IELTS Writing Task 2 – Advertising encourages consumers to buy in quantity rather


Advertising encourages consumers to buy in quantity rather than promoting quality.

To what extent do you agree or disagree?


You should spend about 40 minutes on this task.

You should write at least 250 words.


IELTS Writing Task 2/ IELTS Essay Sample

Sample Answer 1:

Whether it is on TV, radio or hoardings at the side of the road, advertisements have become
a part of our lives. Advertising is a powerful and persuasive medium. I agree with the former
half of the given statement that adverts encourage people to buy in quantity. However, I
disagree that adverts do not promote quality. I shall put forth my arguments to support my
views in the following paragraphs.

On the one hand, advertisements make us pile up things in the home which we may never
ever use. For example, we get lured by the one-on-one scheme that companies promote
just to sell their old stock in bulk. For example, recently, I bought three pairs of jeans of Levis
brand because there was a two-on-one offer. What I did not realise then was that the
designs were outdated and defective. Now those jeans are just occupying space in my

Because of advertisements, sometimes we buy what tempts us without the insight of what
we need actually. Impressive images, videos, or captions are bound to leave an imprint on
us. For example, media is flooded with the advertisements of beauty products and they all
claim to make you fair in a few days. Women, and these days, even men are crazy about
these things and buy these things even without consulting their dermatologist.

On the other hand, advertisements are very crucial given the fast pace of life today. The
advertisements open our eyes to all the latest facilities and trends and with that give us the
chance and opportunity of choosing from the wide range of products available for we have
little time to make discoveries about what is required. Advertising links producers and
consumers by providing relevant information of the latest products and services. Thanks to
advertising, we know that there are so many nice things available. Moreover, an
overwhelming majority of consumers are sensible enough to consider their options before
they decide on a particular item.

To put it in a nutshell, I pen down saying that adverts promote quantity but they tell us
about quality too. The onus lies on us to look into our real needs and not be swayed by


Model Answer 2:

Advertisements play an important role in informing individuals about the availability of products. Thus, they are the primary source of information and motivating people for shopping. However, I believe that adverts encourage individuals to purchase items in bulk. In this essay, we will analyse how adverts make use of offers for persuading people in buying products in wholesale.

To begin with, most of the companies provide some deals on buying more number of objects. A good illustration for this is the lux company which agrees to give soap free on purchase of two soaps. By advertising such proposals, people are induced for buying extra soaps than actually required. Thus, it is apparent that the aim of such proposition is to invoke people for acquiring objects in large number rather than quality products.

In addition, some companies provide some perk on buying their product. For instance, they announce a free abroad trip for those who are able to find a hidden code on the cover of item. With the hope of getting an opportunity to travel abroad, individuals keep on buying the product either until the offer is expired or until they win a trip. Therefore, the theory of adverts focusing on selling products in large number is difficult to debunk.

After analysing the purpose of adverts, it is obvious that by offering gifts they provoke society in buying excess things rather than quality. As it is seen that people prefer shopping those goods which provide some gifts rather than the goods of good quality. It is hoped that government will enforce some regulations on the adverts for the product for declaring unnecessary gifts.


Sample Answer 3:

Nowadays, advertising has become increasingly popular. This raises questions about its function. Although some people claim that it helps improve product quality, I personally believe it more encourages sales volume.

Advertising boosts sales volume in several ways. For one thing, advertising informs potential customers of their products, including product features, advantages and effects. When deciding which product to buy among many similar alternatives such as wash powders, most people tend to choose the brand they know. As a result, products advertised frequently are more likely to be customers’ choice. For another, advertising campaigns could include marketing strategy such as “the second one free”, which means customers can have two items together in a cheaper price than purchasing each item separately. This obviously encourages customers to buy more.

Some people claim that advertising could help improve quality because in the long term only those good-quality products can win market share. However, they are oversimplifying the situation. To begin with, the assumption that consumer has the ability to judge product quality s arguable. For example, it would be difficult for customers to feel and decide whether or not a nutrition product has effects. Moreover, advertising needs money, which doubtlessly forms the cost of the product. In order to compete with other products, producers tend to cut budget of research and development or other product cost to keep the product price within a specific range. In other words, advertising might lead to the reduction of funds for improving quality,

To conclude, advertising is more conducive to increasing quantity rather than enhancing quality.


Model Answer 4:

With the fierce competition, these days, most companies may not be able to promote their products and increase their sales without marketing campaigns. Therefore, it has been argued that advertising lure people to purchase impulsively rather than focusing on the quality of the product. From my perspective, I am in favour of this statement.

Firstly, there is a widely-accepted fact that advertising is recognized as the most effective way to boost the sales of the company. This is particularly true in this commercial world, where those fancy and well-designed advertisings are more likely to attract customers’ attention so as to encourage them to purchase products. For example, the Apple Company has successfully dominated the smart-phone industry because of their advertising that showing on TV or other media.

Secondly, it is more important to remember that many purchases are not made rationally. Our choices of products are mainly based on emotions and personal preference, and advertisers are expert at manipulating these. Our concerns over our appearance and social status are used by advertisers to sell products regardless of the actual quality or our need.

Lastly, advertising does provide information regarding the product quality. Tough regulation that imposed on the advertisement industry means exaggerated and misleading information of the product will not exist. This is particularly true in the food industry, where all food products are required to list the nutrition and expiry date to ensure the health of consumers. In some cases, potential customers can compare different products before they purchase, or provide feedback to the advertiser to improve the quality.

In conclusion, the role of advertising is to sell the product effectively for the companies rather than focusing on the quality of products. As consumers, people should check the quality by themselves.

Model Answer 5:

Advertising plays an increasingly significant role in the competitive business world. Practically all sectors of the modern economy utilize the power of advertising in order to attract, to win or even to preserve the pool of their customers, and at the same time keep them away from their competitors. The impact of advertising is so significant that leads too many people to go and buy things that they do not really want or need. Many people do not realize that, although advertising encourages everybody to purchase things they may or may not want or need, by conveying ideas that sometimes are misleading and lead them to take wrong decisions. Still, advertising provides people with a means to assist them during the selection between numerous products and services.

Firstly, the purpose of advertising is to differentiate products that may practically be the same. This may lead people to buy products or services they don’t actually want or need, using images or ideas that may be attractive but misleading. Advertising has proved to be a very powerful and relatively cheap tool used to highlight the qualities and features of the specific product, even in potentially dangerous cases like cigarettes, alcohol and other products considered by modern societies as undesirable or even dangerous, such as drugs, and so on. For example, various cigarette companies sponsor many sport events, and use this to be promote their products. They more sponsorship they undertake, the more they advertise their products. This results to more people smoking nowadays, because they are influenced by the successful advertising, even though smoking is known to be bad for their health.

Advertising is especially important and useful when a new product is launched at the market. This needs extensive and constant advertising to penetrate into a market that is already full of similar products. Another example, which applies particularly in the case of young children, is that of fast food. When a fast food brand launches a new type of potatoes it immediately starts advertising them using TV and all means available, because it knows that young children will want to go and taste them. As a result, this will force the other brands to advertise their own potatoes, because they will worry that this new one will take customers from them. Of course, the fact that fast food is bad for health is not mentioned at all, instead, it became appealing to the public through successful tactics in advertising.

However, when advertising is used properly, it gives the opportunity to people to choose correctly, especially for things that are essential in their daily lives. When I say “used properly” I mean when giving details like price, quality, and reliability. This kind of advertising gives the ability to consumers to judge whether a specific product fits them or not.

In conclusion, advertising has both a good and a bad aspect. The good one is that it can help people save time and money by giving all required information which will help them to decide if they need a specific product or not. The bad aspect is that when it is used on a wrong way, it influences people to buy things that they don’t need, by providing misleading ideas or images, thus making people to make the wrong decisions. Unfortunately, my experience is that advertising is used mainly the wrong way, because there’re too many products that nobody needs, but still they must sale them.


Model Answer 6:

Advertisements are everywhere: on TV, radio or at large electronic boards at the side of the road. This is so because advertising is a very powerful medium that guides peoples’ decisions. I think that it is true, advertising ‘forces’ people to buy in quantities, not taking into real consideration of the quality of the products they buy.

One of the most devious purposes the advertisements are used for is when companies are trying to sell their old stock. They say, for example that when you get two items they give you another one for free. What they hide is that most times the things they sell are outdated – when referring to clothes – or even weathered, when referring to electronics, etc.

The real goal of advertisements is to buy things that impress us, not examining whether we need them or not. And this is achieved using videos of beautiful people using the specific item. The message is that you’ll be like them if you use that thing which, of course, is not true. I think one of the most tell-tale examples is the one of beauty products. They say that if you use them you’ll stay young and beautiful forever, when everybody knows that this is a lie. The result of these lies is that women – and men in an increasing number – spent very much money to get things that most probably have no use whatsoever, and companies get really rich.

However, there’s a positive aspect in advertising. As we all know, life has speed up in such a way that people have very little time for themselves. Advertisements help people select products fast and relatively cheap. And, if they’re really careful with what they select, on a way that won’t harm their health. This can help consumers become a bit more aware of their needs.

Despite the relatively positive note of the last paragraph, I still believe that the way advertisement is used is harmful to the consumers in more than one ways (health, money, time, etc).

Model Answer 7:
Manufacturers around the world nowadays utilize advertisement as the most effective way to introduce and bring their products to their consumers. Therefore, there is an increasing trend of advertising in quantity in which many forms of advertisement are presented through mass media. However, it appears that the quality is neglected and advertising should put the emphasis on its core value.

The ultimate goal of many brands or manufacturers is to boost sales and make a great deal of profit. They may make use of all forms of advertisement such as TV commercial, ad in newspaper, billboard on the street, popup ads for those surfing Internet or endorsement from famous people. All are for the main purpose of non-stop arousing interest of people and drawing their attention to the products. In addition, the act of advertising also highlights some special offers such as promotion, discount or customer service, which entices customers to purchase more. However, all of this doesn’t mean lots of advertising can do the trick to encourage people to buy things and, more seriously, this leaves the bad impression to the public because they are overwhelmed by lots of advertisement.

Quality versus quantity is always the most debated issue in any aspect of life and advertising is not the exception. Advertising, on the other hand, should make quality superior to quantity. The brand awareness should be expanded, on the other word the increase of brand’s reputation, which can take the opportunities of attracting potential customers, retaining current consumers at the same time or even being able to draw more attention of customers from the other rival brands. Advertising, additionally, must create a good piece of public mind. Specifically, favorable impression should be made in every piece of advertisement. That is, instead of making lots of advertisement and sacrificing the quality in order to attract customers with the content which may be silly or make no sense, putting lots of effort in creating a good advertisement with the aim to convey the meanings and meet the exact need of consumers can actually make a tremendous profit from introducing the products to the public.

To sum up, highly promoting the quality of advertising should be considered the vital choice for any brand to meet their expectation in boosting sales rather focusing on bombarding public with lots of advertisement.

Model Answer 9:

These days, advertising holds an important role in the economic development. Many people believe that advertisement’s aim is the amount of consumption and quality of products are not improved. In my opinion, I partly agree with this idea.

On the one hand, advertising can promote the advancement of manufacturing process. Firstly, advertisements inform customers about the choices that they have. It provides some details about products like nutrition index, components and features which help consumer select suitable items. Secondly, advertisements create competitions among companies. Currently, customers often tent to healthy products and give their feedback about advantages and disadvantages of goods on selling website after they utilize. As a result, companies must enhance quality of products and reduce prizes in order to meet customer’s demand.

On the other hand, advertising mainly focus on selling products. First, advertisements often exaggerate quality of products which lead to buying of consumers. False information which is not endorsed can mislead customers about their quality of goods. For example, on Facebook many girls often buy cosmetics which are unknown origin through exaggeration of uses. These products can cause allergies, skin infection and other diseases which impact seriously on their health. Furthermore, now we live in a consumer culture with continuous changes of technology and modern products and fashion clothing. And advertisements persuade us to follow the latest trend or stick certain brands with a higher status. If we do not have a careful and wise selection, we will waste time, money and lose our satisfaction of life.

In conclusion, I agree that advertising is a key part of business and have positive effect on their consumer culture if it conveys real information to customers.

Model Answer 10:
Advertisements have become indispensable part in ordinaries’life. Although advertisers have helped manufacturers promote large quantity of products or services to consumers, they can’t promise stable quality to consumers. I think increasing sales volume is the primary role of advertisement. This essay will analyze some supportive explanations for this opinion.

Advertisements act as a bridge connecting consumers with manufactures. Their roles are to help principals, manufacturers or wholesalers, sell products as much as possible. On the other side hundreds of millions consumers get commercial information they wanted from variety of advertisements. This is a normal economic phenomenon in business world. In other word, advertisers’basic role is not responsible for helping or supervising manufacturers improving quality of products being advertised. Another reason is that either manufacturing or advertisement is a specialized industry. Operators in one industry may not have capabilities or qualifications to interfere other industries’internal quality control and improvement. This is a result of industrial division in commercial society.

However, we can’t ignore some advertisements’ positive affections on products’quality when millions of consumers buy various goods after watching or reading commercials. Consumers know certain products just by commercials. Therefore, advertisers have a duty to ensure that products or services being promoted should be compliance with some legal requirements at least. This can be seen as external quality control. Further, if advertisers can actively offer consumers’feedbacks about products to their principals, they have played a role of improving quality in the whole marketing process. From this point advertisers can facilitate quality promotion to some extent.

In conclusion, although quality improvement is not advertisers’ fundamental role, an excellent advertiser can help manufacturers improve their products while they are assisting their principals in volume marketing. This can increase advertisers’and manufacturers’ marketing achievement together.

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