IELTS Writing Task 2 – The government should encourage industries and business to move


The government should encourage industries and business to move out of big cities and into regional areas.

To what extent do you think the advantages outweigh disadvantages?


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You should spend about 40 minutes on this task.

You should write at least 250 words.

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Sample Answer 1:

These days with increasing urban populations, there are major problems with congestion
and not only the price, but also availability of accommodation in large cities of the world. It
seems that one possible solution could be to relocate large companies and factories as well
as their respective employees out of these urban areas and into more rural ones. In my
opinion, I strongly agree that this would have a desired effect in making cities more livable.

To begin with, the traffic problem in cities doesn’t only exist from commuting employees,
but also the general public travelling around the city. While this may be a fact, if the number
of worker’s vehicles is reduced on city streets, a large percentage of traffic will obviously
decline in rush hours. For example, peak hour traffic is undoubtedly made up largely of staff
from companies going to and from home.

Secondly, in regards to housing problems, populations will always continue to grow in cities
and therefore inadvertently decrease the number of cheap and available apartments. This is
certainly obvious, however, a large proportion of these apartments are occupied by
employees from large firms and their families. If this workforce is relocated to housing
estates in the country, city apartment blocks will fall in price and certainly increase in

In conclusion, by relocating workers to rural areas to work and reside, heavy traffic
conditions and lack of adequate accommodation in city centres will obviously change for the
better. As far as I’m concerned, I agree that the government should enforce such a law in
order to increase our standard of living in our hectic city life.

Model Answer 2:

It is true that some nations encourage companies to transfer from urban to local areas by the government. Although there are some drawbacks, I would argue that there are more benefits.

However, on the other hand the negative side of this development can not be overlooked and we should give enough thought as well. Indeed relocating industries will have some positive impact but industries will have to cope with a number of various factors in less developed areas such as security, lack of transportation, appropriate infrastructure to setup an industry and scarcity of communication channel. As a result companies and government would have to spend a good amount of money to setup these means even before starting the business and this is what most companies would not come to terms with. Besides this connectivity and client visit will also not be a piece of cake and can cause enough problems

On the other hand, there are more advantages of moving the industries and businesses outside of primary cities. Firstly, industrial plants always produce emissions, which do harm to individuals’ physical health. We can see that some research institutes have proved that those live close to the industrial zone within ten kilometers have a much higher risk of getting cancers. Secondly, workshop building takes up vast areas of land while its land use efficiency is extremely lower. Meanwhile, each square in the big cities are as precious as gold. Thus, it is economic for factories to set up new workshops in the remote area. It also benefits consumers due to the decline of production cost. Lastly, labor market in the regional areas will boost. More job opportunities will be given to the poor live in the rural thereby improving their living standards.

In conclusion, it seems to me that the benefits of relocating huge industrial companies in regional zones such as more available job opportunities, reduce labor costs and locations to businesses, and minimizes pollution in the atmosphere do outweigh the disadvantages.

Model Answer 3:

Industries and businesses are the primary concern in many cities as they make the city more congested and pollute the environment in one hand, while creates job opportunities and contribute to the development of the city on the other hand. Many of the enterprises are operated and promoted in bigger cities only. Encouraging them to move to regional area is a good idea. I believe that has more benefits than drawbacks.

There are several advantages why industries should move to the regional areas and government should take initiatives to do so. The most important is the development of the regional areas. Setting up of the enterprises in the rural area will help to develop the basic infrastructures like transportation facility, electricity and road in the rural areas. In addition, the people of this area will have the golden opportunity of employment and that would enhance the living standard as well. Moreover, the economic activity of the area will increase and that would let the government take further initiatives in order to develop this urban area. The various types of small businesses and industries like hotel, lodge, suppliers will emerge and that will support other businesses and add value in the economy of these areas.

Regional offices are often helpful to expand businesses and to reduce the manufacturing and operating cost. Thus many big industries would be actually benefited from this. Again the pressure on the big cities would reduce and that would lessen many serious issues like pollutions, traffic jam and waste management.

Despite this, there are several disadvantages of moving the businesses and industries to regional area. One of the prominent drawbacks is the exploitation of natural resources. The industry will use the various kind of resource such as forest, water resources which will cause the environmental degradation like pollution, climate change and much more. The gradual increase in the number of population in such urban areas will increase the crime rate. Finally relocating an industry to a different place involves a huge amount of costs and the industries would not want to spend this amount naturally.

All in all, comparing the good look and bad look, I think that the government must encourage the selected industries and businesses to move to regional area where they would operate in a better fashion for the overall betterment of economy and environment and population.

Model Answer 4:

It is true that many governments have persuaded industries and businesses to relocate to the suburban areas. While this trend may have several drawbacks, I personally believe that its benefits are greater.

Admittedly, moving industries and businesses to regional areas is problematic up to a point. Firstly, not all the workers are willing to leave their family to resettle in rural areas. Besides, local workers are often unqualified and thus, in need of training courses. Consequently, companies are likely to find themselves lacking in skilled workforce in the short term. Secondly, poor infrastructure in remote areas can make the idea of moving industries’ location less attractive.

However, the relocation of factories and companies, without a doubt, may partially help solve many urban problems and improve general living standards. These movements definitely lead to the flow of workers to less dense areas which subsequently lessens the burden on public infrastructure in major cities. As a result, traffic congestion, hospital and school overload are alleviated and people can enjoy a better life.

Another significant advantage is the decrease in production cost. More specifically, factory owners can make use of abundant raw materials in the countryside which often require little or no transportation costs. In addition to that, rental costs in less populous places are considerably lower than that in densely populated cities. Eventually, the cost of production becomes lower, making the final products more competitive.

In conclusion, despite a number of shortcomings, it seems to me that the change in the location of industries and businesses from large cities to rural areas is more beneficial.

Model Answer 5:

In this modern world, there are some governments behind the idea of pushing the head executives of big companies and factories to relocate their offices and venues in areas outside city centres. There are minor drawbacks for this movement , people will not find these venues easily , if they are in remote areas ,and ,might not be accessible to public transport which makes it worst to travel. But the benefits of moving to remote areas would prevail over the drawbacks in along term.
Take the negative impact of the thousands of employee and clients , who travel daily to city centre to work or making businesses, on the traffic. For instance, more than two million people travel to London for trade and commerce . The consequences are more traffic pressure and crowdedness because high rates of people prefer to use their private cars rather than using the public transport.therefore, moving companies to suburbs would help in mitigating the traffic congestion in cities.

Having these factories in cities has a polluted effect on the environment. It is very difficult to deal with refuse and waste released by factories and big companies properly. The industrial waste may be mixed with the normal sewage of these industries because there is no reasonable system to deal with the wastes released from old newspapers factories as an example. this might pollute rivers because of the harmful effect of the toxicity of the inks not to mention the air pollution resulting from consuming fuel in their old engines.

Moreover , it is unlikely to expand the land if the business is in the city centre because either it is very expensive to purchase a land in the centre or occupied by other business.

If governments invest some money in motivating the principals of the large companies to move from city centres , the image of their countries would be improved and this will contribute to take their nations to prosperity.

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