IELTS Writing Task 2 – The government should pay for the course fees for everyone


The government should pay for the course fees for everyone who wants to study at the university.

To what extent do you agree or disagree?

You should spend about 40 minutes on this task.

You should write at least 250 words.

IELTS Writing Task 2/ IELTS Essay Sample

Sample Answer 1:

As the modern world is becoming increasingly complex and knowledge is becoming
more and more specialized there is no doubt that tertiary education is necessary both
for the whole society and for individuals who want to ensure that they have a good
profession. However, I disagree that the government should pay the course fees for
everyone who studies at the university. In some cases it should be borne by the
government and in others it should be paid by the individual.

There is no doubt that the whole society benefits. In all developing countries there has
been a strong effort to raise the educational level of the society by putting as much
money as possible into providing educational institutions. Universities and colleges
are, however, expensive to run. Because of this, it is felt that such countries are held
back in all forms of development. Without enough educated professionals such as
doctors, teachers, scientists and engineers, developing countries cannot move ahead.
Governments in such countries provide scholarships or free education, to as many
students as they can fund, because they realize that the whole country will benefit.
Many developed countries also try to offer free tertiary education because they want
a highly educated population.

There are also strong arguments why government should not fund everyone’s higher
education. It is a fact that individuals benefit so much from tertiary education that
they should be expected to pay for it. Doctors, lawyers, accountants and engineers
have some of the highest incomes in most societies. People argue that the
government, and therefore the tax payers, should not pay for students who will later
earn more than anyone else. Moreover, most students come from the middle classes
and their parents can afford to pay for their fees. There are, of course, some students
who cannot afford to pay. This problem can be overcome by giving the students a loan
to pay for their fees, and later, when they are earning a good salary, they repay the

Finally, it is also a well known fact that if we get something for free, we don’t value it
that much. The university classes would be full of non-serious students who would
spoil the decorum of the classes. There would also be drop-outs and students may not
complete their education. In such cases a lot of government money is wasted.

To conclude, I would like to reiterate that the government should not pay the course
fees for everyone who wants to study at the university. However, the government can
provide funding to the poor and needy students in the form of loans which can be
repaid later.

Model Answer 2:

There are a variety of different opinions on whether or not governments should afford the tuition fee for the students who want to go to universities. Some assert that it is necessary for governments to ease economical pressure of poor students for the sake of educational development while others disagree that. Personally, I believe that it is not necessary for governments to pay the course fees if some reasonable measures can be adopted.

Admittedly, investing a vast amount of money in resolving students’ economical problem is a sensible decision. Rather than being anxious for the cost of study and life, one can devoted his or her entire time to learn the major better. It is undeniable that students would be more relaxed instead of worrying in terms of physical and psychological aspects.

Nevertheless, affording everyone’s fees of studying carries some potential drawbacks which may results in a series of social problems. In the first place, for governments, the expense of every student’s course fees will be a considerable financial budget. The economical balance would be undermined if one subject poured in too much capital. The situation would be worth in some populous developing countries. In the second place, to some extent, one may lose motivation of learning if he no longer be worrying about any financial problem. According to the science research, a certain extent of pressure is beneficial to one’s mentality even creativity. Finally, one will gain benefits from part-time job to earn his or her course fees if there are no funds offered for their studying. Students can not only acquiring social experiences from part-time job but also decline their living problems.

In conclusion, I would concede that governments can take other actions instead of just paying the money. For example, course loan could be provided to students to meet the needs of studying requirements and they can pay back the money after their graduation. Also, scholarship is a way of motivating students in terms of studying and living.

Model Answer 3:

Education is the backbone of a nation and the development of a country largely depends on its educational policy. The rapid development of the world and ever increasing competition are two reasons so many young students and professionals are looking for university education these days. The high cost of university education is still a reason many talented individuals cannot afford to get a higher degree and I strongly believe that it should be the government’s responsibility to make the education free and bear the expenses of university education.

First, government has a huge budget for the development of education sector and the money could be better utilized by ensuring university education for talented individuals. Government already funds the public university education and taking full responsibility of the cost would ensure quality education for all. The difficult admission process in the university level filters out the talented students to take part in university education and they should be backed up by the government funds to let them concentrate on their studies. In order to encourage graduate students and professionals to further their education government should pay for their courses as it would bring more benefits in the future for the country. Many European countries have already implemented this method and they have huge number of skilled professionals who not only serve the country but also the whole world.

More importantly, when citizens would be assured that the government will bear the cost of their children’s university education, they would be more interested in preparing their children for the university degree rather than sending them to work and earn. This would have a tremendous effect on the education level of the whole country. By supporting university course fees, government would create more skilled professionals and without them development of the nation is quite impossible in this ever-accelerating era or science and technology. This is an effective method to drive more motivated and talented young towards the higher education and preparing them to take the leadership of the nation.

In conclusion, paying for the university course fees by the government is indeed an effective measure for ensuring quality education for talented individuals and for overall progress of a nation. It is a symbol of prosperity, better education policy and reassuring the citizens. So I reaffirm that the university education costs should be paid by the government.


Model Answer 4:

Everyone certain needs the high education and they want to get bright future. Some people believe that government should give money to the course fees for everyone who wants to continue studying in university, but it is not only government must pay but also parents can help them.

It is right that the government should give money to the course fees for everyone who wants to continue studying in university because some people do not have enough money to pay administration in university and the government should appreciate to them and then give some help when they need. They are definite have dreams to become success person and they need continue studying in university for getting bright future.

Sometimes the government only gives a little helping for students who still need money to complete the administration in university, so the parents more important to help what the students need for completing administration in their university or college. I think it can make their more spirit to study and spirit to get their bright future. I believe they can success if get help from government and their parents for getting bright future.

In my conclusion, the government should give helping to students who want continue studying in university and the parents also more influence to support and help the students to rich their dreams become a good people.



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