IELTS Writing Task 2 – An American film actor once said, “Tomorrow is important and precious


An American film actor once said, “Tomorrow is important and precious.”Some people think individuals and society should pay more attention to the future than to the present.

Do you agree or disagree?


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You should spend about 40 minutes on this task.

You should write at least 250 words.


IELTS Writing Task 2/ IELTS Essay Sample

Sample Answer 1:

I certainly support the view. One should most definitely keep the future in mind and not
fritter away everything to enjoy the present. One should always remember that the
present would one day transform into the future, and when it eventually does, it should
be safe and secure. The same holds true for societies. Let us consider why it is so
important to be prepared for the coming time.

The mortality rate has come down and the span of life is generally longer, but the
period of earning is comparatively limited. Nobody knows how long he would live, but
the age of retirement is generally fixed. One cannot work indefinitely. Therefore, during
his earning span, he has to make sure that he puts aside enough money that will hold
him in good stead in his later years, when he will be able to work no more. Further, the
requirements in old age are sometimes more than a person’s needs during the period of
his youth. Deteriorating health translates into higher medical bills and hospital charges.
Being weak and infirm, one needs to spend more on commuting. He will need to hire
assistants to help in the house.

Next come the needs of the family. One has to provide for the education and marriage
expenses of the dependent members of the family, like children and even
grandchildren. One has to pay one’s insurance premiums, and even for the day-to-day
needs of the younger members of the family, till such time as they are employed and
earning. Moreover, one may incur extra expenditure on leisure activities. People
generally travel more after retirement to meet their relatives and friends who may be
settled and staying far away from them. There would also be the usual expenses on
house maintenance and repair, and the payment of personal and property taxes.

The societies should also think about tomorrow. Neighbourhoods should be planned
nicely. Everyone should participate in community projects. Good educational institutes
and health centres should be there in all areas. If only today is looked into and no
planning is done for tomorrow then crime and violence would increase in society and
everyone would suffer.

Therefore, it is imperative that people and societies plan wisely for the future. If one
has saved enough, one can sit back and enjoy peace and comfort in ones later years and
even witness the smile of joy on the faces of ones children. If he has saved not, then the
journey ahead would be dreary and dismal indeed.

Model Answer 2:

Some people believe that our personalities are determining mainly by genetics and habits. People also know that making habit is not a simple thing to do. Habit needs practice in every single day up to become a mindset on someone’s activity. Why making habit is necessary to do, is the question which often appears in the society or individual life.

The main of functions for making a good habit is preparing tomorrow which can bring satisfy and happiness that everyone dreams in personal life. Human believes that richness and successful in life are the most important thing to reach on short-term planning or long-term planning. This is the reason that people learn and prepare their tomorrow by doing anything to bring the wealthy and comfortable in life. In addition, individuals and countries pursue happiness to prove a person’s self-made of ability and talent.

On the other hand, some people believe that tomorrow has own its destiny. They do not have to force doing something different, or practice an attitude which makes them busy. This kind of people believes that a success on human life is a God’s creation which does not need to force. In my view, this is the wrong statement of thinking. I think, preparing tomorrow is one important thing to do in individual and country life, so people have to learn and try all the possibility which could bring successful.

My personal conclusion is that preparing by doing and learning something becomes the main important thing to make habit which successful tomorrow.



Model Answer 3: 

While the rhythm of people’s living is speeding up,there’re rapid changes in all aspects of our everyday lives.However,whether tomorrow is more important and precious than today has become a complex and sensitive topic issue .Personally ,I adhere to the opinion that the two consideration are intrinsically interdependent and indispensable.

On the one hand ,the present play a vital role in the future .I nitially ,it is generally accepted that today is the foundation of tomorrow .Given the significance of the present,at that moment we should try our best to lay a solid foundation for the way we live ,learn ,work and play .Additionally ,if we just focus on what we will have ,and ignore what we should do now ,we will surely receive a heavy blow and fatally fail to reach our goal in the future.Moreover,what ground is to building is what today is to tomorrow.The fact ,that scientists will invent more advanced technologies in the basis of modern technologies,serve as a good example.

On the other hand,the future exerts a profound influence on the society.To begin with,with the advent of new era,people are soon to find themselves living in an altered world which calls for new judgements,new ideas,a new habits of thoughts and a new order of values.Therefore ,the future is the guidance of our living standards and social development.Secondly,paying more attention to the future can provide more energy for people to solve current problems and avoid abandoning themselves on the failure happened at the present and the past.Last but not least,with right attitude of the future,people will not go astray,which is favorable to family and society.

In conclusion,the future and the present play an equally important role in our lives.Not only should we do our best now,but actively have a long sight of the future.

Sample answer 4:

Some people believe that thinking about the future is more important than focusing on the present, I agree entirely with the word that tomorrow is the most important thing in life.

Thinking about the future can help individuals hold positive attitude toward their life. People, especially adults who are pay more attention on the present, usually surrounding with high pressure like unfinished work and variety bills, under these pressure day and night may lose their temper easily and eventually leads to mental diseases someday. If someone can ignore these problems and make blue plans for the light future, they are encouraged, and thus they will work enthusiastically and energetically. This is because once people planed their future and clearly know what they really want to do, they will not feel confused anymore and it easier to find the main goal of live and work. This means that they are likely to do work in a more effective way.

Planning plays a significant role in governments’ administration, it is necessary for leaders to think with a long term sight. This is likely to help authorities on predicting problems they may meet in someday and taking actions to handle these risks in advance. For instance, many governments are investing in the exploring of environmental-friendly resources and preserving the stock of flues, in order to ensure the development when fossil flues are use up in decades. When the crisis of energies come true, these governments with future sight are unlikely to be shocked compare with others who are indicated in temporary benefits.

In conclusion, thinking about the future is more important than focusing on present, it not only can help individuals developing positive attitude but can also help governments escaping from crisis.


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