IELTS Writing Task 2 -The advantages brought by the spread of English as a global language


The advantages brought by the spread of English as a “global language” will outweigh the disadvantages.

To what extent do you agree or disagree with this view?

You should spend about 40 minutes on this task.

You should write at least 250 words.


IELTS Writing Task 2/ IELTS Essay Sample

Sample Answer 1:

English has become the lingua franca in many parts of the world. Because of this, I agree
with the given statement that the spread of English as an international language will have
more pros than cons.

Second, English is easier to learn than any other language. Unlike Chinese, for example,
English has only 26 alphabets which are combined to make words and sentences. It is easy
even for non-native speakers to read written English. In addition, a number of English words
have been borrowed from many other languages, and many English words have been
adopted by many languages and are used as part of their own languages. Therefore, many
people in different countries already know some of the English. So, it could be the easiest
language to learn.

Furthermore, it is the language of global business and also jobs. It is the language of
technology. You can make the best use of internet if you know English as many websites are
written in English. Knowledge of English makes travel easier. There would also be no need of
expensive translations. Finally, English will be the most promising language. Since English is
used in many fields such as economics, politics, and academics, more and more people will
study English in the future. If you have an international meeting in any field, it will probably
be done in English. The demand of English will never stop.

As every garden has weeds, there would be some disadvantages also. Many people fear that
local languages would die out and with that, local cultures would die out because language
and culture are inter-related. Moreover, it is bound to be divided into dialects.

To put it in a nutshell, I pen down saying that, there are more advantages than
disadvantages of English as a global language. Its popularity and demand will increase more
and more in the future.



Model Answer 2:

Presently, English is called a universal language as half of the world population is using it. It is the gateway to the world, the ability to speak in English is considered as one of the hallmarks of a cultured person. It is undeniable to say that, global language has resulted in both positive and negative effects which must be addressed accordingly.
To begin with, there are many benefits of extending a universal language. Through global language, a particular country can develop its business relations and increase its economic growth. Professionally, in today’s globalized world, those who are fluent in English have a competitive advantage over other candidates.

From the social perspective, English language allows people to enter a wider cultural world, which help in developing healthy relations among them. This critical ability is building a foundation for good business and social relations. The wide spread use of the English language is narrowing the gap of communication and people all over the world have accepted English as language to use for communications. The books, history and research papers written in this language are really great in number and the spread of this language has made it possible to let people around the world learn the same technology and resources.

However, one can not deny the drawbacks which are derived from global language. Adopting universal language is leading to westernization of culture. Nowadays, people speak global language instead of their own language. As a result, they are forgetting their indigenous dialects and culture and their children are following the same. For example, Bangladesh is well-known for its culture and traditions all over the world, but, presently, many people have forgotten their culture and language.

In conclusion, I would argue that, benefits created by English language far outweigh the disadvantages.


Model Answer 3:

It goes without saying that English has become international language in this technology era and it is spreading day by bay to communicate with each other . However , in this incredible world English language is destroying some other language . To hit the mind that a language has not a vehicle of thoughts. It is a blood of a culture. An argument has been put forward that the advantages of the spread of english as a global language outweigh its disadvantages. According to me. It is a debatable issue.

There are a plethora of reasons why some people think english has become a global language and it has a lot of advantages. First and foremost point is that English language has become an international language nowadays and a lot of countries’s people also are learning language to communication and for traveling due to this they can easily communicate with other people. Secondly, in modern world technology is playing indispensable role in life and all gadgets and other electronic goods are using english language to operate that things. However , mobiles have become an amazing gadget and it reaches in every human’s pocket to communicate. Mobiles companies also use english language in mobile phone and people also are learning easy to use it with english language. Thirdly , in global world english language has become important part to make in every field and nowadays people who know English , they are easily getting career opportunity in home country and overseas due to English language

On the other hand , some people say that english has become global language and it has a lot of adverse effect on other culture and countries. Because a lot of language are destroying due to spread of English language . To understand the universe that a disappear language means disappear a culture. Furthermore , english language is a difficult language and to learn it, not possible for everyone .

In conclusion , I firmly believe that english language has a lot of benefit in all walk of life . But we can not ignore it disadvantages , because english language are controlling society these day due to this a lot people are following western culture and it can be dangerous for our culture . We should save our culture and we can learn english language as a second language


Model Answer 4:

English is become a lingua franca in every nook and corner of the world. So without understanding of english the life of a human being is like a ‘ship without sailor’. Presently,it is argued that the spreading of English has a huge previledge for everyone and its pros is weightier than its negatives which is very beneficial. Here,i would like to accord with this statement.

To start with,multifarious points to set up my point of view. First and foremost,the widespread of english is lucrative for attaining maximum knowledge about different culture. For example,nowadays many people are visiting to different countries and gossiping with other people and learn about their culture through english. As a result, they upgrade their knowledge and it is indeed true that “knowledge is the wisdom of father”. Moreover,nowadays many people migrate to that nations in which english is the first language of country and therefore they learn english for their survival. Consequently,they live luxurious lifestyle.

Next, english plays a phenomenal role in study. To illustrate,nowadays all the subjects are converted into english and hence the better understanding of english could be fruitful to learn these subjects easily and compete other students. Whats more; due to advancement of technology, english plays a vital role in internet by make their friends online from other nation easily. By contrast ,other have conflicting views.

They think that,due to widespread of english people are far away from their native language. For example, people are more conscious about learning english and do not care about mother tongue. Eventually,their is a low integration between culture and history.

To recapitulate, it has both pros and cons.Although the advantages of english is fruitful for the development of nation but the understanding of native language and culture is important to develop good human being.


Model Answer 5:

English, the worldwide spoken language, has been considered as one of essential skills with which global citizens need to be equipped in Twenty-First Century. The advantages of learning English have been made clear during the era of globalisation. However, there are also concerns rising up against the spread of English, urging that the negative impact also need to be taken into consideration. In this essay, both of pros and cons will be analysed.

First of all, learning English has become critical for individuals to acquire skills and knowledge. For instance, along with a great step-forward of advanced technology, people from all over the world are able to access information from the Internet. English, most of this information is written with, is the fundamental skill that facilitates individuals to read and thereafter to comprehend. This is also the main reason of why many countries have imposed their young children with English as a mandatory subject in school.

Furthermore, English is also a key element that plays a vital role in international relations. As many have acknowledged English is the official global language, which enables effective communications among countries. For example, international trading, collaboration, and major events generally use English as primary language in a bid to exchange ideas. Thus, the English expansion has brought our world tremendous benefits and it is irreplaceable at this stage.

Nevertheless, negative effects brought by English blossom are also notable, and have triggered a controversial debate of whether it is detrimental to native languages. As many have noticed, more and more information we access today are written in English. TV shows, movies, pop music and commercials are all made of English and have significant influences on young generation. Hence, it increases anxieties among traditional communities, rising concerning of neglecting the native languages.

In conclusion, despite the English expansion may lead to a decline in other native languages, the positive effects brought by it are conspicuous and will continue benefiting both individuals and countries. Therefore, I believe the pros outweigh its cons.


Model Answer: 6

There is no doubt that English has become a global language in business, diplomacy, education and politics. Due to THEIR UNWILLINGNESS TO BE enthusiastic about absorbing new skills, some people reluctantly assume admitting the values and facts of English being a universal LANGUAGE throughout the world. On the contrary, they denounce the trend as a hinder to further existence of unique cultures.

Languages are the carriers of culture. Culture would disappear as soon as the language spoken in it was out of use. Young people thus forfeit their parents’ customs and living habits as they adapt themselves to speaking ENGLISH. Their cultural heritage then would be pinned, and this can be proved BY many tribes of Europe and America. Moreover, the diversity of languages turns to be the pools of great ideas and thoughts. If they were extinguished in ordinary people, our society would lose the power of advancing. Furthermore, there are many valuable treasures in various cultures, like medical treatments and scientific records in history. They would all be thrown into AN unnoticeable corner with their mother languages going out WITH THEM.

However, despite the drawbacks of the thriving of English use, I believe that it is A formidable trend driven by the globalization process. First, the translating cost would plummet if all the people around the world manipulated the same language. People WOULD have more chances to meet and negotiate with each other for boosting their business projects and diplomatic conferences. The obstacles of misunderstanding would suffocate further cooperation without efficient communication. Moreover, speaking the same language could draw people closer and it even could homogenize various beliefs. Consequently, the conflicts would be eliminated considerably.

Lastly, the widespread use of English makes the education and abroad study prosper. Students will BE rid OF the chores of learning English and THEY COULD then focus on the field they endeavor to work in.

To sum up, my opinion resembles those who support the wide use of English. The rapid manipulation by the people would accelerate to alleviate the financial crisis obsessing the international companies. To overcome the harms it brings, THE establishing OF specialized agencies, funded by the governments to study and preserve the dying ones, would be A good solution.


Model Answer 7:

In all corners of the world, English has become the predominant lingua franca. In this essay I will weigh up both sides of the debate and argue that there are more positive aspects correlated with the growth of the English language than there are negative ones.

Firstly, it is indeed true that the adoption of English worldwide has made international communication easier. Overseas trade is simpler than it ever used to be and the efficiency of transactions between countries has been boosted tremendously. In addition, English language aids the transference of knowledge and enables talented students to enter prestigious English speaking universities, such as Oxford and Cambridge. Moreover, if everyone has a modicum of English, cultural beliefs will be homogenized and cooperation between countries will be enhanced.

There are, however, definite drawbacks. Primarily, a worldwide language will most certainly lead to the erosion of unique cultures. People will be cut-off from their heritage, ancestors, traditional songs, festivals and customs. Further, native speakers are at a great advantage in the job market. For example, it is easy for any speaker of English to acquire a lucrative overseas teaching job. Tourists too will be able to compete for positions resulting in unemployment in the home country. Finally, English is extremely difficult to learn! Is it really worth it when the majority of other languages are much more logical?

In summary, the blossoming of English has certainly had negative effects as previously outlined. From my standpoint, I firmly believe that the expansion of the English language has many more pros than cons most noticeably in the fields of commerce, education and leisure time activities. Ultimately, I am of the opinion that the English language will be a tool in aiding world peace as better relations can be maintained and cultural barriers broken down.



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