IELTS Writing Task 2 – It is better for students at university to live far away from home


It is better for students at university to live far away from home than to live at home with their parents.

To what extent do you agree or disagree with this statement?

You should spend about 40 minutes on this task.

You should write at least 250 words.



IELTS Writing Task 2/ IELTS Essay Sample

Sample Answer 1:

It is a highly debated issue whether it is better for university students to live far away
from home than to live at home with their parents. There are pros and cons of both
approaches. It is necessary to look at both sides of the argument before forming an

There are definite benefits of staying at home. To begin with it is much more
economical to stay at home than to stay near the university. If you choose to stay at
the university then you either stay at the university dormitory or rent your own
apartment. Both university options are more expensive as compared to home. Then
you have to do your own cooking and cleaning which is not the case if you stay at
home where your mother looks after all these things. You do spend some time
commuting to and from the university but then you save your time on cooking and
cleaning. The disadvantage of staying at home is that you may be disturbed by siblings
and you have to help in household chores.

There are many advantages of staying near the university. University education is a
time for you to mix with people of different backgrounds and cultures. This cultural
exchange usually occurs after class hours. If you have to return home then you miss
out on this golden opportunity. Secondly, there are good study facilities such as
library, computer lab etc. if you are on or near the campus. You also get to experience
some independence. The downside is that it is expensive and to cut the cost you may
have to share your apartment with someone you don’t like.

In my opinion, it is definitely worthwhile to live at the university than with your
parents even if you have to shell out some extra money for that because it is a golden
opportunity to interact with people of different parts of the world and you get to
enjoy the benefits of facilities like the library and sports stadiums and gyms.

To put it in a nutshell, I pen down saying that there are benefits and drawbacks of
both approaches and the decision is purely subjective. However, in my opinion staying
near the university is better.


Model Answer 2:

It is a hard decision making that parents send their children to boarding school or day school. Both ways have their own disadvantages and disadvantages. In my view, I prefer to choose boarding school to benefit the young generation more.

It is of benefit to children if they are sent to boarding school. Living away from home can cultivate children’s independence abilities. Children will face many detail problems, such as laundries and cleaning the dormitories, when they are in boarding school. And that is good to their future life. For example, some Chinese students are really hard to adapt themselves to a new environment in their future life due to the over-protection by their parents. Besides, there are many strict rules that students have to obey in boarding school. Usually, they are forced to go to bed in a regular time and get up early to keep them healthy. It is worth mentioning that a great many extra curricula activities such as sports and volunteers can enrich their knowledge and broaden their horizons.

Some people hold the alternative view that living with parents will be easier for parents to monitor their children’s developments. Students are vulnerable to everything that might have a negative effect on them. Some students use drugs in the absence of parents’ monitor. However, parents cannot control their children’s thoughts and it is inculcating children moral values in their early age that can lead children towards the right paths in their life. What’s more, it is undeniable that those who live with parents are less strong in their hearts when they are confront with difficulties. They used to seek the help from others rather than trying to solve the problem by themselves. Many students choose to suicide because of the short ability of bearing the pressure.

In my view, sending teenage students to boarding school is a practical method to nurture their all-around developments. And those young children in primary school need to be with parents as they are still naïve and need the monitors from their parents.


Sample Answer 3:

Living environment has a great influence on students life,especially in academic achievements.Some of have an opinion that students at university level better not to stay in their home . I feel that this view is correct,and will explain reasons why in this essay.

There are several reason to suggest that students to stay away from their home. First and foremost, there are a lot of opportunity for students to learn personal qualities such as punctuality,cleanliness,self care and so on.To be more precise, students organize their work without their parents’ instructions,and at the same time they can find out time for their recreational activities. Another reason that since they interact with students from different family background,they learn how to maintain relationship with different kinds of people. They learn importance of co-operation in social life.

Apart from this,students can concentrated more on their studies. Even lazy students may persuade to do their home work when others are engaged with the studies.Combine studies are the another positive aspect of hostel life. At the time of examinations students gathered together to study their lessons.This is because they do not feel any boredom with their study and they can also clarify their doubts instantly with their companions.So,when students stay together they can improve their academic skills.

However , some would argue that hostel life offer an uncontrolled environment for students where they can do whatever they want.So there may be a greater chances to do some mischievous activities. If students stay in their home, they under the strict supervision of their parents. In addition,some students start to do smoking and drink alcohol witrh their hostel life.But one should not ignore the fact that there are some responsible authorities ii well established institutions to make control over the students.

To conclude, students life at university level is very important because it is the time to refine the personality for an adult of tomorrow. Though there are some problems in hostel life,I believe that if there is an authority to make appropriate control over the students,many of these problem can be solved


Model Answer 4:

In the modern and competitive society acquisition of the knowledge is very crucial to gain success in life. Some people tend to stay with their families while they study in universities to receive comfort of family. In contrast, some students like to study in universities or colleges that are far away from their home for social and personal purposes. This essay will discuss both aspects before making any definitive conclusion.

There are indeed numerous benefits and advantages of studying in home town universities. Student can enjoy home comfort and support from their families in daily household chores such as preparing meals, sanitation and other aspects. Student who are living with the parents have tremendous amount of support in order to succeed in university. For instance, first year university is very crucial period in term of the adjusting in university atmosphere, during this period students require help and support of their elders. Furthermore, presence of the family members and old friends allow us to get proper guidance, healthy food and emotional support. In addition, some students are overprotective when they go far away from their home; they feel very isolated and depressed. Thus, it can be seen that this trend has some positive impacts on individual as well as on our society.

On the other hand, there are enormous benefits of studying outside. First of all, student will gain confidence and they will become more responsible. For example, one learns to deal with domestic daily chores like making food, cleaning and paying rent and bills. Secondly, student learns how to tackle different kind of people and learns how to make their own decisions in difficult time. Thus they develop various types of qualities and skills to make their own life happier and enjoyable. Last but not least, independence of living away from home is a benefit because it helps the students develop social skills and improve as a person. As a result, their maturity and confidence will grow enabling them to live a successful life.

In conclusion, in my perspective both aspects have advantages and disadvantages, one should make their own choice because every person is different. Some people like to live in freedom while other believe that family support is very important in the life.



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