn their past and traditions from traditional buildings which are the evidence of history. For another, traditional buildings could be a symptom of cultural identity which attracts the world and further provides opportunities to locals.
General speaking, I personally consider that “traditional versus modern” is not a debate because they are not mutually exclusive. It would be a better choice that both of them work co-operatively in order to embellish cities, and it tends to develop into virtuous circle in where traditional buildings are based on modern ones and vice versa.



Model Answer 5:

With the globalization developed in the worldwide, the identity of nation’s culture was be braked. In some country, government support keep nation’s culture identity. There are some people trust government should support traditional culture. At the same time some people give the opposite opinion, they think we should crate new modern style. These ideas are both reasonable, I think when we protect traditional culture, the modern culture should be developed at same time.

There have some people believe government should protect traditional culture. Traditional culture for these people is means origin. This origin is not only for a group of people, but also for the whole nations. Thus, protect traditional culture can improve the cohesion between different ethic group. Government keep culture identity also defense culture imperialism from other country. That is way these people trust government should keep unique culture in the nation.

In some multicultural countries, government welcome foreign nation’s culture. In these country people like exotic cultures, because they live with these people who come from abroad and in someway domestic people just be impacted. These impaction was from education, music, fashion and also diet. The influence from these facts are change people’s life slightly, finally this exotic culture will be one part of origin culture.

All in all, due to the globalization, our nation’s unique culture is be challenged by other foreign culture. I believe government should realize that how important we should protect our own culture. Traditional culture is the core treasure for a nation. It include values and opinion about the world. However we have understand that global development bring in new exotic culture to our nation. so my opinion is we need protect our identity culture, at same time absorb the advantage of foreign as well.



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