IELTS Writing Task 2 – Far too little has been done to prevent animals and plants from dying out


Far too little has been done to prevent animals and plants from dying out, although people have been aware of this problem for a long time. Why do people do so little about it?

Give your suggestions on how to solve this problem.


You should spend about 40 minutes on this task.

You should write at least 250 words.


IELTS Writing Task 2/ IELTS Essay Sample

Sample Answer 1:

It is irrefutable that people know about the endangered animal and plant species but don’t
take enough efforts to save them. In the following paragraphs I shall discuss the reasons
why people are so indifferent towards this problem and suggest some ways forward.

There are many reasons why people are doing so little about it. Firstly, people nowadays are
very busy coping with the pace of the 24/7 society that this global village is offering. They
are running mad in the rat race of material comforts and working hard to achieve them.
They have become victims of this consumerist society and as a consequence, have become
workaholics. They don’t have time to care about animals and plants. They don’t even know
that their luxuries are at the cost of animal and plant life.

Furthermore, they are unaware about the consequences of the extinction of animal and
plant species. For instance, they don’t know that if the ecological chain is disturbed, it has
an impact on them only in the long run. For example, there are many bat species that are
becoming extinct. Such bats help keep the insect population in control. If these bats die
then the insects will increase a lot and destroy our crops. So, we will have nothing to eat. In
addition, many animals, like rodents, help in the dispersal of plant seeds and in the
pollination of plants. Some of these plants are important for medical research and the
development of medicines.

The solutions need to be implemented on a war footing. There should be increased
awareness about consequences of this phenomenon. Secondly, with funding, biologists
and naturalists can use their years of knowledge to help in the breeding of various animal
species. Furthermore, since people are often responsible for habitat destruction, it is only
right that they use some resources to help preserve whatever important wildlife habitats
are left. Trees should not be cut for housing and furniture. Instead, high rise buildings
should be made and aluminium doors and windows should be used.

To put it in a nutshell, I pen down saying that, people should be made aware of the
consequences of animal and plant extinction and active steps should be taken to preserve
these species.

Model Answer 2:
There is a mournful truth that a lot of natural species are on the verge of extinction and may disappear from the surface of the earth soon. Although a number of international meetings and campaigns have been conducted on this topic, the situation has not been changed much. This essay will look at the reasons for human’s failures on preserving the natural world and give some suggestions on this.

The disappearance of an animal or plant will affect the natural chain in the ecosystem, which has been proved by a lot of scientists. The public has been aware of that; however, with incredibly fast economic growth, it is almost impossible to prevent natural habitats from being damaged. The loss of wildlife habitats is a result of climate change, in which greenhouse gases produced by industries are the main cause. Moreover, due to the exploding population, people have to find every way to expand farmland including the invading natural environment.

Although a lot has been discussed, people all over the world have not agreed on any specific strategies on preventing animals and plants from dying out. All governments have their own policies on this subject; however, they are not linked together or attached to a general convention. The reason for this is that every nation seems to act in a selfish way and refuse to bear some disadvantages. For example, America and China refused to decrease their amounts of greenhouse gases because this will slow down the growth of the economy.

The best way to preserve those dying animals and plants is to protect the environment. This cannot be done if governments do not take control on the increasing population and pollution from industrial practices. More and more meetings should be held until the final decision on this alarming situation is reached. In addition, scientists also play an important role to find ways to preserve precious genes that can disappear at any time.

Preservation of natural species is the essence for the sustainable development of human civilization. This can be done if every nation takes the responsibility and act firmly on a general convention

Model Answer 3:
Perhaps the issue that some species are at the verge of extinction is one of the most challenging problems that human are coping with in recent times. Yet, the imminent demise of some animals and plants persisting over time despite of a lot of endeavors of scientists and governments remains a source of controversy. This essay aims to outline some specific causes and viable solutions for this situation.

First and foremost, it is an disputable fact that while to local governments and scientists, the extinctions of various species would pose a threat to the well-being of humankind, there is a low awareness about this problem and its disastrous consequences among the public. A lot of research has pointed out that the causes of deforestation, illegal hunting are rooted in the desire of intermediate benefits and financial inducement of local inhabitants who are lack of education and knowledge about environmental preservation. An efficient measure for this situation is to provide sufficient information about environmental preservation to local people through high coverage of this problem on media channels or students’ curricula. As a result, it would raise the self-awareness of local people about personal responsibility in protecting natural resources.

From another perspective, one could realize that the extinctions of animals and plants are customarily treated as a local issue rather than a global concern, which would result in the lack of concerted endeavors between countries in preserving neighboring area’s environment. It would be useless if sewage treatments are apply for the mouth of a river which belongs to a country while people who live in the river source located in neighboring state do not concern about water conservation. Therefore, this environmental problem should be coped with on the global scale with the cooperation of related countries in planning and implementing.

Sample Answer 4:
Nowadays, plenty of flora and fauna are demised because of humans’ activities. Nations might be informed why these creatures’ safety are endangered for many decades, but lack of enough information and shortage of budget may be the leading reasons why this issue has not been addressed. I personally believe that governments should take responsibility more to solve it.

To begin with, one important reason is that people are not appropriately notified via media. Clearly, the best source of information is news or some documentary programmes shown on television or the Internet; however, unfortunately, their coverage is not sufficient. In particular, billions of fishes died in Persian Gulf Sea during Iran-Iraq war from 1982 to 1989 due to oil spillage, while no organisation became responsible to give enough data to people. Had citizens of Iran known more about it, more practical implementations would have applied by the related organisations or individuals. Therefore, to solve similar accidents, it is essential that the local media work more closely with the related sectors to inform viewers and find more phenomenal solutions to prohibit such devastating environmental disasters.

Another factor is scarce of the needed funds for having better proactive strategies. Obviously, to raise the safety of wildlife, administrations must spend a remarkable amount of money to protect vegetations or animals. For example, the US government was better to escalate the funds needed for the protection of extinct mammals which were hunted by poachers during last three decades. As a result, international organisations should value more livestock and plants and push state authorities to spend more money on protection of these creatures.

In conclusion, although nations know about the extinction of live creatures, more actions are needed. From my perspective, each medium must expose more the consequences of this problem to the public than before, and international organisations must be more active to elevate the needed funds for expansion of this protection.


Model Answer 5:
Perhaps one of the most challenging problems that society in this day and age faces is the progressive extinction of animals and plants. The growing multitude of living species dying out every day has incited anxiety from environmentalists. Nevertheless, little progress has been made in this field. This paper is written to deliver a brief examination of the causes for such a problem and offer possible solutions.

There is no denying that humankind is the main scapegoat for the disappearance of many animals and plants. To serve various purposes and needs of humans, animals, as an age-old tradition, have been overexploited in many areas, including agriculture, scientific research and sports. The meat of some wild animals are also perceived by people as a delicacy, such as whale meat in Japan, leading to ceaseless hunt and slaughter of already-endangered species. Pollution, which is an adverse byproduct of human industrialisation, also degrades the welfare of ecosystems and aggravates the situation.

As a response to ameliorate the dwindling extinction of animals and plants, some solutions are suggested. First of all, it is imperative that the public should be well informed of the current deterioration of the environment and its ramifications. Humane education should be taught at primary levels so that future generations are more likely to cherish and protect nature. In addition, the government should play an active role in endorsing environmental laws and standards that could promote protection of the wildlife. Endeavours to minimise pollutants being emitted to the environment by industries also deserve the topmost attention.

From what has been discussed, it is clear that over-reliance on natural resources and pollution from industrialisation is the main reasons why species are facing extinction risk. It is important to realize that preservation of living species is not sentimental, but essential to the well-being of mankind.

Model Answer 6:

Earth is a planet of nature, everything which is needed to survive and thrives was purely provided by nature and animals. Nature is a blessing of God, but the way humans are living is tremendously destructive towards nature.

We find our food, clothing, shelters and almost everything that we are doing is beneficial to the health was provided by animals and plants. Although Extinction is an innate phenomenon that occurs at an ordinary “surroundings” rate of between one to five species every year, but despite protection efforts, scientists estimate species are vanishing between 1,000 to 10,000 times the natural rate with dozens of animal and plant species going extinct every day. But actually we humans are destroying the land, the sea, the air, the animals, the trees, and everything really that has life. We are literally poisoning Nature, Biologists believe that mass extinction poses a massive threat to organism survival, a more serious environmental problem than even its contributor, global warming; and that the dangers of mass extinction are woefully underestimated by almost everyone outside science.

Humans are aware of causes which is destroying the living ratio of organisms but doesn’t paying any attention to overcome the basis for personal benefits and comfort zone. Personal benefits here refers to those people who were indulge in making company products like, leather garments, clothing, blanket, furniture, and many other products made through animals or plants. Such people were aware from the harms of destructing trees as it will vanish fresh air, increase the pollution rate, on the other hand it will also harmful for natural dairy product if animals will be dying out quickly but they do not care. The comfort zone refers to those people who were purely self centered and self oriented, it does not matter to them what is happening outside. They are too busy with their lives that they do not have time to feel the blessing of nature. They do not have enough time to spend with beauty of nature and take step to protect it.

However, people are ignoring the dying out ratio of plants and animals, and taking minor steps to prevent the reasons. Government should make strict policies and rules to protect plants and animals from hunting. Such policies can be helpful to save the organisms, and to develop the empathetic feeling in people to care nature, which is the great blessing of God.


Model Answer 7:

It is universally acknowledged that there is an increasing number of animals as well as plants dying out every year. Little has been done to reverse the tendency, even though people have realized the seriousness of the problem. In my essay, I will analyze the reasons why individuals do little about the issue and suggest some possible solutions.

One of the main reasons that so little is done is that people would have to change their own lifestyle to protect those endangered animals and plants, such as stop eating the meat of those endangered animals. That is to say, individuals would be required to give up their former lifestyle, since the new lifestyle sometimes brings them inconvenience and lowers their quality of living. Another reason is that a large number of people believe that each person’s power is limited, thus, they can do nothing to change the phenomenon. Also, they think that it is governments’ and enterprises’ obligation to prevent animals and plants from dying out, since they have more authority and resources.

To prohibit the trend from getting worse, effective measures must be taken as soon as possible. Firstly, relevant laws and regulations should be instituted by governments. For example, eating precious animals such as whales should be punished. Also, large companies that hunt endangered animals and plants should be banned. Secondly, some incentive policies should be implemented to encourage people to take action – for instance, giving rewards to those people who maintain the biodiversity actively. Last but not least, enhancing citizens’ awareness of protecting other creatures living in the world and boosting their self-confidence is indispensable. Although each person’s strength may not enough individually, things can become better and better if all of us try our best.

To conclude, everyone ought to put emphasis on the protection of endangered animals and plants. Also, only through governments, enterprises and individuals work together can this problem be solved.


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