IELTS Speaking Template For Beginner – For Part 1 and Part 3

Speaking Template

If you want to improve your IELTS speaking fluency just follow this Speaking Template or Format/ Basic Structure. This format is not for advance user but definitely it will help you to be fluent in English Speaking. Remember don’t follow the format answering each questions. So prepare for IELTS Speaking Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3.


IELTS Speaking TemplateIELTS-Speaking-FormatesIELTS-Speaking-Formate-with-model-answer

Speaking Template For IELTS

  1. Answering Basic Question’
  2. Answering ‘Yes/No question’
  3. Answering ‘Like question’
  4. Answering ‘Dislike question’
  5. Answering ‘Would Question’
  6. Answering ‘Types of’ Question
  7. Answering ‘Wh-/How Often’
  8. Answering ‘Double Choice’ Question
  9. Answering ‘Advantages Question’
  10. Answering ‘Disadvantages Question’



IELTS Speaking Template – Basic Structure

For short answer question (normally in Part 1) you can answer simply with 2 sentences, if possible with an example.

  • For longer answer question (normally in part 3) you can answer using 3 simple techniques.
    • use why questions
    • explain the alternatives
    • Give an example


We will add more format here. You can also share your ideas in the comment section or in our IELTS Forum. And also you will get latest Speaking Cue Card, Tips and Tricks with Sample Answer.