IELTS Writing Task 2 – Air transport is increasingly used to export types of fruits and vegetables


Air transport is increasingly used to export types of fruits and vegetables to
countries where they cannot be grown or are out of season. Some people say it is a good thing, but other people think it can’t be justified.

Discuss both views and give your own opinion.



You should spend about 40 minutes on this task.

You should write at least 250 words.


IELTS Writing Task 2/ IELTS Essay Sample

Sample Answer 1:


Globalisation has revolutionized our world in many aspects. Now, we don’t belong to a
big planet Earth. We belong to a small global village. Everything is available
everywhere. There are many advantages and disadvantages of transporting fruits and
vegetables over a long distance by air. In my opinion, the advantages outweigh the

On the positive side, transporting goods over a long distance gives us a lot of choices.
We can taste a variety of fruits and vegetables from all parts of the world. For
example, about ten years ago, we hardly saw kiwi fruit which is from New Zealand.
But, now it has a place on every fruit stand. Moreover, delivery by air is quick.
Seasonal fruits and vegetables that are grown in far away countries can be delivered
as soon as possible by keeping the quality and taste unchanged. Only air transport can
cover so long a distance in such a short time to achieve this goal. The United States,
Canada and Western Europe all import tropical agricultural products that grow in
tropical climates by air.

Secondly, many people get employment in this field. Small farmers have a chance to
expand globally and it increases the overall economy of the country. Finally, it helps in
developing good relations between countries which helps in international cooperation
and peace. If countries are dependent upon one another’s economic success then
armed conflict would be less likely.

On the downside, importing foods can have a negative effect on local culture. This can
be seen in countries such as Japan where imported food has become more popular
than traditional, local produce, eroding people’s understanding of their own food
traditions. A second major disadvantage is pollution. When goods are transported
thousands of miles by road, sea and air, it increases pollution from exhaust fumes.

To put it in a nutshell, I pen down saying that, importing foods by air has both merits
and demerits but the pros outweigh the cons.


Model Answer 2:

People have different views with regard to the use of aeroplanes to transport fruit and vegetables. While some people argue that it would be unreasonable to carry them, I believe that air transport generally has more benefits on several levels.

On the one hand, air transport plays an irreplaceable role in our daily lives and world economy. The most obvious merit of conveying by air is its speed, which means geographical limitations are not a problem anymore. European inhabitants can buy easily any products from Asia by doing shopping in food stores. As a result, consumers may get benefit from the variety of food choice instead only local products. In addition, thanks to aeroplane’s speed, the product could be served for consumers quickly in a fresh state.

On the other hand, I can understand the arguments against air transport for fruit and vegetables. The first reason for this view is that the price of food will increase because of its freight charges. Actually, if we use larger planes, the costs are not expensive. Another reason for this opinion is that aeronautical technology produces pollution; nevertheless, the main source of the world’s emission is private car rather than aeroplanes, and food is also vital part of life so it should be carried by air and we need to put restriction on non-essential items and encourage essential ones like food.

In conclusion, it seems to me that it would be good to invest in and develop even more the airfreight of food for vital daily resident’s demand.



Model Answer 3: 

Some people believe that using air transport to support exporting fruit and vegetables to countries where they cannot be grown or are out of season is a positive development. However, other people argue that this reason is not justified for achieving this purpose.

One the positive side, supporters of this development say that exporting fruit and vegetables with air has opened up markets which encourage positive development for countries. For example, for local farmers in many poor countries, this will be able to improve their income and standard of life qualities if they have opportunity to sell their goods to faraway foreign markets with high prices instead of producing staple crops for local market with low prices or their own consumption. As a result, farmers become more independent and do not depend on government’s aid.

However, a negative view to this development is the impact on the environment. As we know that in this day and age one of the biggest problems around world about earth is global warming and burning of fossil fuels in the form oil of plane is one of main factors contributing global warming. To illustrate, over transporting million tonnes of food every day by air transport can make this problem to be more complex. This is because from one flight, air transport can release large amount of Carbon Dioxide and other gases into environment. Consequently, climate change in our earth cannot be avoid if this trend continuous.

To sum up, I would argue that there is no justifications for method of exporting fruit and vegetables with air. Even though many benefits can be taken from this method especially for local farmers in poor countries, saving earth from further environmental damages is more essential. Therefore, for overcoming this problem United Nations should release international trade regulation so that it can control and protect over using air transport.



Sample Answer 4:

Transport vegetables and fruits by air makes it possible that people enjoy foreign food. This technology is being increasingly used now. Some people believe this increase is beneficial to humanity, while others think it is unjustified.

Those who are for this increase see the fact that it has remarkably improved food quality. Due to this increase, people now have a wider range of affordable options in food. This further leads to foreign dishes being adopted because of the availability of ingredients they need. Furthermore, some of the foreign dishes are adapted to cater to local people’s tastes and traditions, giving rise to hybrid cuisine with all merits in one. Additionally, because air transport is faster than traditional ways of transport, foreign fruits and vegetables are fresher than before.

On the other hand, some people are against this trend for various reasons. First they worry that transferring foreign plants in a large quantity might cause a variety of problems to local biological environment. Seeds of foreign plants once accidently release into the environment might alter the genes of local wild plants, resulting in nasty weed that is stronger than indigenous plants. Similarly, foreign insects can bring about catastrophes to the environment too. Also, the transport might help to spread transmittable diseases. The other concern is that some people think it too luxurious to use aeroplanes to transport vegetables and fruits. They argue while millions of people cannot afford air travelling and have to bear the pain of traffic jam, it is a waste to use this precious resource only for the unessential improvement of food.

To sum up, transport vegetables and fruits by air is considered by some people as beneficial to humankind, but is judged unjustified by others.



Model Answer 4:

These days, with the low-cost carrier, more and more fruits and vegetables are imported by airplane from one country to another, where cannot produce these species. Some people assert that fruits and vegetables should not be transported to local because people can consume local fruits and vegetables, while others maintain it is more beneficial. The reasons will be discussed in this essay, and in my opinion, imported too much food is not necessary.

It is true that most people like to eat fresh fruits and vegetables especially imported because they are surely good for people’s health and immune system. Because of the convenient and fast air transport, an increasing number of food which cannot planted or produced in local have showed in supermarkets or high-end food shops. Many people think these fruits and vegetables from overseas are better than local food because they are unusual and sold in a high price, so they always want buy imported rather than the product of local.

But we cannot ignore that the high prices are mainly on account of the transport fee. That means, nutrition contained in these imported foods are the same as native ones’ except prices and tastes. And because of the minimal amount and unaffordable prices for daily live, these imported foods cannot replace native foods in consumption market. Moreover, sometimes, imported things are difficult to control the qualities for customs and may cause some infection diseases such as Mad Cow Disease.

In sum, although imported fruits and vegetables are more delicious and uncommon in some extent, there are few differences between them and local foods in nutrition. So I would like to agree that there are more disadvantages than benefits because few people can afford them in their everyday life except some regions which are lack of water and cannot plant fruits and vegetables .


Model Answer 5:

An advanced technology, airplane, has for years been used to transport and export food. Some confirm that it is a waste of money and this use of transport should not be encouraged. I don not agree with these critics because I believe that this type of transport make it very convenient for food trading.

To begin with, the using of planes for export increases profits for both consumers and enterprises. Highly developed functions of preservation, as well as large storage capacity and speedy comprehensive service make it easy to keep fruits and vegetables fresh and nutritious. Hence, people can enjoy the fresh food similar to residents who do in the growing pales. As a result, it stimulates the consumption and boosts purchasing. Obviously, airplanes are the best choice for businessmen to trade among countries.

Furthermore, air transport promotes trade contacts among countries, which accelerates the globalization. In fact, trade with airplanes is an effective and convenient process, by which both individuals and groups can obtain what they need and want through exchanging products and business negotiation. By doing this, people can enjoy variety of favorable food from different countries instead of being confined to a certain period and a fixed place. Accordingly, it improves the flow of trade, which is of great importance to the development of global economy.

In conclusion, only by doing this, can enterprises input suit maximization of profits through trading process with other countries. It also enhances the trade contacts among countries. It is high time for both politicians and businessmen paid more attention to the advanced way to transport.



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