IELTS Writing Task 2 – Earlier technological developments brought more benefits and changed


Earlier technological developments brought more benefits and changed the lives of
ordinary people more than recent technological developments.

To what extent do you agree or disagree?

You should spend about 40 minutes on this task.

You should write at least 250 words.



IELTS Writing Task 2/ IELTS Essay Sample

Sample Answer 1:

Earlier technological progress had been great with many far-reaching breakthroughs,
especially in the early period of the last century. However, the benefits and changes
brought by the earlier technological developments to the lives of ordinary people
cannot compare with those brought by recent ones. Therefore, I disagree with the
given statement. In the following paragraphs, I intend to support my opinion with my

Undoubtedly, recent technological developments have benefited and changed our life
so much that we enjoy almost all the comforts and conveniences that life can ever
offer. Today, we can breakfast in Japan, lunch in Singapore and dine at New Delhi. This
is all because of the faster means of travel. The Internet has revolutionised
communication. Today we send and receive e-mails at the click of a mouse. We chat
and do video conferencing with our kith and kin in any part of the world. These are
just two examples of how dramatically recent technological developments have
benefited and changed our life.

Furthermore, in the field of medicine, we have gadgets to diagnose cancers and many
other diseases at such early stages that almost complete cures are possible. Also, if we
look at the means we use to go to work, the electrical appliances we use at home, the
devices we use in offices, the facilities and equipments we use in factories, we can say
with certainty that recent technology has transformed our lives beyond imagination.

Admittedly, earlier technological developments did benefit and change the lives of
ordinary people from the time when they were achieved, especially after the
Industrial Revolution. However, it is self-evident as to what benefited and changed
people’s life more, telegraph or mobile phone, Phonograph or Mp4, Steam train or the

To put it in a nutshell, I pen down saying that recent developments of technology have
certainly benefited and changed our lives more than the earlier ones did.


Sample Answer 2:

It is unarguable that technologies are making humans life more and more convenient and modern. However, there are many debates in all over the world about early technological developments take people a bigger move to the future than the recent technologies do. From my point of view, I disagree with this argument because the recent or early technologies have an equal impact on ours lives.

There are a variety of ways that can explain why the early technologies help people more than recent technologies. The principal reason is that with the inventions such as electricity, phone, etc it makes our lives become more modern. For example, people can contact easily to each other when they have a phone or they can light up their room in the evening without candles by an electrical lamp. In addition, the early technologies help human discovery new things in the world such as new energy like gas, fuel etc or new chemical elements.

On the other hand, besides the benefit of the early technologies, the modern technologies also bring many advantages. Here the principal argument is that the present technologies not only base on early technologies but also take humans a fantastic move. An example here is that in 10 years ago, people could not call anyone if they did not have a telephone. Now people can call anyone whenever they want by a small mobile phone or they can share many things easily by the internet. A second positive effect is that the modern technologies can prevent many diseases that are impossible in the past such as cold, cancer, plague etc

It is difficult to escape the conclusion that the early and recent technologies have an equal effect on humans. However, some technologies have negative impact such as nuclear technology or process of manufacturing steel in the past etc but without them, people cannot take a big move to the modern life like present.


Model Answer 3:

Many people argue that the technological invention and development in earlier ages were more beneficial to ordinary people while others believe that the technological development in recent years are more important and helpful for mass people. In my opinion, recent advancements in technology fields are more important and helpful that they used to be in the early ages.

First of all, technology is still progressing and the development of technology will continue. Earlier technology is being constantly upgraded to bring more values to the people and from this point of view recent development is more accessible for mass people. Secondly, the earlier technology was very expensive and mass population could not afford it. Only a few percentages of rich people could access the technology in earlier ages. But nowadays to own useful technological devices like cell phone, computer, communication devices and household appliance has become much cheaper than it used to be. Thirdly, recent technological developments are far more impressive though they are often not highlighted as the earlier technology. The invention and development of cell phones is well-known information among people while very few people understand the implication of the advancement we have made in genetic engineering and medical science. People in earlier ages had little control over the epidemic disease though the invention of TV at this time is highlighter in greater details. But the advancement of medical science to eradicate those diseases is a tremendous development in medical science that few of us understand.

Finally, people in today’s world have more opportunity to develop a technology that the people in earlier ages had and thus we are improving and introducing more complex and accommodating development in technological fields that would be greatly revered in coming days.

So, I opine that the development in technology in earlier ages were very important but it would be unwise to say that they were more beneficial for mas people that the technologies that we have introduced or introducing in current days.


Model Answer 4:

It can be easily seen that people today are reaping the benefits of technological development more than any previous generations. The ubiquity of technological interventions in our society has proven its vital role which arguably considered as the driving force of humankind. Nevertheless, some believe that recent achievements in technology are not as helpful as they were in the past. This stance is flawed and contradicts with the author’s belief.

Admittedly, many products of the technological advancement in the past have rapidly changed the way human works and lives. For instance, inventions of the Industrial Revolution such as steam and diesel engines have liberated people from laborious jobs and significantly improve our productivity. Nonetheless, these feats of engineering would be undermined if they were to be compared with the advent of computers and the Internet – successful stories of modern technology. It is not an exaggeration to say that the old technology should only be considered as a platform for modern technology to blossom.

Additionally, one cannot deny the fact that our life is being reshaped by technology as a higher extent compared to the life of our ancestors, in terms of both social and cultural perspective. Mobile phones, computers and the Internet have created an information-based society where people communicate, work and live faster. While such changes of our lifestyle caused by recent technology have been witnessed within a very short period, the influence of technology on previous generations was of a much slower pace.

In conclusion, whether one likes it or not, technology will continue to evolve, with the resulting changes impacting the lifestyles and cultural norms continuously. While the earlier technology had enhanced the quality of life and generated revenue for people, the recent technology has made them lead a different lifestyle from previous generations.


Model Answer 5:

Technological development has maintained yawning gap from it’s early form to these days latest form. It is quite obvious that every new inventions are guided by their earlier form and people have never been isolated from skyrocketing speed of technological advancement. Earlier technological inventions not only has helped people in living new way of life but also has led to latest inventions throughout the period of time. Nevertheless, there is nothing new but rather all is just change caused by lapse of time. Some people might argue that way of living life is changed because of earlier inventions rather than recent one but personally my words are with former view.

As we all know that there is nothing new in this Earth all is just change and modification in function or structure in its own previous form. So, Unquestionably, earlier inventions has lead to these days new era of inventions and so do our way of living healthy, safe, secure and luxurious life. For example, the invention of telephone in early days by Grahm Bell has helped so many people on those days and helped a lot in communication problem. Additionally, people on past days used to live their life safely, socially and more especially comfortably but these days with recent technologies people are fighting for power status, exhibition of ones’s greatness over another, weapon show off etc. Therefore, I believe that there is no sense of arguing that recent development helped people in living good and happy life. Admittedly, since the development on weapons has surged up people are being more cannibal and killing one another everyday causing much threat to their own generation. It seems like technology has taken over way of our living style and making them to commit rampant crime, pugnacious, rapacious, voracious and libertine everyday. Antagonistically, earlier form of technology had just helped people in assisting their everyday life in more convenient and efficient way.

Conclusively, whether it is earlier or recent form technology it always been part of our life and could not be wrong. Perhaps, it solely depends upon we people how to adopt it in our everyday life. If we defy canons of morality than nothing is good in this world and technology is no exception to this.


Model Answer 6:

Undoubtedly, people are now enjoying one of the greatest technological boom times in human history. Although there is a consensus that social changes coincide normally with technological advances, it is a contentious issue whether the earlier technology (e.g., machines, cars, airplanes) impacts on people’s lives to a larger extent than does the recent technology (e.g., Internet, computers). In my opinion, the recent improvements in technology have more far-reaching consequences.

While the invention of automobiles was a landmark in the technological evolution of humankind, the widespread use of computers and telecommunications technology has dramatically reshapedthe nature of the society. One might have benefited a lot from one’s improved ability to move rapidly from one place to another because of the availability of automobiles, yet this benefit has been discountedbecause of the advent of the Internet. With Internet access, the world has become accessible to people and one can perform many tasks at home (e.g., grocery shopping) and let their fingers do the walking.

Lifestyles are changed by recent technologies in equal measure. Before computers and the Internet were created, most working people struggled with a lack of leisure time and the balance between family life and work life. They were fully occupied by employment and various chores, such as shopping. With Internet, they are now able to spend much less time on those routine, dullactivities and lead active leisure lives.

Modern technologies also account for the evolution of people’s perception of society. People tend to develop, modify and repurpose technology for their own use. Interdependent, previously a core virtue of many societies, is now undermined. Cell phones allow people to insulate their private interactions from the culture around them and to create their own micro-cultures. The mobility given by modern transport meanwhile, allures them to leave their place of birth and work and live elsewhere. Cultural norms are subject to modification and the communallifestyle is going out of fashion.

In conclusion, whether one likes it or not, technology will continue to evolve, with the resulting changes impacting the lifestyles and cultural norms continuously. While the earlier technology had enhanced the quality of life and generated revenue for people, the recent technology has made them lead a different lifestyle from previous generations.


Model Answer 7:

People have different views about the more facilities and amenities of recent and past technology. Although both technological developments have helped ordinary people and changed their lives in different ways, nevertheless, I do admit that recent technological developments have helped normal people more than past.

On the one hand, most of the experts- educationalists and researchers- profoundly believe that recent technological developments have certainly included many modern facilities and amenities in human lives than past. They have got a lot of conspicuous stance in their support. In the first place, anyone, in this modern age, can communicate with his families and friends easily via this technology. For example, one of my Uncles, Robart who lives in America does communicate anytime through the cell phone. It is true that we can also share our feelings and emotion using Facebook, Twitter and Skype over the internet. So, recent technologies make distances very short and flexible. Besides, recent invention has certainly made large scope of job opportunities globally. For instance, my friend, Likhon, earns foreign currency doing outsourcing job through the internet that mikes him happy. Another important point is that we can buy anything through online and attend in job interview from home. We cannot, without doubt, ignore the more benefits of recent technology than past.

However, there are some drawbacks and problems of recent technological invention. One problem is crime rate is being increased in our society. For example, our banks are robbed by miscreants in different ways. Huge money is being transferred from one account to another by online hackers, hacking online banking systems. It is certainly the negative uses of technology. In addition, this technology has made our life robotic and machine as well. So, our emotion and feelings are decreasing day by day with each other in our society.

In conclusion, it seems to me that recent technological developments have more facilities and amenities for general people than past technological developments although it has some drawbacks. Eventually, I think inventors make sure upcoming technology should be more secure and flexible for people.



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