IELTS Writing Task 2 – Computers are increasingly used in education


Computers are increasingly used in education. In which areas do you think are
computers more important and in which areas are teachers more important?



You should spend about 40 minutes on this task.

You should write at least 250 words.


IELTS Writing Task 2/ IELTS Essay Sample

Sample Answer 1:

“Yesterday’s fiction is today’s reality”. Computers have revolutionized all the aspects of
human life especially education. Besides teachers, computers have also become an
indispensible part of education. They both are required for the holistic development of a
person. Here, I am going to discuss the roles of both.

Computers have completely modified the criteria of examinations through the introduction
of online examinations, online debates and online counseling. Computers are more
important in those areas in which repetition is needed. For example, in elementary maths
and elementary language learning. Computer can be programmed to provide answers to an
endless number of simple questions.

There are certain areas in which computers supersede teachers and vice versa. For instance
– computers help us simplify the topics through the audio and visual aids like working
models, videos etc. Also they can teach us for 24 hours in a day. Laptops offer a unique
feature of portability and act as teachers even outside the class room. Moreover teachers
focus only on academic curriculum whereas computers, through internet, develop a general
awareness about the various global issues such as terrorism, drug trafficking, global
warming etc and thus broaden our field of knowledge. Computers also enable us to be well
within the range of any teacher around the world. Furthermore, being human beings,
teachers have a limited knowledge whereas computers with a huge collection of e-books,
reference books and dictionaries offer us a complete and thorough understanding of the

Nevertheless, the role of teachers cannot be refuted. They are the actual scholars in action.
Although computers remain in our service for 24 hours a day but the 8 hours spend with a
teacher is the quality time. A computer can efficiently check the answers but the corrections
can only be made by a teacher. Moreover, only a teacher can lend a practical hand to a
student. For example- only a doctor can teach his students on how to perform a surgery? It
cannot be taught by a computer in any way. There are other convincing evidences for
teachers such as teachers help a student develop good communication skills and other
social skills. The basic characters of a good human being are also inculcated by a teacher.
Furthermore, a teacher also acts as the true guide, friend and philosopher. These are the
teachers which encourage a student when he fails in studies.

To put in the nut-shell, I pen down concluding that, both computers and teachers are
specialists in their own areas of education. They should be looked on as two angels
supplementing each other for the betterment of our children.

Model Answer 2:

The present era is called the era of technology and computers are extensively used in all the sectors including education. With the increasing presence of computers and Internet in education, many believe that the traditional teaching method will soon become obsolete and computer based teaching method will become the mainstream education system. I personally believe that computer and technology without any doubt have accelerated the education system but they will never replace teachers and both computers and teachers have distinctive roles to play in education.

It is true that in some areas of education, computers could be more important than teachers. For instance, in distance learning system, a computer can become more important than a teacher. However, we must remember that teachers are still important to run the education system effectively. Second, computers are connected to a vast network called Internet and they are better than teachers in terms of reference, research and knowledge distribution. When a teacher has knowledge on a particular course or subject, a computer connected to the Internet can offer almost any information to a student in any field of study. Again, computers can process huge amount of data per second and thus can be more helpful to students while conducting research work or in scientific experiments. They are also more important while evaluating a student’s performance. Finally computers can be better equipped with recorded lectures and could be more helpful to students than their teachers.

On the contrary, teachers are still considered as the backbone of our education system. Computers might handle a large amount of data, assess our exam papers more accurately or connect us to the world, but they cannot teach us discipline, morality or value of time. Thus a teacher not only teaches us important lessons from academic books, they actually instill most important human qualities among us. Teachers are important to inspire students, teach them morality and all the good qualities of life where computers have almost zero contributions in doing so. Teachers are more important in explaining intricacies of academic and personal life and can become great mentors for students. Finally their role to evaluate us and guide us in life is incomparable.

In short, I believe that computers are important in education where large amount of data processing or automation is required while teachers are important to inspire us, guide us and infuse good qualities among us.


Model Answer 3: 

Computer is an essential part of people’s lives. They are used in many fields such as technology, education, military,etc. Recently, the use of computers is increasing dramatically in education and helps teachers in many ways.

Nowadays, both computers and teachers are necessary in education. With many useful functions, computers provide students and teachers with a vivid educational environment. Moreover, they have many softwares such as Microsoft Office, Geometry, Maple,etc. These softwares make theory reduce boredom. For example, in Maths, students are afraid of three-dimension geometry. Computers can create 3D space for students to observe cube easily. Besides,they can help teachers to have more interesting teaching methods by images, video,etc. Therefore, students will understand lessons easily than traditional teaching methods which only uses board and chalk. Computer is a powerful tool in presentating lesson and offerings learners with more real knowledge.

However, we can’t neglect the role of teacher. Not only does the teacher teach knowledge but they also teach good behaviour to students. Computer is just a machine so it only transmits what it is programed. It can tell learners true and false things but it cannot explain them clearly like teachers. Thus, teachers play indispensable role in teaching social sciences and humanities issues.

In modern days, computer is a fantastic machine but it cannot replace teacher.To develop education better and better, people have to realise the advantages of computers and teachers. Computer is an important part but it is not a determinable part in education.




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