IELTS Writing Task 2 – A country becomes more interesting and develops more quickly when its population


A country becomes more interesting and develops more quickly when its population includes a mixture of nationalities and cultures.

To what extent do you agree or disagree with this opinion?

You should spend about 40 minutes on this task.

You should write at least 250 words.



IELTS Writing Task 2/ IELTS Essay Sample

Sample Answer 1:

I definitely agree with the statement that cosmopolitan societies are better for the
overall progress of a country. That is perhaps why nations such as the U.S.A., Canada
and Australia, which are primarily multi-cultural societies, enjoy great prosperity,
stability and harmony. In the following paragraphs I shall provide arguments to
support my views.

A culturally and ethnically diverse country is so fascinating because there are many
different lifestyles reflecting different ethnic origins in it. In a multi-cultural society
one can enjoy a variety of unique traditions and customs which is very exciting and
adds spice to life. One has more options when it comes to leisure activities. For
example, when you want to get together with families, friends or co-workers, you can
visit a Chinese restaurant serving cheese chilly and Manchurian or an Italian one
serving pizza and pasta. Of course, there are more ethnic foods with exotic flavours
available, all depending on your personal preferences. It is the same case with other
kinds of entertainment. Even if you just walk on the street, you can see people
wearing their traditional outfits of different ethnic styles.

A multi-cultural society can also bring a wide variety of benefits to a nation in terms of
economic development. To begin with, the majority of immigrants from different
cultural backgrounds are high achievers, including experts, scholars, engineers,
business people and other well-trained people. Their arrival means an inflow of
expertise, experience, investments as well as a dynamic labour force, which are all key
factors to the increase of competitiveness, efficiency and productivity of a nation’s

What is more, the new arrivals know very well the importance of respecting the local
traditions and customs. Therefore, they co-operate and collaborate well with the
natives. They work very harmoniously side by side in offices, factories and schools. In
addition, with a rich blend of peoples, cultures and lifestyles, people in multi-cultural
societies tend to be more open-minded and tolerant of other people’s customs and

To sum up, when a nation has a population consisting of different nationalities and
cultures, it has many unique advantages which make life there more interesting and
society develops quickly. So, it has a magical attraction for so many people all over the


Model Answer 2:

It goes without saying that we are living in global culture society and it has become important part in every country to progress in social and economical that provide us a lots of benefits in all walk of life. An argument has been put forward that country become interesting and develops faster when its population includes a mixture of different nationalities and cultures. According to me. This statement holds a valid ground.

There are a plethora of reasons why I think nation become better than before when its population belongs to different nationalities . First and foremost point which comes to my mind that when we live in multi cultural society and to interact with people then we learn a lot of things about their cultural, festivals, Ritual, , food and fashion and it gives us a new thing to do . Because all culture are different from one another when we understand the cultural then we enjoy a new life. It rocks solid believe that cultural develops our mind and soul.

Secondly, it is very beneficial when a country develops with different cultural and nationalities . Because it gives us a lot of opportunity in business and to earn money from other countries then it helps in a country’s progess to leaps and bounds. Thirdly, it has become a simple matter this day to travel overseas for different purposes when we adjust ourselves with that cultural and atmosphere then we learn tolerance and other important things from culture . Some people enjoy all cultural activities and ritual to get happiness in life . Because some time we become our friends who belongs other culture then we celebrate a lot of things with them for their happiness and it also becomes our part of life.

In conclusion , after ponder over a great deal of thoughts and deliberation with my self . I come to this conclusion that cultural plays indispensable role in our life and in incredible world to progress , it has become crucial part and a lot of people are enjoying this invaluable thing free of cost.


Model Answer 3:

here is a trend that the globalization has played an increasing role in the evolution of society. Some people hold a view that when the population of a country, like the USA, includes a mixture of different nationalities and cultures, it will be more interesting and develop more quickly. As far as I am concerned, I support this idea.

To begin with, it is true that various people create more interest. Individuals, generally speaking, are willing to contact different persons and cultures. Meanwhile, this is the main reason why so many people enjoy travelling. Citizens will feel fresh when they have a foreign neighbor. Besides, the living habits of foreigners are absorbing to local residents.

In addition, a good many kinds of nationalities are helpful to improve the economy. Different folks own their different concepts because of different living backgrounds, and these concepts are essential in searching the best approach of development. The USA, for instance, has various human species, and everyone can voice his/her suggestions to the government. Thus, the government has more choices, which are crucial to make the society better.

Last but not least, cultural diversity brings many benefits to the improvement of society. First of all, people will enjoy more entertainments when foreign cultures are brought by foreigners. Kongfu is a case in point. Another important point is that a great number of cultures can increase the number of industries, which is also important to the economic progress.

In summary, various nationalities and cultural diversity cannot only make our daily lives more interesting, but also develop the society more quickly.



Model Answer 4:

The sweeping trend of globalization leads to the mixture population and culture in a particular country. Whether this mixture’s advantages outweigh the disadvantages has been a topic of discussion.

Some people are convinced that a country can boosts its economy and become more stimulating by accepting diverse nationalities and cultures. To start with, the transaction between immigrants and local residents would quicken the currency circulation and increase the demand of consumption that are the two essential elements of economic development. Furthermore, some immigrants, who are equipped with technique and knowledge, can make a great contribution to the progress of technology and education. In addition, the diverse culture they brought can broaden the citizens’ horizons as well as enrich their life experience, thereby pushing the society to be a more enlightened one.

Some others argue that the mixture population and culture may weaken their cultural identity. Take Guangzhou as an example, Guangzhou is a city that has many time-honored traditions and cultural heritages. But these identities are fading because of the proliferation of western cultures and some teenagers even forget some traditional customs and festivals. Moreover, a country that has different nationalities and cultures may be suffered from more conflicts due to the different beliefs and habitats between local residents and foreigners.

In conclusion, I tend to stand by the side that the mixture of nationalities and cultures is indeed very important to the wellbeing of a particular country. On the other hand, the government should pay attention to preserve local cultural identity while accepting the different cultures.


Model Answer 5:

Multiculturalism has become a trend in many countries worldwide. It is believed that multiculturalism will make countries more interesting and develop more faster. In my perspective, I tend to agree with this statement and will elaborate below.

There are certainly some reasons why countries will become more interesting. To start with, more recreational activities can be introduced. Chinese Chess, which originated from china, has gained its popularity in western countries. Active participation of such activities allows local people to experiences the fascination of Chinese culture. Apart from this, traditions in foreign countries also diversify local culture. Australians, for example, realize that there is another way to Chinese New Year by making Chinese dishes such rice cakes and coke chicken, during celebrating Spring Festival. As a result, local people may learn more about the culture of different nationalities and cuisine.

However, there are opposing voices saying that mixture of different nationalities in countries not always positive development. On the one hand, foreign experts may help the current country boost the productivity. As most experts come from developed countries with advanced technology knowledge, they would possible create more sophisticated machines for Australia, which may vastly increase the output of the manufacturing industry. On the other hand, language barrier is a headache to many employers. In most cases, immigrants speak limited English because they have never learned that language before they migrate to Australia. Due to poor communication in workplace, it results low efficiency.

In conclusion, multiculturalism has both positives and negatives. However, I still think this should be adopted because its advantages outweigh disadvantages.


Model Answer 6:

In modern world,countries are becoming more and more simulating and advance since they have varied citizens from different nationalities.Personally speaking,multiple and diversity culture is beneficial for many countries.

First of all,a country with a mixture culture background makes its tourism industry more attracted,which enhance tourism profits for the counties. A recent survey shows that travellers are more willing to spend their money to visit a country which has a diverse culture backgrounds.For the reason that most of the visitors are interest in a place where they are capable of experience varied cultures from around the world. Moreover, Many countries develop in a striggered rate link to their mixture population. To illustrate this further, people immigrate to other countries not only with their previous cultures, but also personal skills and talents.Those elements have numerous contributions to developing cities and makes them become more civilized.

On the other hand, however,there are some drawbacks related diverse cultures and nationalities people live in the same place.Racsim is prevent worldwide, people who have different belief can cause conflicts much more easer.For instance,the racial combats between the black and the white in Unite State have been a issue that never ceased, which also causes a vast number of chaos and unrests to the community. Hence, discrimination that associated with the people who do not have the same cultural background is an obvious problem in the cities where have diverse nationalistic populations.

In conclusion, despite of there some demerits on this statement,I still firmly convinced that the counties with different cultural background and nationalities are much more intriguing, and it also develop faster.



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